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Only the original will ever match up

You’ve agonised over the colour charts, tried out testpots and finally decided on your ideal paint colour. Now it’s time to buy the paint.

Only a Resene paint will give you the authentic resene colour and durability
Photography by Alan Wright

You can only get authentic Resene colours using Resene products, tinters and formulations. Other companies may claim to match them but you won’t be getting the same quality nor the same colour. They don’t have the same products, the same tinters or the same formulations, so the best they can do is give you their guess of a colour formulation, which can be very different from the actual colour. This is because each paint company uses completely different products, tinters and formulas to make up their colours. The difference becomes even more obvious over time as the colour ages.

Resene has its own unique non VOC automotive grade tinters designed and made by Resene, which are very different to what other paint manufacturers use. This is why we able to offer strong durable colours that last.

Once you’ve invested your time in choosing just the right colour, you owe it to yourself to get the colour you chose and not just someone’s else guesstimate of what that colour looks like. Different products, different tinters, different formulations and the colour ‘match’ is really just a colour ‘mismatch’.

To capture the true essence of the Resene colour you like, you need to buy it tinted into Resene paint it was developed for. That’s the only way you can be sure that the colour will look and perform the way it was designed to.

Quality Resene tinters ensure colour depth and quality

Tinting is a process that has taken years to evolve. Paint consists of a tone colour, which is then tinted with measured units of colourants, depending on the final required shade.

There are limits to how much tinter you can add to each tone. If you fall under that limit, you can affect the opacity of the paint and make it more difficult to get a good, even finish. If you go over the limit, you can interfere with its film-forming properties and therefore its longevity.

Colours are formulated to be tinted from certain tones. If you try to tint a colour from a tone it’s not designed for, while you might be able to get the correct shade, chances are you will have over-tinted it and it will fail faster. Don’t try tinting a pastel tone colour to off-white – it may save you money today, but it will turn out a false economy when you have to repaint earlier than usual.

You can also add depth of colour by using tinted undercoats beneath the topcoat, but the same criteria apply.

Paint quality also has a bearing on the tinting issue. High quality paints use more concentrated tinters, so the paint keeps its colour and integrity for longer. Good quality tinters provide good coverage too, so that you only usually need to apply two topcoats to get the shade you want, whereas it may take more coats of a lower grade paint to give you a true colour. Finally, high quality paints tend to have more complex colourways and will change subtly in changing lights.

Certain individual colours also tend to be less durable than others due to the make-up of their colourants. The best colours for longevity are the earthier tones, which are made from oxide tinters.

Cheaper options may cost you more

If you do get offered a significantly lower price for the same colour, it definitely pays to check out the difference – the cheaper option will almost certainly not last as long and therefore not represent the best value in the long-term. The most expensive part of a paint job, in terms of money and time, is the painting, not the paint itself, so it makes sense to invest in a high quality product at the start, get it tinted properly, and minimise maintenance and repainting further down the track.

True Resene colours are only available at your local Resene ColorShop or reseller tinted into the Resene products of your choice. Don’t settle for anything less.


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