b'welcomeWhen your canvas is literally as big as a house, you want to ensure you get the paint colours right. It can be a daunting task deciding on a scheme for the exterior, Resene especially given the cost of materials and labour. There are also a surprising number Some products or services may not be offered in your areaAnakiwaor country. Please check with your local Resene ColorShop orof exterior features to consider when compiling a colour schemewalls, windows, reseller for availability. Most Resene products can be orderedthe roof, the front door, verandas etc. in on request though lead times and minimum order quantitiesWhich is why weve devised this helpful booklet to let you see how different may apply.Colours are as close as the printing process allows. Always try astyles of exteriorsfrom ultra modern to classic heritagelook in various colour Resene testpot or view a physical colour sample before makingschemes. Weve taken an existing house, then virtually painted it with alternative your final choice.schemes to show you the difference that paint colours can make. Theres a good Thecontentsofhabitatplusarecopyrightandmaynotmix of contemporary and traditional schemes as well as some more challenging be reproduced in any form without the written permissioncombinations. ofResene.Opinionsexpressedinhabitatplusarenot necessarily those of Resene or the publisher Tangible Media.We also step out into the garden to show you how different courtyards and No responsibility is accepted for the authors suggestions orlandscapingfeatureslookindifferentcolourschemes,usingbothpaintand conclusions, or for any errors or omissions. Copyright 2016exterior stains from the Resene Woodsman range. Resene Paints Ltd. ISSN: 1176-8010Resene So before you give up in frustration and just paint everything off-white, turn the Contributing photographers: Tony Brownjohn, Tim Cuff,True Blue page and find the right scheme for your home. Happy decorating!Rossi Gannon, Mark Heaslip, Kallan McLeod, Lucent*Media,ReseneJuliet Nicholas, Becky Nunes, Toaki Okano, Frances Oliver, ChrisDaredevil The Resene and habitat teamsParker, Dallas Pickering, Sally Tagg. Cover by Mark Heaslip.Resene ReseneFeijoa Hemisphere|1'