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A mini mural doesn’t have to be relegated to your walls. It can be on a door, floor, ceiling, dresser or other piece of furniture – and it can even break the boundaries of a single area to spill onto another.

This otherwise neutral entryway has been injected full of personality thanks to a graphic hand–painted mural on the back of the door in Resene Double Foundry, Resene Santa Fe, Resene Dust Storm and Resene Galliano. And, just by swapping out the background in Resene Double Foundry for Resene Double Alabaster, you can create a totally different look.

Another idea is to paint each side of the door in two different colourways using the same palette and pattern.

Project photo Mood board
Mood board Paint an door mural
Mood board: Background in Resene Quarter Ironsand with A4 drawdown paint swatches (from top to bottom) in Resene Double Foundry, Resene Quarter Bianca, Resene Dust Storm, Resene Galliano and Resene Santa Fe, vases in Resene Galliano (top) and Resene Dust Storm (bottom), pegs in Resene Santa Fe, Resene Double Foundry and Resene Galliano and hangers in Resene Dust Storm and Resene Double Foundary.
Door mural with light background
Door mural with dark background

Make this simple organiser to hold all the accessories you need for your comings and goings by painting a 120cm length of wooden dowel in Resene Double Foundry. Use thick cotton string to create a hanger by wrapping and tying it around the end. Then, tie one end of several lengths of string and evenly space them along the length of the dowel. Paint a handful of clothes pegs to match your colour scheme and use them to clip light-weight items like hats, gloves and scarves. Heavier items like jackets or umbrellas can be hung on hangers – painted to match, of course – or directly from the dowel. The best part? You’ll likely only need to put one hole in the wall to keep everything up and off the floor.

Paint: Wall in Resene Quarter Bianca, Floor in Resene Quarter Ironsand, Bench in Resene Double Foundry, Hall Table in Resene Double Foundry, Chair in Resene Santa Fe, Vases in Resene Santa Fe and Resene Dust Storm, Accessory Organiser (pole) in Resene Double Foundry, Dark door in Resene Double Foundry with designs in Resene Galliano, Resene Santa Fe and Resene Dust Storm and edges in Resene Galliano, Light door in Resene Double Alabaster with designs in Resene Galliano, Resene Santa Fe, Resene Dust Storm and Resene Double Foundry and edges in Resene Galliano, Pegs in Resene Galliano, Resene Santa Fe, Resene Dust Storm and Resene Double Foundry Dish in Resene Santa Fe, Hangers in Resene Dust Storm, Resene Galliano and Resene Double Foundary.

Accessories: Pompom baskets, yellow purses, straw hat with white band, yellow flat sandals and pink high heel sandals from H&M; Ball caps (pink and yellow), hangers and wooden pegs from Kmart; Black patent leather loafers from Zara; White linen shirt from The Commoners; Wooden dowel from Mitre 10; Cotton macrame string from The Warehouse; All other props are stylist’s own.


Styling by Laura Lynn Johnston. Photography by Bryce Carleton. 2020

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