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Fire hazard - Oil soaked rags

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Some paints cure by an auto-oxidative mechanism. In specific circumstances, such as when a large surface area of uncured product is confined to a small volume and is in contact with air, this reaction can generate dangerous quantities of heat and lead to spontaneous combustion.

Examples of such circumstances are balled-up cleaning rags; filters on spray booths and piles of semi-cured film scrapings or over-spray. Such waste should be disposed of under water to eliminate the hazard.

The products most at risk are any solventborne products, Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer and to a lesser extent Resene Colorwood and Woodsman. The greatest danger exists with products with higher resin contents as pigments tend to dilute and dissipate the heat. Therefore the higher resin content Resene Qristal Clear Poly-Gloss has more potential danger than Resene Super Gloss, which in turn is worse than Resene Lusta-Glo. The inherent curing rate of the resin also impacts on the risk, which makes Resene HD Poly-Satin more prone than Resene Qristal Clear Poly-Satin.

In all cases, be aware that oil soaked rags may spontaneously generate heat and catch fire. Fully wash contaminated clothing as soon as possible and rinse impregnated rags with detergent and water before safely disposing of them.


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