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How to create your own Christmas trees

Habitat bright ideas with Fleur Thorpe – DIY projects

Build your own mini Christmas tree in one of three styles - greens, colourful, or reclaimed looks from leftover wood. Fleur Thorpe shows you how.

Make a colourful wooden christmas tree
Wall colour – Resene Carrara
Skirting board – Resene Half Rice Cake

You will need

Resene testpots in your choice of colour Fleur used,


Step 1: Cut your wood into lengths.  Fleur used 9 lengths and each length is 5cm shorter than the previous length.  The longest length is 50cm and the shortest is 10cm.  Use sandpaper to sand any rough edges smooth (Photo 1).

Step 2:  Paint each of the wooden slats in a graduating colour.  Fleur painted the smallest/topmost slat in Resene Surf Crest, followed by Resene Norway, two slats in Resene Highland, two slats in Resene Clover, two in Resene Dingley and the last/bottom slat in Resene Forest Green. (Photo 2). 

Step 3:  For the trunk, use a 60cm length of 4cm x 1.8cm wood.  Apply some wood glue to the trunk where you want your branch to sit. (Photo 3).  

Step 4:  Use a set square to make sure the branch sits at 90 degrees from the trunk. (Photo 4).

Step 5:  Continue gluing each of the branches to the trunk.  Fleur left a gap of a few millimetres between each branch.  (Photo 5).

Step 6:  Add a star to the top of the tree.  Fleur painted hers in Resene Cleopatra.  Paint an old plastic plant pot or large tin can in Resene Jalapeno.  Place the tree in the pot/tin and fill with stones. (Photo 6).

Step 7:  Experiment with using different widths of wood, different angled cuts at the ends and non-traditional colour schemes.

Top tip: Add a little Christmas magic with the shimmer of Resene FX Metallic using a traditional hue like Resene Silver Aluminium and Resene Gold, or go non-traditional with Resene Yeehaa or Resene Copper Fire.

Resene Cleopatra

Styling and images by Fleur Thorpe. September 2020.

Habitat bright ideas
Need to add colour, pattern or a little creativity to your place? Check out these easy step by step DIY project ideas created in collaboration with Fleur Thorpe. We hope you enjoy making and painting these bright ideas and bringing colour to your home inside or out.

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