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Wet area and service area — sealer options

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Wet areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries, have high levels of humidity caused by the steam and moisture associated with cooking and washing.

Steam in the air and condensation on the paint can be drawn into the paint film and through to the plaster and stopping compounds. These materials are porous and can remain water sensitive even after drying. They can hold onto any moisture that reaches them or expand causing damage.

Because of this, Resene always recommends a sealer is used prior to the application of topcoats in wet areas to provide a barrier against the moisture, protecting the plaster and stopping compounds.

Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer

Resene Sureseal

Our best recommendation for wet areas is Resene Sureseal, which penetrates into the surface providing a hydrophobic barrier so moisture from the room cannot get past the sealer.

Some customers prefer to use only waterborne products. There is no direct waterborne substitute for Resene Sureseal. However, Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer can be used if the room has ventilation drawing out steam and moisture close to the source of the moisture. For example, over the shower or cooking area. In bathrooms where there is no ventilation directly over the shower, Resene Sureseal is the only sealer we recommend.

In any area where condensation forms on the paint film, Resene Sureseal is the only recommended sealer.


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