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Room mix

With lots of rooms requiring attention, the Kerr family focused on each as an individual project, getting it just right before tackling the next room.

The conservatory was transformed from ever-safe cream on the walls to a more lively and vibrant Resene Terrazzo Paint Effects wash. The plaster walls suited the uneven finish created and with the addition of colourful rugs, couch throws and curtains, a once cold and uninviting room is now a warm and cosy family room.

Vibrant Resene Terrazzo Paint Effects wash

Redecorating their teenage son's room was a major project. With the walls too uneven to paint, Resene wallpaper was used, complemented by Resene Aviator and contrasting Resene Fruit Salad on the furniture and trims. Desiring a heavy metal masculine type feeling they added Resene Enamacryl Silver Aluminium on the ceiling and partway down the walls. The once dark stained wardrobe doors were also finished in Resene Aviator on the surrounds and silver on the louvres to liven them up and bring them into harmony with the rest of the room.

Siover and blue for a teenage boy's room.

The master bedroom was adorned in a pretty shade of pink butterfly wallpaper - yuck! Wanting to create a room with ambiance they selected a Resene terracotta wallpaper to use as a main feature complemented by colourwashed walls using Resene Ship Cove as a basecoat and Resene Lucky Point as the topcoat. The ceiling, which was white, made the room feel cold. A quick repaint in Resene Barley White on the ceiling and down to the picture rail, and an accent of Resene Marzipan on the alcove ceiling and arch, and the room feels lovely and warm.

Citrus colours in the dining room and a blue, white and silver bathroom.

The next room they attacked was the dining room. Once bland, it is now nicknamed the 'citrus room'. The desired effect was achieved by splitting the walls into two. The bottom half was boldly painted in Resene Crusoe and sponged over with Resene Apple. The top half was painted with Resene Broom with Resene Pizazz colourwashed over it. The well-placed leaf border brings together the mix of greens and contrasting yellow/oranges.

The final room to have a complete change of colour was the bathroom - with neither being a pink person, the colour on the walls had to go - only to be quickly replaced with Resene Lucky Point that works well with the Rimu. Using this as the base colour, white, silver and black have been meticulously added by hand to create the marble effect. Gold, applied using a small sponge, defines the edges of the woodwork and the painted walls.

Using Paint Effects techniques that many would be scared to tackle, the Kerr family have rejuvenated the look and feel of their home while also managing to hide less than perfect walls.

Teens bedroom furniture and trims Furniture and trims Ceiling and top of walls, louvres Bathroom
Resene Aviator Resene Fruit Salad Resene Silver Aluminium Resene Lucky Point
Master bedroom walls basecoat Master bedroom walls topcoat Ceiling Alcove
Resene Ship Cove Resene Lucky Point Resene Barley White Resene Marzipan
Bottom half of dining room walls Bottom half of dining room walls Top half of dining room walls Top half of dining room walls
Resene Crusoe Resene Apple Resene Broom Resene Pizazz

Inspiration gallery 2003
Thanks to Jenni and Geoff.



Decorating inspiration gallery
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