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How to make your own printed table linen

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Serve up a stylish table

Make your own printed linen

Bring style to your table with these DIY painted linens, inspired by tropical prints.

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Step by step instructions

Palm tree fronds

You will need: Linen, Resene testpot in Resene Kaitoke Green, fine brush, bamboo fork.
Step 1
Step one
Using Resene Kaitoke Green and the fine brush, paint stems on the linen.
Step 2
Step two
Dip a quarter of the fork into Resene Kaitoke Green, and drag onto the linen, creating the fronds. Leave to dry.

Dotty linen

You will need: Linen, paper straws, Resene testpot in Resene Snow Drift.
Step 1
Step one
Dip the straw into Resene Snow Drift, and create random dots on the linen.
Step 2
Step two
If the tip of the straw starts to get gluggy, just blow into the straw onto a sheet of paper or dropcloth to get rid of excess paint. Leave to dry.

Apple print

You will need: Linen, apples, Resene testpot in Resene Spring Rain, roller tray.
Step 1
Step one
Cut off three sides of the apple, to create a stamp at the bottom plus handles for you to use when stamping. Pour Resene Spring Rain into the roller tray, and lightly dip the apple into the paint. Wipe off excess on the tray and spare piece of cloth or paper.
Step 2
Step three
To create the pattern, press the apple onto the linen and lift. Leave to dry.

Styling/Project by Leigh Stockton

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