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Inspired exteriors

From habitat plus - decorating and colour trends 2022

For those building new or undertaking a full update of their home exterior, blacks and near blacks such as Resene All Black, Resene Foundry and Resene Element are the paint colours of choice to get a contemporary look on their walls and fences.

A warm green home exterior
Warm green exterior*

The popularity of light greys and deeper whites – especially in double or triple strengths – is also holding strong. While neutral colours are trending warmer overall, the shift is moving faster indoors than it is outdoors and homeowners and designers still have a strong preference for painting their exteriors in greyed off tones such as Resene Double Merino, Resene Triple White Pointer and Resene Double Sea Fog.

Those looking for more colour but not full-on blacks are choosing weathered blue greys and grey blues, such as Resene Dusted Blue and Resene Neutral Bay. These continue to be top choices, as are greyed greens with warmer undertones, such as Resene Siam and Resene Flax, which better coordinate with natural surroundings than bluer greens do.

Top tip:  Exposure to UV light causes timber to lose its colour and grey, so always protect any outdoor timber cladding on your home with an exterior wood stain or paint to help protect your investment and keep your home looking beautiful. Avoid using a clear finish direct onto exterior timber as it won’t provide enough protection against the sun’s harsh rays.

*Choose a warmer green for exterior cladding if you want your home to blend better with its natural surroundings. Weatherboards in Resene Lumbersider tinted to Resene Siam, trims and balustrade in Resene Double Sea Fog and steps in Resene Gravel. Design by SGA (Strachan Group Architects), image by Simon Devitt.

A stained black home exterior

This home, designed by JWA Architects, is stained in Resene Woodsman Pitch Black timber stain with Resene Woodsman Natural timber stain used for contrast on the vertical solar shades and the soffits beneath the awning. Image by Simon Devitt.

Top tip:  If you are using a dark exterior colour, remember to ask for Resene CoolColour paint or stain. It reflects more of the sun’s UV, keeping the stain and substrate cooler and minimising heat stress and potential damage.

Outdoor entertaining spaces

With most of us spending more time at home, many are choosing to invest in the quality and design of their outdoor entertaining spaces – and with good reason. With comfy furnishings, protection from the sun and wind and perhaps a fireplace or heater, it’s easy to get year-round enjoyment out of patio and deck spaces. And painting or staining your furniture and décor in your favourite Resene colours will help it look even more welcoming.

One thing that makes a good outdoor entertaining space into a great one is flexibility. Items like bean bag chairs, movable lanterns or festoon lighting, attaching castors to the bottoms of side tables or investing in a serving cart can make reconfiguring your layout quick and easy. A built-in bench that doubles as both a seat and storage can stow away extra throws or cushions to help keep your space tidy in between get togethers.

A grey and brown outdoor space

A blue and neutral outdoor space

Brown/grey space: Back wall and floor in Resene Triple White Pointer, right wall in Resene Half Friar Greystone with Resene FX Paint Effects Medium coloured with Resene Quarter Friar Greystone, screens in Resene Woodsman Whitewash (back) and Resene FX Faux Rust Effect (left), large plant pot in Resene All Black, tray in Resene Blanc, tealight holder in Resene Biscotti, medium and small plant pots in Resene FX Faux Rust Effect and blocks in Resene Triple White Pointer, Resene Friar Greystone, Resene Ironsand, Resene Gravel, Resene Tapa and Resene All Black. Sofa from Early Settler, botanical cushions and bean bag chair from Bed Bath & Beyond, other cushions from Adairs, Città and Shut the Front Door.  Blue/neutral space: DIY built-in seating can help save space in a small patio, especially if your design incorporates underseat storage for throws, cushions and other items you may need to stow away. Wall and breeze block bench in Resene Triple Merino, deck in Resene Woodsman Tiri, screen in Resene Kashmir Blue, trolley and tray in Resene Indian Ink, ottoman in Resene Settlement, planter boxes in Resene Smokescreen with painted design in Resene Indian Ink, tall ombre plant pot in Resene Gull Grey and Resene Balderdash, medium plant pot in Resene Alabaster and small plant pot in Resene Kashmir Blue. Cushions and slippers from Collect Living.

Outdoor space painted in pastel colours

An outdoor space with a weathered concrete paint effect

A grey outdoor space with purple accessories

Pastel colours: Wall in Resene Peppermint, floor in Resene First Light, plant pots in (from top) Resene Hint Of Grey, Resene First Light and Resene Soothe. Stool from Everyday Needs.  Weathered concrete: Wall, floor and planter box in Resene Half Tapa with weathered concrete effect in Resene FX Paint Effects Medium coloured with Resene Half Atmosphere and table in Resene Half Blanc. Umbrella and mirror from Briscoes, cushions from Freedom, lantern from H&M Home.  Grey and purple: Wall in Resene Quarter Friar Greystone, floor in Resene Triple Friar Greystone, trellis in Resene Friar Greystone, crates stained in Resene Iroko and Resene Equilibrium, table, chairs and bench in Resene Gunsmoke (bases) and Resene Delta (top/seats), pots in Resene Abbey Road, Resene Mamba, Resene Juniper, Resene Conch and Resene Opal and birds in Resene Abbey Road and Resene Opal.


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