b'ReseneGauntletveranda romance 2 Resene3 Steel Grey1 4In a rural setting, nothing beats the languorused on the fascia board, windows and french and romance of an old colonial villa surroundeddoors,whileReseneTripleWhitePointer by deep verandas. After a hard days work, toisamid-tonedbrewofgreybeigeforthe be able to sit with a beer or a cuppa and lookweatherboards. Earthy grey Resene Gauntlet out over the land; to find shade from the sun oris used on the roof. shelter from the raintheres nothing as handy3 isasmokierscheme,tingedwith as a veranda. Other classic features on this oldThis villa are the steeply gabled roof and the dormerthe faint golden greens of drought-stricken windows. Together with the veranda, in paintgrass. Centring around posts and weatherboards scheme terms, they mean one thingthat thepainted in Resene Ash, a complex soft green, roof colour will dominate any scheme. it then has windows and french doors in the dusty near-white of Resene Quarter Joanna. 1 robust and honest tones of a ReseneThe fascia board and veranda boards are in the The MidGreyroofarethedominantfeaturelightlysmokedunderstatedgreyofResene ofthisscheme.ThecoloursitsbetweentheCastle Rock. Capping it all off on the roof is the rawness of the land and the elegance of thedeep clean grey of Resene Steel Grey.homesshapes.Joiningit,weatherboards4 stark and serious depths of Resene inReseneMidwinterMistformarestfulThe partnership, while trims in Resene Half PearlCoastmakesasolidstatementonthe Lustaareaclassicfinishingtouch.Reseneroof of this scheme, while the pale warm hemp tones of Resene Quarter Sisal are used on theReseneDriftwood stain warms the veranda boards.posts and fascias. In tune with the rural setting,topping it offQuarter Sisal2 lookisdecidedlyoftheearth,inathelimestonebeigeofReseneCoralblowsResene The Resene Summit Roof paint range is a collection of hugely appealing This soothing tonal scheme of complex denseacross the weatherboardsits a strong, dustyclassic colours from traditional warm reds through to cool greys. Manybrowns.Startingatthebottomthistime,shade. Warming the entire arrangement withResene Mid Grey 1 2 3 4 of the colours also come in the Resene CoolColour formulation to reflecttheweatheredwarmgreyofReseneTiriits golden brown, spicy look is Resene NutmegCoasttransformsthedeck.ReseneHalfSeaFogfromtheReseneWoodsmanexteriorstainsthe heat of our strong sun. See the Resene Roof Systems colour chart. withitsmistytingeofblack-edgedwhiteisrange used on the veranda boards.Nice and neutral Touch of colour Colour lovers36| |37'