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Four ways with eggshells

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Empty eggshells are a blank palette for creativity and an ideal craft activity for Easter time. Just make sure you use the contents. More scrambled eggs anyone?

Learn how to create these Easter crafts...

Painting eggs

We gave the children six bright colours and aimed them and their paint brushes at the empty egg shells. It's a good idea to gently wash the shells after the contents have been blown out (I paid my 11 year old to do that). The surface seems to be easier to paint after a wash.

We used Resene testpots and I added water to the paints to make it easier for the children.The colours were just as vivid, but easier to apply. We used: Resene Wicked (purple), Resene Guru (blue), Resene Phoenix (orange), Resene Bullseye (red), Resene Lucky Break (green), Resene Party Dress (pink).


Many of us are looking at ways to grow our own vegetables and make our own compost. Eggshells are a great addition to compost. Let this be the kids' contribution. The trick is to crush them up as finely as possible as they take a long time to break down.

Egg plant

Eggshells are the perfect vessels for growing seedlings, they are free and biodegradable. Put a drainage hole in the bottom of the egg and take the top off, pop it into an egg cup, or if you are doing a lot of seedlings back into the egg carton. Give your child a teaspoon to put some potting soil into the shell. Add your seeds and watch them grow. Use an eye dropper or a spray bottle to gently water them. Happy growing.

Egg candle

This is obviously no good for very little kids, but simply involves taking the top off the egg and putting a candle inside. Sometimes it is nice for children to have a special meal at a beautifully set table with all the family around. It's a great way to keep those table manners in check.

Photography by Susanna Burton. Autumn 2009.

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