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Recycling a paint tin
One way to recycle paint containers! This is Kristen (14 months).

From Helen: I am a homeowner and have been wanting a copy of The Range 2007, but don’t want to pay for it. Is there any way of getting a free copy?

A. If you have a Resene ColorShop Card, you can buy The Range 2007 it then, if you bring your receipt back when you buy 500ml or more of Resene paint, you can get the cost of The Range 2007 deducted from the paint price. The Range 2007 therefore won’t end up costing you anything.

If you don’t have a Resene ColorShop Card, you can apply for one at your local Resene ColorShop or online.

From Sue and Steve: Sometimes we use testpots to try out our colours and other times we would like to be able to get the A4 cards of colour you have in your stores. How can we order these?

A. The A4 cards (drawdowns) can be ordered from any Resene-owned ColorShop, or order them online.

From Peter: A wee while ago I saw some postage stamps that had Resene on the front of them. Do you know where I can get these from?

A. These stamps were produced by NZ Mail and feature some of the Resene colours. They have been sold in New Zealand over the last year and are available from selected garages and dairies. They are not available from postshops or from Resene.

From Margaret: We are trying to get some ideas for decorating our new home. We have found Habitat a great source of information, but can you suggest some other places where we might be able to get some free ideas?

A. Resene has a decorating inspiration gallery, and Trendsideas and Habitat story archives on our website, which you can access for free. There are hundreds of pages of ideas for you to look at.

From Bob: I have been wanting to use a clear finish outside on timber, but I have been advised not to do it. Why is this?

A. Wood is an unstable substrate. Pigments in paint and stains help to filter out harmful UV light, giving the timber surface some protection against the sun. If you use a clear coating in place of a tinted one, the unprotected timber will deteriorate much faster. Therefore, we recommend using either a pigmented solid finish, such as Resene Lumbersider, or if you’re after a transparent stained look, use Resene Woodsman (waterborne or solventborne).

Resene Woodsman is available in a range of colours, so you can select the shade closest to that of the timber you’re staining. This will help keep your home’s colour looking consistent for longer, while protecting the wood.

You can now also get cool colour variants of Resene Woodsman. Cool colours will minimise heat retention, reducing stress on the coating and timber.

From Raewyn: I thought you might like to see this photo of a painting I have just finished for my grandson. I used only Resene paints and the colours are so vibrant.

I save all the coupons from the checkout dockets and then buy your testpots. The girls at Resene here in Oamaru are used to me going in and spending ages just looking at all your different colours.

A painting using Resene paints

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