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Winter 2020 colour trends

From Habitat – colour trends with Resene


Tonal tranquillity

Pared down to the un-fussy essentials, this restful bedroom seems to embody the principle of self-care. The wall in Resene Juniper evokes tranquillity and sets the mood for the entire space while darker Resene Balderdash on the bench helps to ground it. Timber flooring stained in Resene Colorwood Mid Greywash gives a soft weathered look that’s as ideal for a casual bach as it is for an elegant home. Resene Dover White (on the headboard) and Resene Sea Fog (on the nightstand and pendant lamp) are highly versatile neutrals with complex undertones which keep them from feeling too stark while providing the eye with a place to rest. The vases in Resene Balderdash and Resene Double Sea Fog build upon the colour palette while the ombre plant pot in Resene Celeste, Resene Terrain and Resene Cobblestone and the artistic splash of Resene Rose Gold metallic paint on the pendant lamp make this scheme shine.

A restful bedroom that embodies self care
Mood board using restful colours - blues, greens, whites, neutrals
Accessories: Cushions and rug from Me & My Trend, throw from Kip & Co.  Mood board: Background in Resene Colorwood Mid Greywash with A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from left to right) Resene Balderdash, Resene Juniper and Resene Sea Fog and vases in Resene Balderdash (left) and Resene Double Sea Fog (right).  Styling @annicklarkin.stylist  Images @brycecphoto

Try Resene FX Metallic paints to bring a touch of sparkle to your decorating project

Resene Colorwood Mid Greywash

Resene Rose Gold

Other colours to try with serene blue greens – steel blues, taupe browns or rich teals

Spiced just right

Curry hues have been experiencing a sharp upswing in popularity and are perfect for stylish winter decorating – especially when used with other spicy shades. Resene Dark Buff and Resene Korma, on the back wall and shelf of this decadent lounge, add warmth, create cosiness and bring with them a sense of optimism. For levity, the floor has been kept light in Resene Eighth Drought while the table tops have been painted Resene Twine. To keep things from looking too ‘matchy-matchy’, each accessory has been painted a different colour. From the tall vase in Resene Alpaca to the jug vase in Resene Raptor, the short vase in Resene Gold Coast, the ladder in Resene Chelsea Gem, the peg stool in Resene Sante Fe, the candlesticks in Resene Mai Tai and the large bowl in Resene Cod Grey, there is plenty of variation. Yet, because the hues all fall within an earthy palette, the scheme feels cohesive.

Curry hues are perfect for winter decorating
Mood board using spicy colours
Accessories: Chair from Me & My Trend, cushion from Città.  Mood board: Background in Resene Korma with A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from top) Resene Chelsea Gem, Resene Alpaca, Resene Twine, Resene Sante Fe, Resene Mai Tai, Resene Korma, Resene Gold Coast, Resene Dark Buff and Resene Cod Grey, vase in Resene Gold Coast and candlestick in Resene Mai Tai. 
Styling @blackbirdgoods  Images @flashstudiosnz

Use Resene testpots to make some DIY artwork to match your space

Other colours to try with spicy mustard browns – deep purples, inky blues or silvery sages


Stencilling is one of those activities that is easy enough for anyone to do, even those who profess to be creative or artistically-challenged. By stencilling the triangular tiles in Resene Peace on to the Resene Elderflower floor, they bring a more casual, Mediterranean feel to the room – not unlike the tiles you might find in an Italian trattoria. And yet, when used within a tonal colour palette, it still manages to look fresh and contemporary. Silver sage greens like Resene Peace, on the walls, have a restful vibe, which makes them a natural choice for a relaxing dining space. Resene Elderflower, used on the table and chairs, is another warm and welcoming choice for a dining room and the ideal complement for yellowed greens like Resene New Leaf, used on the coat rack, skirting board, chair legs, small vase and wreath hoop, and Resene Smoothie, on the tall vase and the pendant lamp.

Fresh green dining room with a stencilled floor
Mediterranean feel mood board
Accessories: Napkins and tote from Città, sunhat from Good Thing.  Mood board: Background in Resene Elderflower with stencilled ‘tiles’ in Resene Peace, A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from top to bottom) Resene Smoothie, Resene New Leaf, Resene Elderflower and Resene Peace and vases in Resene Peace (left) and Resene New Leaf (right).  Styling @sailor_and_scout_home   Images @brycecphotos

Create your own stencil design and sponge on the paint, or for a geometric design use low tack masking tape to achieve the pattern you are after

Resene Peace

Resene Elderflower

Resene New Leaf

Resene Smoothie

Other colours to try with sage greens – warmed beiges, bitter oranges or slate greens

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Habitat – colour trends with Resene
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