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From the Resene colour inspiration – latest looks gallery

With an open plan layout, you don’t always have walls to rely on to provide definition between different areas and activities.

A minimalistic mini mural like this one is a great solution for setting up a small reading nook within a larger space. Two parallel lines diverge into triangles that frame floating shelves that can store books and accessories while reflecting the shapes in the statement rug.

Triangle themed room Blue and grey mood board
Blue and grey mood board Triangle themed room
Mood board: Background in Resene Bismark with A4 drawdown painted swatches (from top to bottom) in Resene Dusted Grey, Resene Quarter Truffle, Resene Kabul, Resene Dune, Resene Dusted Grey and Resene Nero, tea light holder in Resene Kabul, coaster in Resene Dusted Grey, and vases in Resene Pizza (right) and Resene Dusted Grey (left).

In fact, it’s more than the triangular shapes that reflect the rug. To come up with this colour palette, we uploaded a photo of the rug into the free online Resene Colour Palette Generator. Thanks to this tool, you don’t need to be colour expert to have a perfectly coordinated space. Start working with the darkest and lightest Resene paint colours that the generator samples from your image – so that you’ll be sure to incorporate some contrast into your space – and pick three other medium value shades that really speak to you. Use your favourite medium value colour and pair it with either the lightest or darkest colour and use these two hues for your walls and floors. Then, use the remaining three colours for your furniture and accessories.

There are plenty of other items you could use to anchor a colour scheme beyond a rug. Instead, upload a photo of a piece of artwork you love, patterned bedding, or a landscape that inspires you. Practically anything can be translated into a palette so long as it speaks to you.

Triangle mural and book shelves
Geometric inspired mural and furniture
Paint: Walls in Resene Quarter Truffle with triangle design in Resene Bismark, Floor in Resene Bismark, Shelves in Resene Bismark, Coffee table top in Resene Dune, Console table top in Resene Dune, Large vase (with greenery) in Resene Nero, Coasters in Resene Dusted Grey, Plant pots in Resene Kabul and Resene Alabaster, Smaller vases and candle holders in Resene Pizza, Resene Bismark, Resene Kabul, Resene Half Mako, Resene Nero, Resene Dusted Grey and Resene Dune.

In this room, we picked the blue shade from the rug – which matched to Resene Bismark – and used it as our key colour on the floors and again for the mini mural and shelves. The wall is painted our lightest hue, Resene Quarter Truffle, which contrasts well with Resene Bismark and keeps the space feeling light and bright. The coffee table and console table are in the darkest colour from the rug, Resene Dune, which also matches the lamp base. For even more contrast, we added a large vase, tea light holder and horse decoration in Resene Nero, and a few small vases in Resene Pizza, Resene Kabul and Resene Dusted Grey.

Simply add a comfy chair, a small surface to place your tea and pull up your favourite throw and you’ll have the perfect place to bury yourself in a book.

If you like the look of Resene Bismark blue as much as we do but aren’t a fan of yellow, try it instead with deeper Resene Blue Bark, a sulphurous citrus like Resene Spring Fever or a creamy white with a hint of green such as Resene Coconut Cream.

Accessories: Rex Armchair in Steel, Haram Floor Rug, Lanterman Mid-Tone Accent Table, Benison Table Lamp in Concrete, Aydin Cushion in Indigo from Freedom Furniture; Throw and all other cushion covers from H&M Home; Seagrass basket and horse statuette from Kmart.

Styling by Laura Lynn Johnston. Photography by Bryce Carleton. 2020

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