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The key ingredient for successfully creating a gender neutral bedroom that appeals equally to both you and your partner is the same for building a successful relationship: communication.

One of the things that makes home decorating so interesting is that different colours, shapes, textures, forms and materials appeal so differently from one person to the next; and designing a space that takes those likes and dislikes into account will always result in a personalised space that’s just as unique as those who live in it. But when you have to balance multiple personalities and preferences in a single shared space, it can take some finessing to find colours and décor that makes each person happy and at ease.

A green/blue gender neutral bedroom

Gender neutral moodboard

Gender neutral moodboard

A green/blue gender neutral bedroom

Moodboard: Background in Resene Half Inside Back with Resene A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from left to right) Resene Blanc, Resene Barely There, Resene Cinder, Resene Mocha and Resene Half Duck Egg Blue, mug in Resene Mocha, book in Resene Blanc, and vases in (clockwise from top) Resene Half Duck Egg Blue, Resene Cinder, Resene Barely There, Resene Blanc and Resene Mocha.

The key ingredient for successfully creating a gender neutral bedroom that appeals equally to both you and your partner is the same for building a successful relationship: communication. However, there are also some notably popular Resene paint colours that can be relied on as a great starting point to get your home decorating conversation going.

When it comes to colours that are both universally liked and considered universally restful, shell blues like Resene Inside Back, Resene Hermitage and Resene Half Duck Egg Blue can’t be beat. While the colour scheme in this serene bedroom is primarily tonal, it features a full range of shades and tints right from a soft shell white that carries a whisper of blue grey, Resene Barely There through, to deep and inky charcoal blue Resene Cinder. And because the décor and accessories are unadorned, this look is all about layering those blue hues sky high to create depth and cosiness.

A gender neutral bedroom

Gender neutral bedroom

Paint: Far back wall (at left) in Resene Herimitage. Main wall and shelves in Resene Inside Back. Floor in Resene Half Duck Egg Blue. Peg stool in Resene Cinder. Large plant pot (on floor) in Resene Duck Egg Blue. Small plant pot (on shelf) in Resene Cinder. DIY artwork created with Resene EzyFill and painted in Resene Blanc. Painted book in Resene Blanc. Vases in Resene Mocha, Resene Half Duck Egg Blue, Resene Duck Egg Blue, Resene Innocence and Resene Blanc. Mug in Resene Mocha.  Accessories: Bedlinen, lamp, throw, cushions and stacked black organiser (on shelf) from Citta Armchair from Nood.

For those that find decorating a space from tip to toe all in one hue a bit boring, a few deliberate touches of dusty brick red in Resene Mocha – an accent colour that feels neither too masculine nor too feminine – provides complementary contrast to the greener tones of Resene Hermitage on the far back wall, deeper Resene Inside Back on the return wall behind the bed and paler Resene Half Duck Egg Blue on the floor. A bedside table and a few small accessories in deep Resene Cinder plays off the dark navy bedlinen to ground the space.

While most of the shapes and surfaces in this space are pared down and simple, minimalism can still be made interesting by adding a touch of texture. DIY artwork – created by combing Resene EzyFill over a canvas before being painted in Resene Barely There – brings in a touch of texture. Bringing in lush and leafy tropical plants also adds texture to bring up the space, and opting for those with dark purple-toned leaves such as a purple cabbage palm or blue green succulents like aloe vera will help their inherent colours blend better with this palette than more verdant greens would. And while the bedding is unadorned, the natural woven texture and slub of the linen adds further subtle texture, as does the woven wool duck egg blue throw.

If you or your partner are not into brick or terracotta reds, other accent colours that work well with greyed green blues like Resene Inside Back are summer yellows, porcelain whites and pewter greys such as Resene Half Moonbeam, Resene Alabaster and Resene Half Gull Grey. Simply swap out the Resene Mocha accessories for one of those alternatives to get a completely different vibe in your bedroom.

And, of course, look for ways to incorporate personalised touches through décor that is representative of each one of you. Whether it’s a special family heirloom that’s been passed down through generations or a lamp or accent cushion that you’ve simply fallen in love with, these touches will help makes sure your shared bedroom feels like you belong in it. If these items are truly special, you don’t need to worry if these items perfectly match your colour scheme or not because they’ll end up being the details that make your house feel like a home.


Project by Laura Lynn Johnston. Photography by Bryce Carleton. 2022

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