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looking towards the horizon

From Habitat magazine - issue 31, testpots

Popular hues get even duskier while new spicy shades bring just the right amount of heat.

Taking in a bird's eye view of the colours that are currently capturing our attention, you might not think that a whole lot has changed in the colour forecast – and you wouldn't be completely wrong, either. Many of the key trends that have been in fashion for years have stuck around, though it's their subtle transformations that are important to take note of if you're looking to incorporate the most fashionable shades into your spaces.

Almost universally, the hues whose popularity has held fast have been steadily evolving from their fully chromatic selves into more hushed, greyer variations – but that doesn't mean there aren't still a couple of surprising new trends beginning to take shape.

Botanical wallpaper with on-trend colours
Bringing in bold botanicals
Two toned green wall and accessories
A stroke of genius lounge
Bedroom: Resene Wallpaper Collection 36518-1 brings in bold botanicals and blends them with on trend shades of olive and pink. Try it in a bedroom with a headboard and side table in Resene Karaka and skirting boards in Resene Rice Cake.  Lounge: Lower half of the wall painted in Resene Karaka and top half in Resene Pewter. The outside of the bookcase is painted soft Resene Soothe while the inside is painted Resene Eagle, the coffee table is in Resene Pewter and the ombre planter is in (from top to bottom) Resene Bud, Resene Pewter and Resene Karaka. Assortment of vases, bowls, candle holders and coasters are painted in Resene Karaka, Resene Pewter, Resene Soothe, Resene Bud and Resene Just Dance. Stockists: Soho 3-Seater Sofa and green velvet cushion from Me & My Trend. Paper Bark Framed Canvas, Indria Cotton Blush Throw, Montpellier Cushion in Sage, Sovereign Velvet Linen Cushion in Sage, Velvet & Linen Square loden Forest Cushion, Blanket Stitch Persimmon Cushion, Velvet Lumbar Cushion in Olive Green and Aura Nude Velvet Cushion from Shut the Front Door. Hamel Floor Rug from Freedom Furniture. Café Mug and Cotton Velvet Rectangle Cushion Cover in Thistle from Città. All other props are stylist's own.  

A stroke of genius

This lounge strikes an ideal balance between trendy and timeless, but what really makes it work is the assortment of vases, bowls, candle holders and coasters that have been painted Resene Karaka, Resene Pewter, Resene Soothe, Resene Bud and Resene Just Dance to directly connect them to the artwork. The result is a space that feels cohesive and unified.

The lower half of the wall has been grounded in Resene Karaka while the top half is in Resene Pewter to keep the feature from feeling too dark. For contrast, the outside of the bookcase is painted soft Resene Soothe while the inside is painted Resene Eagle, the coffee table is in Resene Pewter and the ombre planter is in (from top to bottom) Resene Bud, Resene Pewter and Resene Karaka. To echo the visual texture of the brushstrokes in the painting, plenty of tactile textures have also been brought in, including the velvet sofa and cushions, a woven throw, a knotted rug and fresh plants. They work together with the colour scheme to build a warm, soft space to relax in after a long day.


Resene Just Dance

Spice is nice

Show-stopping bright reds were having a moment last year, but the trend has shifted sharply and swiftly toward ruddier variations. Now, its terracotta ranging from slightly lighter Resene Sunbaked and Resene Sante Fe to browner Resene Moccasin and Resene Raging Bull that have become the hottest trending hues around – and their popularity is only heating up. Try these spicy shades with desert pinks, beigey blushes or earthy olives like Resene Just Dance, Resene Despacito and Resene Untamed balanced with toasted browns like Resene Swiss Caramel and Resene Sambuca for a scorching hot look that's the epitome of what's ‘in'.

Resene Sunbaked

Resene Just Dance

Resene Despacito

Resene Untamed

Resene Swiss Caramel

Natural expression

While nature has long been a common inspiration for decor, woodland tones including mushroom greys, such as Resene Grey Olive, and earthy browns, such as Resene Coffee Break, are right up there among today's most popular hues. Flora and fauna motifs continue to be wildly popular, including bold tropical patterns, animal prints and brass statuettes of lions, tigers and jaguars.

