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From Habitat plus - wallpaper

Don’t limit your wallpaper to your walls or using just one design all over.

Wallpaper can be used in a variety of unexpected and fun ways, big and small. Cover books and old tins to use as pen pots or decorate the front of a chest of drawers or the back of a set of shelves.

Wallpaper peg board Above, Resene Wallpaper Collection SMIL69727212 has been used to create an interesting pegboard that coordinates perfectly with the room. Resene Wallpaper Collection SMIL69726809 has been used on the wall behind it – a different colourway of the same pattern. 


Wallpaper mural Wallpaper doesn't have to just hang in strictly vertical lines. In the image below, Resene Wallpaper Collection SMIL69866616 (left), SMIL69862202 (middle) and SMIL69867910 (right) have been trimmed at creative angles to create a cheerful mural that looks like a ray of sunshine streaming into this lounge.

Off the wall

Paint is always a good way to smarten up furniture, but adding wallpaper brings a whole new dimension.

Use wallpaper to cover the back of some shelves or the front of a chest of drawers. Or how about using a single print in a variety of colourways on the front face of a staircase?

Wallpaper on staircaseThe steps above repeat three different designs (from top): Resene Wallpaper Collection SMIL69769505, Resene Wallpaper Collection SMIL69766317 and Resene Wallpaper Collection SMIL69762312. The wall at the left has also been papered with coordinating Resene Wallpaper Collection SMIL69766317.


Wallpaper on door panels The panels on the front of this door below are covered in Resene Wallpaper Collection SMIL69796604, while the walls in the room are in Resene Wallpaper Collection SMIL69862202.

Everything in its place

Create a locker-style setup in your front entryway divvied-up using contrasting stripes of the same wallpaper pattern in different colourways for each family member, so that everything will (hopefully) be in its place. To the left, four variations of the same cute cactus pattern (from left to right) Resene Wallpaper Collection SMIL69753709, SMIL69757001, SMIL69752222 and SMIL69756414 help keep this hallway tidy and are a joyful greeting to come home to after a long day.

Wallpaper in entryway locker
A locker-style setup using different colourways

Storage backdrop - Resene Wallpaper SMIL69776515
Resene Wallpaper SMIL69776515

Small things

Transforming small everyday objects with a bit of wallpaper is super-easy. Pen pots were made by upcycling old tins and covering them in Resene Wallpaper Collection GP5973. Floating shelves are a clever way to add flair to your walls without taking up too much real estate. The floating shelves add a little tropical flair paired with Resene Wallpaper Collection AT7071 and tropical paint colours Resene Sakura and Resene Dingley.

Did you know?  There are a series of quick videos with ideas on how to get creative with wallpaper on

Wallpapered storage containers
Pen pots

Using wallpaper for DIY shelves
Floating shelves

Wallpaper on shelves
Materials for floating shelves

Butterflies and blooms

Head back to craft class and fashion these fluttery butterflies out of wallpaper design Resene Wallpaper Collection 606874, then let them fly up the wall (painted in Resene Urbane). Or make some romantic floral blooms out of your favourite patterns from the Resene Wallpaper Collection. Learn how to make your own at

Instant art

Many wallpapers are so detailed that they are pieces of art in and of themselves. Wrap a piece of wallpaper around a readymade canvas or pop it into a suitable frame. There are wallpapers inspired by the floral still life paintings of the Dutch Masters such as Bosschaert, van Aelst and Breughel. Use a frame that opens up to easily change your wallpaper art as your tastes change.

Wallpaper butterflies
Fluttery butterflies

Wallpaper flowers
Floral blooms

Wallpaper artwork
Instant art

Tips and tricks

  • Read the instructions on the rear of the wallpaper label before starting.
  • Whenever the surface you are about to wallpaper is discoloured, sunburnt or has water soluble stains, apply a full coat of Resene Sureseal pigmented sealer to the entire surface. Once dry, sand the surface with 80 grit sandpaper to give a good key/grip for your size and paste to stick to. Dust the entire surface before continuing.
  • Most modern wallpapers are strippable but when stripping an older wallpaper, use a wallpaper stripper such as Metylan Wallpaper Remover. Don’t use liquid detergent.
  • Never assume that windows and doors are straight or true or that the height is the same all the way around the room. Always measure and use your plumbline (plumb bob) to ensure your wallpaper is hung true and straight.

Tips and tricks - Resene Wallpaper 607727
Resene Wallpaper 607727


updated May 2021
Habitat plus - wallpaper


Please place your wallpaper orders allowing plenty of time as there may be delays and some items may be unavailable. Samples are available in selected designs. Ask our Resene ColorShop team for assistance. Please view your favourites in store.

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