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Cumin comforts

From the Resene colour inspiration – latest looks gallery

With the whole world seeking a way to return to some sense of normalcy, it makes sense that our sentimental attempt to recreate the ‘good old days’ has begun manifesting in home decorating trends.

Reexploring styles from times before – and revamping them so that they feel more relevant today – has seen strong elements from the roaring 20s through to the soulful 70s reborn again. But bringing back the colours and décor from decades past has not only become a way of satisfying our collective bout of nostalgia, it’s also a remedy for the steadily increasing complications of everyday life. Through our decorating, we are finding ways to create cosiness and comfort, turning our homes into soothing sanctuaries and a buffer between our home life and the stresses of the outside world.

A brown 1970's inspired bedroom design

A 1970's inspired moodboard

A 1970's inspired moodboard

A 1920's and 1970's inspired bedroom design

Moodboard: Background in Resene Half Raven with Resene A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from right to left) Resene Cumin, Resene Coast, Resene Indian Ink, Resene White Pointer and Resene Cloud, jug vase in Resene Cumin, dish in Resene Coast and bid vase in Resene Half Raven. Lamp from Paper Plane, linen from Foxtrot Home.  Accessories: Duvet cover and pillowcases from Foxtrot Home. Menu Carrie Lamp in Brass from Paper Plane. Heavy linen cushions, wool throw, woven throw and red side table from Citta. Black linen slippers from Muji. Izipizi reading glasses from Auckland Art Gallery. Antique oil portrait is stylist’s own.

The recent resurgence of brown as a popular paint colour definitely has its roots in nostalgia, with strong ties to the 1970s. Warming and grounding, spicy and earthy browns like Resene Cumin and Resene Desperado are also welcome additions to contemporary homes where cold, flat greys have been the neutral of choice for the past decade – especially for those craving some extra comfort and cosiness. While these spicy browns may overwhelm certain spaces when used to cover an entire wall, a little goes a long way in communicating that the colour is the hero hue of your palette. And using one of them to create a unique painted wall design is an excellent way to break up the starkness of an expansive white wall while at the same time creating a focal point.

Painted arches, a call-back to the 1920s Art Deco era, have recently become extremely popular on social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok. Easy to create using the pin and pencil method, this must-have paint effect is ideal for making a big statement in a trend-forward space such as a bedroom, living room or bathroom. But rather than creating a solid arch, we’ve taken a more a pared down approach by opting for an arch stripe instead in Resene Cumin so that the colour doesn’t dominate – and used it to highlight our statement lamp. For added interest, we decided to paint a strip of stripes to the left and right of the arch in the same width, echoing the more subtle pinstripes present in the bedding.

Bedroom with painted stripes and arches

Bedroom design - inspired by 1920's and 1970's

Paint: Wall in Resene White Pointer with stripes and arch in Resene Cumin. Skirting board in Resene White Pointer. Grooved floor in Resene Half Raven. Pedestal side table in Resene Indian Ink. Dresser in Resene Coast. DIY Breakfast artwork painted in Resene Cumin, Resene White Pointer, Resene Half Raven, Resene Indian Ink and Resene Desperado. Plant pot (with dracaena) in Resene Cloud. Large jug vase in Resene Cumin. Large bottle vase in Resene Desperado. Fluted bud vase in Resene Half Raven. Low dish in Resene Coast.

To plot out your design, all you need is a ruler, a level, a length of string, a pencil and something to anchor the string to the wall surface. This could mean pressing a sewing/straight pin or thumb tack through the string into wall or tapping in a nail and tying the string around it. At the other end of the string, you’ll want to tie on your pencil. The length of string will be the radius of the circle, so keep that in mind when doing so. Then, hold your pencil perpendicular to the wall surface with the string pulled tight while you draw your arc in one smooth motion. If you’ve kept your string taught, then your arch should come out perfectly. Next, simply retie your pencil 5cm further down your string and draw another arc from the same anchor point before you remove your pin or nail. Find the outer edges on the left and right side of each of your arches and use a level to draw a straight vertical line from each down to the floor (four lines total). Firmly apply high-quality washi-style painter’s masking tape, available at your local Resene ColorShop, against the outer edges of your lines (including your curves). Finally, use a quality paintbrush and Resene Cumin to paint in between the gap you’ve created in two coats, allowing the first to dry before applying the second, and the second to dry to the touch before removing your masking tape.

Even though neither Resene Cumin nor Resene Desperado visually ‘read’ as being orange, both these browns have significant level of orange in their undertones. Since blue and orange are opposite one another on the colour wheel, dusty denim blues and blue greys such as Resene Coast, Resene Indian Ink and Resene Half Raven make excellent pairings. Together, these hues build what’s known as a complementary colour palette, which is why they work so well together in a palette. Bring in these hues by painting vases, accessories, plant pots and a side table along with layers of sumptuous linen bedding that invite you to climb in and get cosy.

Project by Laura Lynn Johnston. Photography by Melanie Jenkins. 2022

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