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Get inspired with colour and the latest decorating and colour trends! If you're getting ready for your next decorating journey, browse through these beautiful mood boards, paints, colours and decorating ideas to help you select just the right look and mood for your space.

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Peacefull space
Zen retreat

No matter who you are or where your interests lie, everyone needs their own special place to retreat to... more
Blues colour pallette for your lounge
Blues to live in

If you are looking for a new colour to decorate your living room, blue is a great option. Blue tones are said to evoke clarity and pureness... more
Teen to office space
In transition – teen to office space

When your child leaves home, you may be reverting the room back to its original purpose, or giving it a brand new one... more
Transitional spaces – from toddler to teen
Transitional spaces – from toddler to teen

As your child’s personality develops, their room can become more of a reflection of their individuality and tastes... more
Nursery to toddler room
Dot a lot

Often, girl’s bedrooms can fall victim to being too ‘pinky-pinky’ and ‘girly-girly’. But choosing a couple of unexpected accent colours... more
Skater room for your girl
Upbeat skate

Decorating a teen’s bedroom can take a bit of finessing, but it can also be a lot of fun. Their room should behave as a multi-functional space... more
Nursery to toddler room
Ever evolving

Baby/nursery to toddler's room - it’s important to keep things simple and to consider how the room will need to evolve... more
Primary school childrens bedroom
Love and whimsy

The primary school years are a delight. Children this age are generally full of fun, love and whimsy... more
Outdoor greens come inside your lounge
Jade meets sage

A room like this one is perfect for bringing a sense of the outdoors in during the winter... more
Dark and stormy blues and greys
Dark and stormy

Moody navy blues that look like they came straight out of the Mariana Trench... are making waves in the interior design world... more
Six murals to paint with your own style
Unleash your inner artist

The trend in hand-painted wall murals is for a relaxed... more
Five different colour choices
One room, different personalities

Needing a colour makeover in your living room but don’t want to spend the earth?... more
Spring fresh colours with white walls
Spring fresh

One of the most wonderful things about paint is that you can use it on almost anything, and a just a little bit can go a long way... more
Contrasting art deco themes
A nineties nook for now

This reading nook, while reminiscent of the late 80s and early 90s, still feels current today... more
A teenagers lounge area
Teen time

As your kids get older, it’s understandable that they’ll start to crave more independence... more
Memphis design
Memphis moves

Just like that old adage goes – everything comes back around... more
An tidy office space at home
Working the corners

When you’re trying to use space efficiently, adding a small desk area to serve as a home office... more
Home office
Space to work

If you need a dedicated place to work at home but are already squeezed for space... more
Retro dining room
Why revive when you can thrive

The noughties kicked off with a 1980s electropop renaissance... more
Contrasting colours for your lounge
Contrast choice

There are plenty of interesting ways that the principle of contrast, one of the key tenets of interior design... more
Outdoor greens come inside your lounge
Homework zone

A home workspace can be much more transient than it used to be, something that can be moved around to suit the task or need at hand... more
Childrens bedroom with repetition of shapes for design
Rule of three

Repetition is one of the key tenements of interior design, a principle that can be followed by professionals and homeowners alike that helps to ensure all the results of our hard work will look great.... more
80s retro citrus colours
Trendy yet timeless

The Resene Classic Collection is a selection of favourite Resene colours that people are drawn to time and time again... more
Moody dark pallet
Beautiful in blue green

Aqua is at the front edge of trending interior colours at the moment for walls, painted furniture, accents and even fabrics... more
Entryway storage
Space to stash

This simple and stylish entryway is designed to keep things tidy and takes up next to no floor space... more
Teal shades in your bedroom
Get a feel for teal

Aquas and teals are splashing into interiors right now, particularly accents in shades like Resene Yowza, Resene Freelance, Resene She’ll Be Right and Resene Yes Please... more
Turquoise in the bathroom
Signature liveliness

Turquoise is one of most calming and soothing colours you could use to make your space feel relaxing... more
Keen for Kilim. Woven, natural textures
Keen for Kilim

Woven, natural textures – especially in fibres like sisal, rattan and jute – are everywhere, along with equally earthy colours to complement them... more

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