The prevalence of green continues to flourish, though it's primarily in shades ranging from muted mint like Resene Secrets and silvery sage like Resene Peace, to enviable olives like Resene Waiouru. Emeralds and jades, too, remain in vogue – look to shades like Resene Atlas and Resene Mother Nature for a quick accent update.

Resene Peace

Resene Mother Nature

Sunset pinks still shining

Love it or hate it, pinks of all shades continue to be a hugely popular choice for soft furnishings and accessories – especially bedding and cushions. A certain ‘millennial' shade may have been the one that started it all, but it's dustier sunset shades like Resene Just Dance, Resene Soulful and Resene Soothe that are now taking centre stage. This trio looks great together for a tone-on-tone look or try painting them on rattan chairs, a table and accessories to build a boho-chic bedroom or lounge.

Resene Just Dance

Resene Soulful

A little bit of lilac

As a diverging trend from millennial pink, lilac has been making a quiet appearance in the design world. Resene Ethereal, a barely there blush with the slightest hint of lilac, is a shade we've been seeing again and again, but purpler versions like Resene Mozart and Resene Dreamtime have been showing up too. These shades are a restful and romantic alternative to pink that pair well with warm and cool whites as well as grey-greens, making them the perfect choice for a feminine bedroom.

We have also seen these popular purples making their influence on greys, browns and blues. Expect to see a lot more of colours like Resene Sixth Sense, Resene Rocky Mountain and Resene Time After Time. Try the former two together with rubies and emeralds like Resene Smoulder and Resene Atlas, the latter with a deep indigo like Resene King Tide and a steeped off white like Resene Half Tea in a bedroom.

Resene Dreamtime

Resene Sixth Sense

Resene Rocky Mountain

Resene Time After Time

Resene Smoulder

Resene King Tide

Blues and creams moodboards
Spicy orange moodboard
Blue moodboard: Background in Resene Coast, tray in Resene Ethereal and vases in (clockwise from left) Resene Indian Ink, Resene Rice Cake and Resene Grey Olive with A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from right to left) Resene Ethereal, Resene Grey Olive, Resene Rice Cake and Resene Indian Ink.  Stockists: Gold trivet and pink throw from H&M Home. All other props are stylist's own.  Orange moodboard: Background in Resene Sunbaked with lidded containers in Resene Sante Fe and Resene Stonewashed and vases in Resene Waiouru and Resene Grey Olive.  Stockists: Pink and white cushion cover from H&M Home. All other props are stylist's own.

Resene Ethereal

Resene Sunbaked

Murky waters

While true blues like Resene Raindance, Resene Bismark and Resene Mystery remain popular bright and beachy options that are perfect for spring and summer, deep dark sapphires continue to be among the most coveted jewel tones. Look to shades like Resene Indian Ink or Resene Twilight Zone for building a cocoon-worthy tonal bedroom or use them in smaller doses on accessories or a statement piece of furniture to add a punch of contrast to define a more neutral space.

Like many of the most prominent trendy hues, the pendulum has begun to swing towards murkier shades like Resene Coast and Resene Safehaven as the favoured darks. Try them with other dusty denims and coastal chromas like Resene Liberty and Resene Lazy River.

If you're looking to embrace the next ‘big thing', it's worth looking to greener hues like Resene Green Meets Blue and Resene Fast Forward. Try these shades with a lichen green like Resene Unwind, a creamy yellow-toned white like Resene Rice Cake and a spiced marmalade orange like Resene Bi Hoki.

Resene Raindance

Resene Mystery

Resene Twilight Zone

Resene Safehaven

Resene Liberty

Resene Lazy River

Resene Fast Forward

Resene Bi Hoki

Resene White Island

Batten down

Batten walls are a popular on trend choice, but they don't have to surround the entire space – nor do they have to go all the way from floor to ceiling. Instead of a headboard, this bedroom uses battens to create an interesting focal point above the bed. The room divider in Resene Raindance, Resene Liberty and Resene Mystery creates both interest and motion thanks to its curvilinear tops which seem to mimic crashing waves. Oceans of light and airy white bedding has been layered with more textures and stormier shades that pull the colours of the artwork out into the room. The side table in Resene Fast Forward plays up the green undertones that are present in the darkest accent cushion while the vase in Resene Mystery and the lamp base in Resene Raindance bridge the gap in contrast between the darkest hues, the Resene White Island walls and the Resene Quarter Concrete floor.

