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Top tips for a tiptop paint finish outside

Planning to paint outside? There are plenty of ways to improve your home with paint.

Brighten up faded pavers with Resene Concrete Stain - simply wash, allow to dry and then apply to existing pavers and they'll come up great. It's also a good way to change the paver colour without having to dig up and replace the pavers themselves.

If steps and trafficable areas are prone to getting slippery when wet, coat in Resene Non-Skid Deck and Path designed to provide a comfortable non slip surface. Available in a range of colours you can create a decorative and practical feature at the same time.

Add some dazzle with Resene Enamacryl Metallic. Golds to coppers to blast grey metallics look superb. Always use a glaze coat over your chosen metallic - it will protect the metallic and make it easier to clean.

When new concrete work is planned, seal new plaster and concrete with Resene Limelock. Resene Limelock will seal in any free lime so that the surface doesn't suffer from nasty lime stains later.

Looking to add texture but not sure how? Resene Sandtex is a lightly textured finish that can be applied in a criss cross pattern for a Mediterranean finish. It's a striking way to add colour and texture particularly when combined with Resene Enamacryl Metallic.

Avoid painting in direct sunlight. If it is a hot day and the paint is drying too quickly, add Resene Hot Weather Additive to slow down the dry time.

If you are planning to use dark colours outside, consider using Resene CoolColours™. They are designed to reflect more heat than a standard colour so will minimise stress on the coating and substrate, and reduce the temperature of the surface. Resene Cool Colours are available in a wide range of finishes so you can keep everything from concrete to timber cool with paints and stains.

Top 10

  1. Don't skimp on your decorating accessories. The best paint job is achieved with the right brush, roller or application equipment for the job. If you use a cheap poor quality brush with a high quality paint you will not get the best performance out of the paint.

  2. Prepare prepare prepare. Allow plenty of time for surface preparation. Many paint failures are caused by poor surface preparation.

  3. When you are taking a break for lunch or overnight, wrap brushes or rollers used with waterborne paints in clear food wrap or place in a sealed plastic bag. This will keep the paint fresh and save you having to wash out your tools.

  4. If in doubt that a colour you are looking at on a colour chart may be too dark, choose a lighter colour. Colours will look more intense when they are painted onto a large area.

  5. Always use a Resene testpot to confirm your colour choices in the area you are planning.

  6. If you have a less than perfect surface, use a lower sheen paint. The lower the sheen the more imperfections the finish will hide.

  7. When selecting colours, don't forget to factor in the gloss level. Most colour charts are produced using low sheen chips. If you use a gloss finish it will look brighter and cleaner; if you use a flat finish it will look darker and more intense.

  8. Always clean out decorating tools well at the end of each job and hang them by their handles. This will keep the bristles or nap in its best condition for the next paint job. Quality decorating tools treated well can last for many paint jobs. Find out more.


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Colours shown on this website are a representation only. Please refer to the actual paint or product sample. Resene colour charts, testpots and samples are available for ordering online.   See measurements/conversions for more details on how electronic colour values are achieved.