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Be inspired by autumn 2019 colour trends

From Habitat – colour trends with Resene


Emerald oasis

This inviting space offers a serene and comfortable escape that’s refreshingly gender neutral. Depending on the choice of artwork, the room can be subtly shifted from more of a ‘she-den’ to a ‘he-den’. The lush jewel-toned walls are coated in Resene Mother Nature and complemented with layers of green accessories throughout the room, from the darker Resene Permanent Green and Resene Family Tree to the grey-green of Resene Rivergum and pale Resene Peace on the desk chair. The simple structures and streamlined design of the furniture means the strength of Resene Noir never overpowers, emphasising the drama of the walls without weighing the room down. The floors have been stained in Resene Colorwood Greywash to casually anchor the room while the velvet armchair and foliage add texture and build a finished look that is both warm and enticing.

Project photo
Mood board
Accessories: Harrison Armchair from Nood, Anglepoise Type 75 Mini Desk Lamp from Citta.  Mood board: Background in Resene Colorwood Greywash, vase in Resene Peace, boxes in Resene Silver Chalice and Resene Permanent Green, A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from left, anti-clockwise) Resene Peace, Resene Permanent Green, Resene Family Tree, Resene Aura and Resene Rivergum.

Styling @nesdesign. Images @flashstudionz.

Resene Mother Nature

Resene Family Tree

Resene Peace

Resene Noir

Resene Colorwood Greywash

Other colours to try with opulent green - soft browns, creamy whites or warm greys...

Resene Tablelands

Resene Elderflower

Nomadic traveller

The dusky earthy tones of this calm space layered with the natural fibres and wood tones make it feel as though you’ve just stepped in to a luxury lodge after a trek through the savannah. It’s the sort of look that the well-travelled - or those who dream of travelling well - bring into their homes to evoke exotic destinations. The strong bold lines of the colour-blocked wall’s asymmetric pattern were inspired by a bird’s eye view of the patchwork formed by farmers’ fields. The rich dark brown fireplace and vertical stripe have been painted in wonderfully warm Resene Route 66 to create a focal point in contrast with the more neutral Resene Grey Olive (upper left), Resene Napa (right) and Resene Earthen (bottom). The whole look is grounded in Resene Quarter Spanish White, leaving the warmer shades space to shine.

Project photo
Mood board
Accessories: Radial Round Coffee Table and Malawi Cane Chair from Citta Design, Crusoe Teak Root Side Table from Indie Home Collective.  Mood board: Background in Resene Quarter Spanish White, green vase in Resene New Leaf, A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from top) Resene Sambuca, Resene Grey Area, Resene Route 66, Resene Napa, Resene Grey Seal and Resene New Leaf.

Styling @blackbirdgoods. Images @flashstudionz.

Resene Route 66

Resene Earthen

Resene New Leaf

Other colours to try with earthy tones - sunset pinks, deep forest greens or a mix of greys...

Resene Soulful

Resene Family Tree

Slate sophisticate

This colour scheme - inspired by the wrapping paper featured in the frame - takes a traditional tropical theme for a more sophisticated spin. The key textural elements and motifs that you’d expect have been anchored in the deep smouldering tones of Resene Quarter Bokara Grey, exemplifying a space that’s chic rather than shabby. We’ve doubled down on the moody grey with Resene Eighth Bokara Grey on the floor and layers of smoky-coloured bed linens, cushions and rugs. The room’s deep base makes the vivacious Resene Virtuoso on the bedhead and side table bloom like a tropical flower. The whole look is kept fresh with notes of barely pink Resene Ethereal on the lightshade and ladder, dusky Resene Rebel on the tealight holder and crisp notes of Resene Dreamtime on the bedside vase.

Project photo
Mood board
Accessories: Duvet Cover Set and Pink Cushions from H&M Home, Grey Textured Throw and Cushion from Allium Interiors, Woven Lounge Chair from Early Settler.  Mood board: Background in Resene Eighth Bokara Grey, Vase in Resene Virtuoso, tealight holder in Resene Rebel and A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from left) Resene Dreamtime, Resene Quarter Bokara Grey, Resene Virtuoso and Resene Ethereal.

Styling @nesdesign. Images @flashstudionz.

Resene Eighth Bokara Grey

Resene Virtuoso

Resene Ethereal

Resene Dreamtime

Other colours to try with charcoal greys - just about any vibrant colour you please, such as jade greens, turmeric yellows or bold blues.

Resene Away We Go

Resene Thumbs Up

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Habitat – colour trends with Resene
Be inspired by the latest seasonal colour trends. Discover what's new this summer, autumn, winter and spring...

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