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Pretty in print

DIY with Resene, from OHbaby! magazine

Create your own bespoke artworks with simple techniques using everyday painting accessories.

Have you been admiring all those beautiful prints adorning the walls of nurseries on your social feed? Well, here’s some inspiration for you to make your own! We made all these simple yet stunning art prints using Resene paint and accessories from Resene ColorShop.

Here’s what you’ll need, and some quick tips to help you create your own Instagram-worthy works of art. Have fun!

You will need:

  • Resene testpots in your choice of colours, or the ones we used
  • Sellotape Delicate 18mm masking tape (low-tack)
  • 160mm x 100mm sponge, small paint roller, sleeves and tray
  • Foam art brush or piece of foam
  • A larger piece of paper or cardboard to protect your table
  • 300gsm art paper (we used A3 size)

Give it a border:

A border around your artwork gives a professional finish to your print. Apply masking tape along all edges of the art paper, aligning with the outer edge of the paper – the width of the tape will determine the width of your border.

Top tip: Tape it down to the larger piece of scrap paper and make sure the tape is pressed down well onto the art paper to eliminate paint bleeding under. To ensure no paint touches the outer edges of the art paper, do a second layer of tape, slightly overlapping the first, which also firmly secures the art paper in place. You can now roll your first background colour.

Crisp lines:

It’s all in the quality of the tape! We’ve found the range of Sellotape masking tapes from Resene ColorShop to be superior when it comes to tidy, razor sharp lines.

Top tip: Because the tape is being used on paper, ensure you’re using the delicate low-tack kind. Run your finger along the tape really well to create a good seal so the paint doesn’t bleed under. Once the paint is touch dry, peel back very carefully and slowly to prevent the paper from tearing. Avoid pulling in an upwards direction and leaving the tape on the paper for too long.

Create texture:

Once the background colours are dry, add some contrast by using a sponge and/or foam art brush. We used the foam brush to create the rainbow, and cut out shapes from the sponge for the citrus print, and then used the same circle for the sun.

Top tip: Make sure the foam brush and sponge shapes are dry. If you need to alternate between colours, rinse clean and dry very well using an old towel. This ‘dry-brushing’ (and dry-sponging) method is what allows the streaky, blotchy look to come through when applying the paint – areas where the paint misses touching the paper is what gives the prints their artistic charm!

Resene Tacoa


January 2020

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