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Use a selection of colours from the Resene KidzColour range to create this funky variation on snakes and ladders.

Resene Ground Games with Mark Rayner - Project 01

You will need: 24mm masking tape, 50mm masking tape, area of concrete approx 6m x 6m (prepped first with Resene Moss & Mould Killer and then waterblasted), builders' pencil, duct tape, paintbrushes, Resene Concrete Primer, Resene Lumbersider tinted to the following colours: Resene All Black, Resene Fizz, Resene Get Reddy, Resene Giggle, Resene Grass Stain, Resene Hi Jinx, Resene Summer Fun and Resene Wet N Wild, paint roller and tray, tape measure.

To get the look: Numbers can either be painted freehand or create easy-to-use stencils from enlarged photocopies of computer font.

More ideas for play: Use the basic game template to create an indoor board game for those rainy days.

Learn how to play

Step 1
Step one
Measure and mark out a square 6m x 6m using duct tape. and paint this area with one coat of Resene Concrete Primer. Allow to dry.
Step 2
Step two
Use the tape measure and builders' pencil to mark out a 10 x 10 grid (each square of the grid will measure 600mm x 600mm). Paint along each line (approx 50mm thick), as shown with two coats of Resene All Black allowing each coat to dry.
Step 3
Step three
Do the same with the arrows, painting a slightly thicker line (approx 100mm). Allow to dry.
Step 4
Step four
Mask off the grid lines with 24mm masking tape and mask off the arrows with 50mm masking tape.
Step 5
Step five
Paint each one of the 'numbered' squares with two coats of Resene Summer Fun and allow to dry.
Step 6
Step six
Paint each of the 'arrow' squares with two coats of Resene Grass Stain and allow to dry.
Step 7
Step seven
Paint the 'start' square and inner middle square (see finished photo as guide) with two coats of Resene Hi Jinx and the 'finish' square with two coats of Resene Giggle. Working in the direction of play, paint the remaining squares with two coats each of Resene Wet N Wild, Resene Fizz and Resene Get Reddy. Repeat this sequence until all remaining squares are painted.
Step 8
Step eight
Remove all masking and duct tape and paint arrowheads and numbers with two coats of Resene All Black.

How to play

Number of players: 3 or more.

Additional equipment: Small flat stone.

How to play: One player is selected as umpire. The first player stands at the start square, closes their eyes and throws the stone towards the centre of the grid. If the stone lands on a numbered square they move that number of squares along the bottom row of the grid, and if they then end up on a green square they move diagonally in the direction of the arrow. If the stone lands on a coloured square, they advance to the next square of that same colour. If the stone lands on the central orange square they move forward (or back!) to that square and have another go. Once the player reaches the bottom right hand square of the grid, they move up to the second row and progress across the grid from right to left, continuing to advance in this way until they reach the top left hand square. If the stone lands on more than one square it is the umpires decision which square is played. It's also the umpire's job to retreive the stone and pass it on to the next player after each turn. First player to reach the finish is the winner.

Direction of play

Direction of play for the Up and Down game
Start: bottom left / finish: top left.

Project #1a Game Board

Project #1 - Option A game board
Measurements: Square is 6m wide x 6m high

Project #1b Game Board

Project #1 - Option B Game Board
Measurements: Square is 6m wide x 6m high

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