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Spring is the time for warm weather, sunshine, young lambs, fresh flowers and springcleaning. Not surprisingly Spring colour personalities love daylight and prefer airy homes with lots of windows and natural light.

Colours are fresh, bright, clean and warm complemented by light coloured wood. Furniture, cushions and decorative accessories have rounded corners, making them easy on the eye and easy to live with. A tendency towards greenfingers means Spring homes are generally home to numerous well tended indoor plants.

Springs aren't afraid to get stuck in and get their hands dirty. Hardworking and practical, they love getting a bargain. Springs are sociable and enthusiastic with lots of energy and flexibility. Extroverted and friendly, they tend to make new friends easily, though will avoid weighty issues and conflict where they can. Springs are quick thinkers so if they do find themselves in conflict they can normally negotiate their way back out of it! Their easygoing sociable nature often makes them look and seem younger than their age. Spring homes are usually contemporary, modern and well kept - must be the springcleaning tendencies!

The nature colours we associate with Spring are reflected in the Spring palette. Yellows dominate the Spring palette, reminiscent of fresh flowers and sunlight and act as undertones across the palette embuing a sense of warmth. Dark colours and blacks are banished. Warm neutrals in hues of light greys, creams, ivories and beiges act as the backdrop in place of pure white. Fresh crisp greens reflect the green of young leaves. Reds have pink undertones.

Springs love conservatories and rooms where they can bridge the gap between inside and out. French doors, large sliding doors and pristine lightweight curtains maximise sunlight.

Colours to try:

Resene Spinnaker Resene Magik Resene Tory Blue Resene Endeavour Resene Subzero Resene Perano Resene Escape
Resene Foam Resene Tradewind Resene Gossamer Resene Eucalyptus Resene Japanese Laurel Resene Fruit Salad Resene Chinook
Resene Madang Resene Geneva Resene Lime Resene Rusty Nail Resene Tulip Tree Resene Bite Me Resene Gorse
Resene Portafino Resene White Nectar Resene Roxy Resene Porsche Resene Consuela Resene Zombie Resene Smooth Operator
Resene Pink Lady Resene China Ivory Resene Flame Red Resene Havoc Resene Jive Resene Geraldine Resene Mandy
Resene Cabaret Resene Pink Lace Resene Blue Gem Resene Taffeta Resene Mercury Resene Rakaia Resene Trojan
Resene Monsoon Resene Bud          

Spring quick check:

Mixed seasons
Living alone you can decorate everything true to your season, but what happens when you live with others who may have completely different colour personalities?

Ever seen a couple trying to redecorate their home and select colours? If they both agree readily on the same colours they will generally share a common colour personality, which means that the combinations that appeal to one will generally appeal to the other. If they both can't agree on anything, chances are they have different colour personalities. If this sounds like your household, don't despair! Accommodating the personalities of different family members is easy when you know how:


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