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From Habitat magazine - issue 05

The bedroom is a very personal space. It’s a place of rest, relaxation and romance, and a room that probably reveals more about who we are as individuals than any other room in the house.

Photo courtesy of Tranz

That’s why, when it comes to decorating or redesigning your bedroom, it makes sense to create an environment that reflects your personality and provides an appealing and inviting retreat.

A focal point of any bedroom is the bed itself. And by combining bed linen, throws, pillows and a handful of accessories, it’s easy to create a mood and tone that suits your individual style.

To help inspire you, we’ve created four distinct bedroom looks. Each uses the same basic elements: a native rimu, queen-size platform flexi-slat base and matching single-drawer bedside tables from the Design Mobel Player range.


Black and white creates a dramatic contrast in the bedroom, and it’s a colour combination that provides the perfect base for your own personal touches. Kept simple, a monochromatic scheme has a modern, sophisticated look; but it can also be softened with warm neutral shades, or brightened with bold tones such as red, lime, orange or fuchsia.

In this bedroom, the white duvet cover, with a basket-weave pattern and matching Euro pillows, is accented with a black sheet and standard pillows. On top of these are a 45cm x 45cm square cushion and a 30cm x 50cm breakfast cushion. This layering of different-sized pillows in alternating black and white adds depth and interest to the bed setting. A black faux-mink throw anchors the end of the bed and balances out the black top sheet.

To match the strong statement made by the black and white linen, the bed features solid block legs and an extended headboard. Accessories on the bedside tables continue the black-and-white theme and include a picture frame, and a stack of black and white towels. A vase of pink summer lilies and an ornamental fuchsia elephant liven up the room with a bold splash of colour.

Dramatic bedroom look
Romantic bedroom look
Modern romantic

Modern romantic

Many women dream of creating a romantic, feminine décor in the bedroom, but it’s not always a look that appeals to the guys. However, romantic doesn’t have to mean frilly, flouncy bed linen and heart-shaped pillows in pink and white satin. It’s possible to achieve a subtle romantic feel with a more understated palette and simple accessories, which won’t scare away the boys.

This setting uses earthy tones of moss and milk chocolate, teamed with a pure-cotton percale duvet set in a fresh paisley design, with matching pillowcases. A subtle feminine detail is introduced through the embroidered cuff on the walnut sheet set. The reversible moss-coloured quilt has soft pure silk on one side and textured cotton velvet on the other. It is paired with matching rectangular cushions. Texture and visual interest is introduced in the spiral patterns embroidered on the pillows and quilt.

Although layered for a soft, luxurious feel, the pillows at the head of the bed are grouped in an ordered fashion. They are intentionally kept to smaller proportions so as not to overpower the standard panel headboard.

Feminine touches on the bedside tables include a small white ornamental birdcage with a curved top, which complements the pattern on the duvet. A vase of cream stock and a bottle of bath salts add texture and interest to the other bedside table.

The result is a rich, inviting bedroom with an upmarket romantic feel that appeals to both genders.

Minimalist masculine

When it comes to the bedroom, most men would happily dispense with frills, flounces and fluffiness in favour of a more understated, fuss-free style. Mountains of pillows on a four-poster bed swathed in fabric are enough to give most guys nightmares.

This Zen-inspired bedroom design has a certain simplicity that appeals to the male psyche. With its clean, uncluttered lines, it is at once uncomplicated and minimalist, but with a calming, restful atmosphere.

Two pillows lie flat at the head of the bed, accentuating its dimensions. The champagne quilt, in a light, silk-look polyester, is stitched with a strong grid design. Fitting snugly on the bed, it covers the mattress, but doesn’t obscure the warm tones of the rimu bed base. The bed’s continuous metal leg provides a modern touch with a very masculine edge.

A linear element is introduced in the form of a striped chenille curtain behind the bed. The white pure cotton sheets and matching pillowcases feature a pintuck detail and four stitched lines in shades of champagne, caramel, bronze and chocolate, to subtly complement the quilt.

While incorporating the same simple styling as the bed linen, accessories on the bedside tables feature curved forms to offset the strong linear elements in the rest of the room. An unadorned round glass vase holds a fruit-salad leaf, and a pair of clear glass candleholders sit on the other table. The only floral accents in the room are two scented, carved wooden flowers with a definite masculine feel.

Minamilist masculine bedroom look
Minimalist masculine
Clean and contemporary bedroom look
Clean and contemporary

Clean and contemporary

Crisp white sheets give a bed the luxurious feel of a five-star hotel. They’re inviting and expensive-looking, and an ideal basic element to which you can add your own personal touches.

White bed linen can also be accessorised to suit the season. In summer or spring, add fresh shades of citrus, lime and aqua; during autumn and winter, warm up the white with bronze, plum or chocolate accents.

This bed setting takes the clean, contemporary look of white bed linen and gives it an elegant and contemporary twist, thanks to a subtle silver theme. The sheet and matching pillowcases feature a delicate Art Déco-inspired motif in silver stitching on the cuff. The same square, self-coloured pattern is repeated in the matching duvet.

Quilted square-shaped Euro pillows, propped up against the extended headboard and teamed with white Oxford pillows, create an opulent layered look. The most eye-catching item on the bed is a rectangular white cushion with a silver peacock on the front. This decorative piece adds interest to the all-white colour scheme and introduces a shiny texture that offsets the matte finish of the white bed linen. The cylindrical steel bed legs continue the silver theme. Blue-toned accessories were selected for the bedside tables, to complement the white-and-silver theme.

These include a set of three cylindrical candle holders, a sapphire-blue glass vase holding an arrangement of proteas, a white picture frame and two wooden candlesticks with a distressed-white Resene Paint Effects finish.

words: Deirdre Coleman
pictures: Kallan MacLeod

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