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3 reasons to call your clients

From the Resene Trade blog

As a builder, home decorator, painter, plumber or electrician, you'll deal with a range of clients. Some people will get in touch a few times a year, while others will use your services once then never call again.

3 reasons to call your clients

In order to grow your margins and improve your trade business' brand, it's important to call your clients. Whether you offer full home renovations or a more nuanced service, it's essential to understand the tactics for ensuring your business' ongoing success.

Here are three reasons to pick up the phone and give your existing clients a call.

1. They might have forgotten you

If you're in the business of home decorating, it's feasible that property owners may consider you from time to time, especially if they see your handiwork on a regular basis when passing through their home.

However, it can be a bit more difficult for other tradespeople. Furthermore, it might have been so long since you last painted a customer's house that they've simply forgotten who did the job – however fantastic it was!

Pick up the phone and give customers who you haven't dealt with for over six months a call. They might have work that needs done in the near future and they're sure to appreciate this personal touch.

2. They might have helped your business

In trade circles, positive word-of-mouth communications can be incredibly valuable to your business.

If previous clients are raving about your great work ethic and competitive prices to their friends or family, you might have secured extra business because of this.

You can't always tell if a new client has been referred to you, but if someone mentions that someone close to them recommended your services, you're in a great position.

It demonstrates that the initial client was impressed with your work, so you may be able to secure future jobs with them. Secondly, it gives you a reason to call them and thank them. If they can see that you've taken just a few minutes of your day to say thanks for the recommendation, they may feel even more comfortable spreading the word further.

Perhaps you know your clients are quite busy and you don't want to interrupt their working day. If so, drop them a thank you card.

3. You want to know more from them

Perhaps a customer contracted you for particular home services, which you recently finished.

Once you've completed the job, it's easy to move onto the next client. However, it can be a good idea to give clients a call and ask them if they were happy with the work and if everything has been running smoothly since the renovations, decorating job or repairs.

The feedback might be incredibly positive or it could leave a little room for improvement. However, by taking the time to find out whether the client was satisfied with the service, you not only improve your business' standing in their eyes, but you also gain valuable information to move forward and refine your offering.

May 8, 2014

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