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Turning the tables

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Give a dull brown table a fresh light look using a modern chalk paint effect.

A refurbished table with a modern chalk paint effect
Refurbished table with moder chalk paint effect

You will need

Step-by-step instructions

  1. The surface of the table is varied with areas where the top sealer has worn away.

Table before paint effect

Table after chalk paint effect

  1. Lay a drop cloth. Dilute the Resene Timber and Deck Wash in water as per the instructions and use a heavy duty scouring pad to scrub the entire paintable surface. Use undilulted Wash and extra scrubbing to minimise darker stains.

  2. Thoroughly clean the paintable surface using water and cloths. Allow to dry.

Steps to refurbish table 1

Steps to refurbish table 2

Steps to refurbish table 3

  1. Tabletop: Pour about 100ml of Resene SpaceCote Flat waterborne enamel in a shade of your choice into a clean jar. I used Resene Milk White. Add 30ml water and mix well. Using even and spaced strokes, roughly brush the paint over an area of about 1 square metre. (You can also use the paint as is, without thinning, depending on the look you are after.)

  2. Use a damp cloth to rub back the paint a little, revealing more of the surface texture. Paint on more paint, or rub it back to achieve the effect you want.

Steps to refurbish table 4

Steps to refurbish table 5

Steps to refurbish table 6

  1. Dilute the Resene SpaceCote Flat paint by the same approximate ratio of 3:1.

  2. Paint the underneath and legs of the table using quick rough brush strokes and rub it back using a cloth, especially along the edges to mimic a worn look.

Steps to refurbish table 7

Steps to refurbish table 8

Steps to refurbish table 9

  1. Allow to fully dry. Topcoat with Resene Qristal Clear Flat Polyurethane for a waxed look. If required, apply a second coat once the first coat is fully dried.

Words and styling Sarah Heeringa.

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