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DIY Tee Pee

Craft - inspired by Resene, from Little Treasures magazine

It’s summer, and that means camping – even if it’s only for an afternoon on the back lawn in this cute home-made tent.

A DIY Teepee project for kids

What we used

To make

  1. Trim pine timber to 1.5m and drill 20mm holes with a spade drill bit 25cm down from one end in all four pieces.

  2. Thread 20mm dowel through the holes and spread the pine timber pieces out to create a triangle about 1100mm wide at the bottom.

  3. Use an off-cut of timber flat on the ground against the foot of each timber piece to mark a horizontal line and cut with a saw (this will ensure the legs sit flat when the tent is open.)

  4. Mark and drill holes with a 12mm drill bit in all four pieces, 2cm up from the bottom.

  5. Paint all pieces with Resene Quick Dry, Resene Lumbersider and top coats of Resene Enamacryl Metallic paint applied with a roller.

DIY Teepee project

A colour DIY teepee

Painted cushions

A painted lawnchair

  1. Cut two pieces of calico to fit the triangle ends of the tent, with about 5cm extra for folding on both sides. In one of the pieces cut a doorway – a slit about 80cm long. Fold over twice and sew to stop fraying. Hem both pieces.

  2. Use masking tape and testpots of paint to create stripes on the fabric.

  3. Use a staple gun to attach this to the inside of the tent triangles, folding the edges of the fabric over for strength.

  4. To erect your tent, thread 20mm dowel piece through the holes in the top of the timber and hang sheet over then thread one of the 12mm dowel lengths through one of the sheet’s seams, and insert into the holes in the bottom of the timber pieces. Measure and sew the other end of sheet as required so the sheet is taut when you thread through the other length of dowel.

  5. Make the blackboard with timber off-cuts screwed together, painted with two coats of Resene Blackboard Paint. Our tent comes apart easily and rolls up for easy storage.

Outdoor DIY Teepee project

Chalkboard entry sign

 Colourful blankets

 Colourful blankets 2

Sign: Use off-cuts and blackboard paint to make a blackboard sign.  Blanket: Put a blanket under your tent for maximum comfort!  Tent ends: Attach your colourful tent ends with a staple gun.

Chair and cushions

Make cushions with calico and sheet fabric on either side. Paint an image on the calico side before filling. For our funky Cape Cod chair, we made a stencil letter ‘S’, stuck it to the chair with glue stick, then painted it with Resene Quick Dry, Resene Lumbersider and top coats of Resene FX Metallic paint applied with a roller.


Created by Sarah Eberhardt. Photography by Mike Rooke Bauer Studio.

December 2013/January 2014

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