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Habitat plus - reaching skyward

Creating tension, in a good way, the forceful forms of this architect-designed home play off against each other.

The soaring lighthouse-like shape and tall strip of window on the central block offset the more anchored, sturdy shapes of the lower plaster blocks on either side. There’s no denying the central double front door, with its projecting porch roof reaching out to welcome you in.

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Four colour panel
good use sober beige tones entranceway
1.The sober beige tones of Resene Pravda, used on the plaster walls, softly anchor this majestic home to the ground. In sweet and subtle contrast, Resene White Pointer is a diffused neutral with a hint of black on the central weatherboards. The front door is in rich timber tones and you could either use Resene Kwila Timber Stain or Resene Woodsman stain to create this look.
Sophisticated retro twist entranceway
2. Given a sophisticated retro twist, this scheme combines the sharp marine teal of the front door, in Resene Tangaroa, with the muted tones of Resene Bronco for the plaster walls. The warm beige of Resene Double Blanc makes the central part of the home almost disappear. Boosting that effect, the pale champagne-tinted tones of Resene Half Orchid White are almost translucent, sending the upper part of this home soaring skyward. The slatted screens are demur and warm in Resene Bark from the Resene Woodsman exterior stains range.
Bold steely greys and blues entranceway.
3.Boldly embraced in steely grey, the house is given even more drama with the challenging violet-toned charcoal of the Resene Warlord front door, surrounded by the fortress-like Resene Grey Chateau on the plaster walls. The weatherboards take a more acquiescent stance in Resene Half Surrender, while Resene Alabaster soothes the eaves and fascia. The slatted screens are stained in the blue-edged Resene Silvered Grey stain.
A bold red front door entranceway.
4.There’s no mistaking this front door, in the cheeky firecracker red of Resene Whizz Bang. In contrast, the sedate Resene Quarter Tapa is used on both the plaster and the weatherboards. The slightly deeper Resene Tapa appears on the garage door, while deep black-brown Resene Crowshead stain is used for the slatted screens. The starchy white Resene Rice Cake graces the eaves and fascia.

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Updated 2/17

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