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Resene Lavender chairs and tableWhen Rose and Doug bought their house 14 years ago this area was a white fine stucco wall with a square of grass - no plants or colour at all! Although it is only a very small courtyard garden they set out to make it their own.

First they laid paving stones leaving a wide border for box hedging plants and flowers. As they both enjoy painting Rose convinced husband Doug that the Resene colours she'd chosen would work. He was not convinced thinking they would be too bright. But nevertheless both rolled up their sleeves and started. They painted the wall with Resene Moody Blue, a great dynamic backdrop colour.

Next they painted the old tin shed bringing it into the 21st century with the softer shade of Resene Lavender.

One thing seemed to lead to another so the sundial and birdhouse got a facelift using Resene Zappo with the post and trims painted with Resene Monza, a good strong red. Then Rose and Doug managed to find a fancy small second hand table and chairs (in a terrible condition). After they cleaned them up they used the leftover paint from the shed (Resene Lavender) and after a couple of coats they look like new again.

All the garden art, ornaments and pots are freshened up once a year by using Resene testpots which are cheap to buy and have the ability to bring a new dimension to their garden.

From the road frontage Rose and Doug's house looks like a smart white split stone home - little would you know round the back is the private colourful paradise that they love - yes even Rose's husband agrees!

They painted the wall with Resene Moody Blue

Resene Lavender shed

Stucco wall Shed and furniture Sundial, birdhouse Post and trims
Resene Moody Blue
Resene Moody Blue

Resene Lavender
Resene Lavender
Resene Zappo
Resene Zappo
Resene Zappo
Resene Monza

Inspiration gallery 2016
Thanks to Rose and Doug.



Decorating inspiration gallery
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