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Applying Resene metallics and special effects finishes

Applying Resene metallics by spray

Spraying small areas:  Spray using an H.V.L.P. in small circular motions to get an even finish. Use a 51 thou tip with a No.10 or 11 air cap and thin Resene FX Metallic with 5-10% Resene Hot Weather Additive to ease the coating through the gun. For the most even finish, lay the product down in multiple thin layers holding the gun about 600mm from the surface. This gives the best metallic effect. The final layer may be sprayed as far as 800mm from the surface.

Spraying large, smooth areas:  Use a pressure pot system set up on convention or internal mix gun. Look for an even oval fan (wet film) when setting up. Spray to achieve an even wet film over the total surface. Thin Resene FX Metallic with 5-10% Resene Hot Weather Additive to ease the coating through the gun.

Spraying large, textured areas:  Use an airless unit or roller to apply an even first coat, then finish with light coats applied by H.V.L.P. The best results are achieved by using a soft edge tip, size Graco FFLP 516. Thin Resene FX Metallic with 5-10% Resene Hot Weather Additive. Remove all filters from the unit and build the film in thin layers rather than one heavy coat. If you have to stop for any length of time, open up the pressure release valve and drop the pressure on the line. This will minimise the tendency for product to pack in around the valve.

If you are a contractor unsure about a project where a Resene special effects finish has been specified, we recommend purchasing and trialling a small can of Resene FX Metallic or Resene FX Pearl Shimmer to enable you to determine a fair price for the job. Lighter colours will be more difficult to spray than darker colours.

Applying Resene metallics by roller

When rolling ensure you lay-off consistently in the same direction. Cutting-in should be limited to the first coat only. Use masking tape to get close to the edges and paint opposite walls first. Use 5% Resene Hot Weather Additive for a longer open time. This will allow the flakes to settle down better. For very large areas, such as walls, mask the job into smaller sections.

Roller application - textured areas:  Resene special effects may be roller applied to textured surfaces, however, you need to be careful to avoid runs caused by paint caught in the hollows of the texture. Lay-off in one direction.

Roller application - doors: For a fine finish needed for a door, lay-off with a foam roller and follow with a glaze coat for maximum durability.

Applying Resene FX Pearl Shimmer

Apply the chosen basecoat tinted to your desired colour, such as Resene Lumbersider tinted to Resene Nero, and allow to dry. If applying the pearlescent finish by spray, use a high volume low pressure spray with 40’ fan and a 51 needle with a No.10 air cap. Thin the product up 10% using a blend of Resene Hot Weather Additive and water. Spray with a 50% overlap in a very light coat to give an even wet film and allow to dry. Provided a light coat has been applied, the finish will look mildly milky but will dry back to a clear finish with small shimmering flakes. If too much product has been applied, the end finish will be milky. If brush application is preferred, apply using a crows foot (criss cross) technique. Thicker ridges will appear milky, which is part of the effect. Roller application is not recommended as it will be difficult to get an even finish.

A further coat or coats of the pearlescent finish may be applied if a more shimmering finish is desired.

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