Blue on blue bedroom and moodboard with a hint of orange
Bedroom: Wall in Resene White Island, floor in Resene Quarter Concrete, room divider in Resene Raindance, Resene Liberty and Resene Mystery, side table in Resene Fast Forward, vase in Resene Mystery, and the lamp base in Resene Raindance. Stockists: Hampton Linen Duvet Cover Set in White and Hampton Linen Cushion in Cloud from Ezibuy. Baksana Euro Pillowcases in Smoke and Baksana Newbliss Throw in Smoke from Allium Interiors. Art print from Urban Epiphany Prints. Home Republic Belgian Vintage Linen Cushion from Adairs. All other props are stylist's own.  Moodboard: Background in Resene Green Meets Blue (left) and Resene Secrets (right) plate in Resene Helix, vase in Resene Raindance, coat peg in Resene Bismark and sunburst pot in Resene Bi Hoki with A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from top to bottom) Resene Helix, Resene Green Meets Blue, Resene Secrets and Resene Raindance.  Stockists: Mug from H&M Home. All other props are stylist's own.
Deep taupes, plums and grapes are emerging trends
Tone on tone dusty green colour scheme
Out of chocolate: Transitioning out of chocolate and into deep taupes, plum and grape tones are emerging trends. Wall in Resene Rocky Mountain, floor in Resene Sixth Sense, table in Resene Rivergum, basket in Resene Safehaven, small plant pots in Resene Indian Ink and Resene Rice Cake and tray in Resene Smoulder.  Stockists: Chesterfield Button Armchair in Ochre and Low Drum Ottoman in Port Velvet from Me & My Trend. Finsbury Floor Lamp and Laquer Tray from Freedom Furniture. Armadillo & Co Savannah Rug in Natural from The Ivy House. Glamdom Tray Table from Shut the Front Door. All other props are stylist's own.   Green room: Dustier greens and greys lend themselves well to tone-on-tone schemes built on layering. Wall and floor in Resene Alabaster with colour block painted feature in (from left to right) Resene Helix, Resene Peace and Resene Silver Chalice, dresser in Resene Peace, tea light holder in Resene Secrets and plant pot and tray in Resene Noir.  Stockists: Arch mirror from The Warehouse. All other props are stylist's own.

Resene Rocky Mountain

Resene Sixth Sense

Resene Safehaven

Resene Smoulder

Resene Helix

Resene Peace

Resene Noir

Mellower yellows

Yellows have taken a turn towards buttery, sunshine shades like Resene Thumbs Up and Resene Chorus Line, but there are still very popular golden mustards like Resene Cleopatra and more brassy hues like Resene Influential to be found in nearly every home furnishings department. All four hues go hand-in hand with army greens like and celadons like Resene Smoothie if you're looking to create a jungle inspired-space.

Bitter oranges emerge

While true yellows have gotten lighter, those golden mustards have also diverged into another emerging trend: orange. Subtle notes of brick and bitter versions like Resene Twisted Sister, Resene Clockwork Orange and Resene Bi Hoki have just begun to catch our eye as they've started springing up in small accessories and soft furnishings. Get ahead of the curve now and try them with a pewter green like Resene Artemis and green-greys like Resene Helix and Resene Secrets. They are equally suited to being paired up with a deep indigo like Resene King Tide, if that's more your flavour.

A buttery yellow and jungle-inspired scheme
Anchor a lounge with a feature wall in Resene Wallpaper Collection 36503-2 and bring in a major piece of furniture in Resene Thumbs Up for a wild look that combines two major trends: buttery yellow and jungle-inspired schemes

Resene Thumbs Up

Resene Chorus Line

Resene Cleopatra

Resene Influential

Resene Smoothie

Resene Twisted Sister

Resene Bi Hoki

Resene Artemis

Resene Helix

Resene King Tide

Styling: Vanessa Nouwens, Annick Larkin, Laura Lynn Johnston
Images: Bryce Carleton, Melanie Jenkins


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