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From Habitat magazine - issue 16

Make a cool noticeboard and pen pots!

Diy noticeboard

You will need:

How to make a noticeboard:

Step 1Step 1:  Place masking tape around the inside edge of the noticeboard so paint doesn’t mark the cork and show through later. Paint two coats of Resene Rocket on the timber frame.
Step 2Step 2:  Carefully roll out the wallpaper and mark out and cut a rectangle measuring 41cm x 56cm. Cut pieces for the cans (measuring up the side for the height, and around the can for the length, plus an extra 5mm to overlap). Pour some PVA glue onto a plate and dilute slightly with water. Brush glue evenly onto the back of the wallpaper and place onto the noticeboard smoothing it out as you go.
Step 3Step 3:  Rule a line halfway down the length of the noticeboard, and place a mark in the middle of the line, and another in the middle of the lower end of the noticeboard. Take the black tape and cut it into two 70cm lengths and one 41cm length. Take one of the long pieces and place it on the board in a V-shape as shown, using the sides and the centre mark as your guide. Trim excess tape.
Step 4Step 4:  Place a drawing pin in the centre of the lower V about 1cm from the frame. Make another V in the opposite direction as shown and place drawing pins in the centre of the X and in the lower corners. Take the last piece of tape and place it along the halfway line, covering the raw edges of the other tape. Place drawing pins 1cm away from the edge of the frame and in the centre to secure the tapes.
Step 5Step 5:  Glue the narrow ribbon to the inside edge of the frame with the glue gun. It’s easiest to do a line of glue about 10cm long at a time, then lay the ribbon down and repeat. When complete, turn over and insert the hooks about a third of the way down the side from the top. Thread picture cord through the hooks and tie off, then hang on the wall with a picture hook.
Step 6Step 6:  Clean and dry a tin can (you can leave the label on) and paint the outside. Allow paint to dry, then do another coat on the can and noticeboard frame. Glue the smaller rectangles onto the cans. For a second can, cut out some motifs from the remaining wallpaper and glue onto the painted can.

styling and words: Helena Dunn
pictures: Mark Heaslip

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