b'2alfresco charm 1 did you know. that if you dont like the more industrial look of block walls or want to replicate the stucco look, you can Withitsclean-cutlinesandminimaliston the window sills and roof enhances thisadd subtle texture with Resene Sandtex decoration, the roughcast finish on an originalclassic and timeless colour scheme. Mediterranean effect? Its also ideal to Art Deco style dwelling is the perfect canvas for3smokyandserious,thisschemehelp hide less-than-perfect surfaces and showcasing colour. Along with its handsomeGoingcomes in two gradesStandard and outdoor fireplace and its sunburst motif, it canuses the strong bold blue-grey shade ofSuperfinewhich are both available in be transformed simply, quickly and relativelyResene Mako for the main body of this home.a wide range of colours from the Resene inexpensivelyjust as often as the desire forSoftenedbytheamiablezincgreyReseneTotal Colour System.Resenechange comes over you! RegentGreyforthefireplace,itcreatesaSea Fogscheme thats very on-trend with the current 1popularityofblue-greytonesbothinside Luminous and cheering in the late summerand out the house. At either extreme of the4sunlight, this home has been painted with Resene Half Thorndon Cream, a rich, fullstrength spectrum, Resene Mystic, which is a3shade that catches and reflects light from dawnpale esoteric grey, is used on the windows and until dusk. The windows, sills and door are indoor with the deep charcoal Resene Foundry Resene Alabaster, a perfect, silky white, andon the capping board of the roof. the outdoor fireplace blends neatly into the4 thisareaaburntdesert-inspiredReseneoverall scheme with its Deco-inspired sun burstGiving motif and rounded shoulders. Its also paintedtwistofspicyterracottas,Resene Kalgoorie Sands is a light sienna brown usedResene HalfMysticwith Resene Half Thorndon Cream. for this home. Reminiscent of MediterraneanFriar Grey2 or Mexican environs but also inspired by theReseneIf you like the idea of decor thats cool and slightly mysterious, youll love Resene Seared-gold colours of Australia, its joined by theMakoFog, which adorns these walls, hugging thewarm caramel tones of Resene Toffee for the clear-cut shape of this home and highlightingfireplace. Resene Blank Canvas is a chalkyResene 1 2 3 4its best features. Resene Half Friar Grey, acalm cream for the windows and door. All youToffeesolid and versatile colour, is perfect for the trimsneed now are generous servings of tapas andResene Halfand fireplace while Resene Quarter Ironsandtequilas for a fun night alfresco.Thorndon CreamNice and neutral Touch of colour Colour lovers38| |39'