'See' the finish before you start!

Resene EzyPaint virtual painting software is cooler than ever, combining six years of customer feedback and the latest technology to bring you the cutting edge in virtual painting technology… for free.

Resene was the first to bring New Zealand virtual painting from the comfort of home or office in 2000. Now Resene have launched a whole new revolution in virtual painting with the release of an exciting new suite of Resene EzyPaint virtual painting software including versions for PCs and Macs and Ezy3D, an innovative 3D visualisation tool.

Resene EzyPaint allows you to see the finish before you even start redecorating. No more worrying whether those two colours go together - you can now try them out for yourself. If they don’t look right together, just keep trying other combinations until you create a scheme that is right for you. Resene EzyPaint is easier to use than ever, so don’t let the technology scare you off.

Use Resene EzyPaint to create a quick colour scheme using the extended gallery of over 200 interior and exterior images in just a few minutes, or really impress everyone by virtually painting your own home or project in an hour or so. If you aren’t confident with colour schemes, choose from over 600 colour scheme ideas included in the software. Print, save and email your selected colour scheme and then start on a new colour scheme using a different picture if you wish.

Virtually painting your own project or home is easy – simply load your image, path and paint it. Using this feature you can electronically paint anything from houses, plans and drawings to furniture, people and cars. The only limit to your virtual painting experience is your imagination.

While many redecorating projects are all about the paint finish, it is important to co-ordinate the entire colour scheme both inside and out. To make this even easier, Resene EzyPaint includes textures, colours and patterns from leading manufacturers Cavalier Bremworth, Dimond, Firth, Interion, Rockcote, Tile Warehouse, Ven-lu-ree, Vision Wallcoverings and Winstone Wallboards.

Choose from over 3000 colours, including the latest The Range fashion collection. Use the new complementary colours tool to find three colour suggestions for each Resene colour you select, or if you already have a colour in mind, simply select it from the computer’s full palette and let Resene EzyPaint find you the closest Resene colours. Develop palettes of your favourite colours, patterns and textures and save them for future redecorating projects.

Resene EzyPaint New Generation also includes new Resene Ezy3D functionality which provides three dimensional views of rooms with the ability to lay tiles and carpet, apply wallpaper to walls, apply your favourite laminates, change the exterior finishes to plaster finishes and brick, change the roofing material style, select different room height and coving options and recolour surfaces in Resene colours.  Drawing on the collective strength of the EzyPaint partners you can enjoy the best of each company worked into a 3D design.

Resene EzyPaint includes an extensive Information centre, with information on colour, colour trends and products, tips and tricks on how to use all the new EzyPaint features, and links to websites to help you access more decorating information.

And to make life even easier, there’s even a project database section to help you manage your colour schemes by project.

No matter what you are planning to decorate, Resene EzyPaint is the idea way to see the finish before you start.

Keen to get started?  Try out the online version for a quick taste of the technology and then download Resene EzyPaint free.




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