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Sleep well

From habitat plus - bedrooms

Tips for creating a restful room.

If your bedroom isn't set up to soothe, it can be harder to drift off. An ideal bedroom will provide an environment for rest, positivity and relaxation. While it might not be possible to turn yours into a personalised version of a luxe hotel suite, there are a number of ways you can refresh your space to reframe your perspective on comfort – and even small things can have a major impact.

A calming blue bedroom

Introduce layers of colour through privacy screens and side tables. Wall and battens in Resene Quarter Emerge (for a current alternative try Resene Concrete), floor in Resene Quarter Concrete and bedside table in Resene Fast Forward (try Resene Tarawera). Screen painted in Resene Raindance (try Resene Botticelli), Resene Liberty (try Resene Undercurrent) and Resene Mystery (try Resene Half Escape). Artwork by UrbanEpiphanyPrints on Etsy.

We've all heard the advice about good sleep health – go device-free an hour before bedtime, don’t eat rich foods or drink coffee too close to bedtime and manage your stress levels.

But one of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep is to create a sleep-conducive environment.

That can include strategies like minimising external noise and light levels, choosing a good-quality bed and bedlinen and decorating your bedroom to create the right mood.

Increase bright light exposure during the day – from the sun or artificial bright light.

A relaxing bedroom painted in dark colours

While bright colours can energise, dark colours such as grey or blue can help us unwind.

Wall in Resene Quarter Bokara Grey (try Resene Ironsand), floor in Resene Eighth Bokara Grey (try Resene Quarter Ironsand), cane headboard and side table in Resene Virtuoso (try Resene Mulberry).

Reduce blue light exposure during the evening – which electronic devices like smartphones and computers emit in large amounts. There are apps that block blue light on devices. Avoid screen time in the couple of hours before bed.

Maintaining good sleep hygiene and sleeping routines will create better quality and more restful sleep. Experts advise avoiding caffeine too late in the day and also to be aware of your evening alcohol consumption. Eating or drinking large glasses of water or any other liquid late in the evening can also disrupt your slumber. Napping sleepwell during the day can interfere with your evening sleep patterns, it's best to try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day if possible.

The bedroom environment and its set-up are key factors in getting a good night’s sleep. These include temperature, humidity, noise, external lights and furniture arrangement. Make sure your bedroom is quiet, relaxing, clean and somewhere you like to be. Keep the bedroom temperature regulated – if a bedroom is too hot it can interrupt sleep. About 20 ℃ is best for most people so try cooling sheets like percale, bamboo or stonewashed linen if you tend to ‘run hot’ and something warmer like flannel if you often get chilled. Rather than focusing too much on thread count, it’s important to go for a set you find comfortable and soft, a preference which can vary from person to person.

Many of us have a pre-sleep routine that helps us relax with strategies that include reading, taking a bath or shower or listening to relaxing music.

Whether it’s from a beautiful incense holder or sleek diffuser, tranquil scents are great to bring into the bedroom for their stress and anxiety-relieving properties. Chamomile, lavender, jasmine, cedar and ylang ylang are particularly soothing scents.

If you have a green thumb or like fresh flower bouquets, arrange fragrant flowers on occasion to dress up your space. Display favourite flowers in vases painted in Resene paint colours that coordinate with your room.

Invest in a good comfortable mattress and pillow and choose the right weight of duvet or blankets for the season.

While it’s recommended to replace your mattress every seven to 10 years, it’s also important to listen to your body ahead of that. Do you have back aches or a general uncomfortable feeling when you’re in bed? Are you waking up not feeling rested? Do you get a better sleep when you travel, and not just because you’re on holiday? These are all tell-tale signs that something is up with the place you sleep.

Do your research, and when you’re ready to buy, choose one from a reputable company. In most cases, you’ll get what you pay for so it should be worth the investment. And, as much of a morning chore as it can be, a done-up bed is much more enticing to crawl into at the end of the day.

Resene Mystery

Resene Raindance

Resene Liberty

Resene Fast Forward

Resene Virtuoso

Resene Eighth Bokara Grey

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