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Let's mobilize!

Bring your old cellphone to Resene – a RE:MOBILE drop off location – and help Sustainable Coastlines, a multi-award winning New Zealand charity working hard to look after the waterways and coastlines we love.

Recycle with RE:MOBILE

Recycling with RE:MOBILE is free, easy and good for the environment

Recycle old mobile phones

Have an old phone lying around?

At RE:MOBILE we're passionate about reducing waste and protecting the environment.

Regardless of whether it is in perfect working order, the screen's broken or it doesn't even turn on, you can recycle it for free with RE:MOBILE! We make the recycling process easy and hassle-free, so you can feel good about doing your part for the environment. When you recycle your mobile phone with RE:MOBILE over 95 percent of the materials that make up your mobile phone will be reused. For every phone recycled with RE:MOBILE money is donated to Sustainable Coastlines, a multi-award winning New Zealand charity working hard to look after the waterways and coastlines we love.

RE:MOBILE is not-for-profit and is New Zealand's only Ministry for the Environment accredited mobile phone recycling scheme. It is managed by the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF). The telecommunications industry is strongly committed to the responsible management of e-waste and is supported by 2degrees, One New Zealand and Spark. The programme is operated by Swapkit on behalf of the TCF.

Recycling mobile phones helps cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and hazardous materials in landfills. Choose responsible disposal and recycle it - by doing so, you are taking a small yet impactful step towards creating a cleaner, greener world.

What happens to my phone?

All phones donated to RE:MOBILE are sent to SwapKit in Auckland.

Swapkit sorts through the phones and divides them into two groups:

What happens to my data?

Worried about your data on your mobile phone?

We know that your mobile phone contains many personal details so we do our best to ensure that your data is removed from the device before it is refurbished.

Mobile phones that are refurbished by Swapkit for reuse are wiped of their data; every smartphone is wiped using the MobiCode erasing system while older phones are manually wiped by performing a factory reset. However, the best way for you to keep your data safe is to wipe it from your phone yourself before you donate it to RE:MOBILE.

Phones that are broken or don't turn on will be disassembled and recycled for parts, meaning that any data on the phone will be destroyed in the recycling process.

What happens with the money raised?

For every phone recycled with RE:MOBILE, money is donated to multi-award winning NZ charity Sustainable Coastlines to enable their work to protect New Zealand's coastlines and waterways.

RE:MOBILE is proud to be able to support Sustainable Coastlines' long term vision of beautiful beaches, healthy waters and inspired people. Since 2009 their volunteers have removed more than 1.7 million litres of litter from coastlines across Aotearoa, with a goal to see 60% less litter on the coastlines of Aotearoa New Zealand by 2030. Through the RE:MOBILE phone recycling scheme we've raised over $214,000 through donated phones since 2016!

Drop off locations

There are over 470 locations across the country where you can drop off unwanted mobile phones for recycling. These include all 2degrees, One New Zealand, Spark retail stores or kiosks, Noel Leeming stores, Resene ColorShops and other council organisations.

If you are in Auckland you can also drop mobile phones into Sustainable Coastlines' Flagship Education Centre, corner Beaumont and Madden Streets, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland.

So bring in your old cellphone to your local Resene ColorShop and help Sustainable Coastlines. Remember when you come in to any Resene ColorShop, you can also bring any unwanted old and foreign coins with you for the Heads Up for Kids campaign, which helps kiwi kids through Lions Clubs nationwide.

And bring in your old unwanted paints to the Resene PaintWise service.

In earlier years, the RE:MOBILE programme shared money raised between Scouting NZ and Starship.

Making a difference

As of August 2023, 770,000 phones have been collected since RE:Mobile started.

"The RE:MOBILE scheme reduces the environmental impact of unwanted mobile phones to create a circular economy, by re-using, refurbishing, and/or recycling devices and the valuable materials that each device contains," says Telecommunications Forum CEO Paul Brislen.

The RE:MOBILE product stewardship scheme allows Kiwis to donate mobile phones and accessories for re-use, refurbishment or recycling. Working with our recycling agent Swapkit, the RE:MOBILE scheme is administered by the TCF and supported by mobile partners 2degrees, One NZ and Spark.

"Each year, profit from the scheme goes to our charity partner Sustainable Coastlines, which works tirelessly to clean up our shorelines. This year alone they have planted more than 56,000 trees, helped clean 63 beaches and collected more than 40,000 litres of litter along the way."

Visit the RE:MOBILE website


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