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12 the Resene magazine with just 1 testpot create... colours retro for todays looks autumnwinter 2016 issue 24 PACKED WITH CREATIVE PAINT IDEAS for a replace looks3 lets celebrate Resene turns the Resene magazine rrp7.95 360colour at your ngertips Transform your home with the new Resene Multi-nish collection a rainbow of favourite Resene paint colours and new colour strengths with complementary colour ideas. Coming soon to your local Resene store. Resene has everything you need for your decorating projects including helpful and friendly advice. So come in and see your local Resene ColorShop or reseller and enjoy the Resene difference. See life unfoldIts beautiful outside so bring the best of it in. Our windows and doors are made to open your home up to the beauty that surrounds it. Whether its green grass or grass stains youll see life as it happens. Bring your home to life with Fairview. j oi n us onli ne Resene Hammerhead www.facebook.comhabitatbyresene www.pinterest.comhabitatbyresene www.instagram.comhabitatbyresene Resene Mischka ed i tori al w elcom eIts always interesting doing a retrospective feature like we have this issue to celebrate Resenes 70th birthday pages 7-13. Our memories are so individual. For me the 1980s was all about pink and grey interiors whereas others remember cobalt blue and jade green kitchens. The 1990s to me was about architectural minimalism to others it was about Mediterranean-inspired houses. It depends of course on your age where you were living your parents style inclinations and many other factors. The added challenge for our stylists was to take the paint colours that were popular in recent decades but to give them a look that would happily sit in our homes today. Youd think it was easy given that the retro look is currently popular but that normally only refers to the 1950s to 1970s. The stylist who was briefed to do a room for the 2000s in Resene Tea reinvented for today looked horried and slightly scared. But check out the result on page 12 its stunning Thinking outside the square leads to some spectacular results. Like the extremely architectural house on page 44. Its streamlined and beautiful and in many other ownerships would have a very restrained colour scheme of white and more white. Not so here. There is white but there are also about 12 other colours ranging from red and orange to soft greens and blues. Whatever your reaction to certain colours theres one thing we all have in common. Colour is part of our lives in so many ways and one of the easiest ways to celebrate colour is to paint our walls. Sharon Newey editor Sometimes we rush from one thing to another never quite nishing what we started. Yet we all know deep down that good things take time. One small step repeated many times lets you make a lot of progress without even realising. This is also a great way to make a large decorating project seem more manageable. Painting a whole house is daunting for most so consider breaking up the project into smaller projects doing one room or one area at a time. That way you can start and nish one piece before moving to the next and your home will still be lovely to live in as you transform it into your dream home. When youre decorating it also helps to have a little imagination and a touch of bravery to step outside your comfort zone and embrace a new colour a new wallpaper or a new accessory. It also helps to have these same things when you start a paint company. Seventy years ago all Ted Nightingale had was a paint problem a garage a good dose of perseverance and his imagination. With patience and a lot of trial and error Resene was born. Now 70 years on and many small and concerted steps later Resenes colour range has grown from a choice of one to anything you want. That one original product has now become a wide range of products ideal for a huge array of painting projects and the sales from that one garage are now international. We couldnt have done any of this without people like you putting their trust in Resene. Thank you for supporting us over these years you have fuelled our passion for all things paint and colour. Without you there would be no Resene. We look forward to sharing many more colourful projects products and years with you. th e Resene team Sharon Newey editor Resene Mamba 3 feature house 44 Editor Sharon Newey email Advertising Manager Trudy Dickinson Phone 0222 388 892 email Design Alice Huang Samantha Smith Lisa Lodge Distribution Manager Esther Berg Publisher John Baker Published by Tangible Media PO Box 77027 Mt Albert Auckland 1350 New Zealand Phone 649 360 5700 web All issues of habitat are available in digital format from for a small fee per issue. Ask us anytime online Need help with a painting project or perhaps youve got a burning paint or colour question and are unsure who to ask Ask our Resene experts and they can help you with free advice and information direct to your inbox. Try out the Resene Ask a Technical Expert service www.resene.comtechnicalexpert. Try out the Resene Ask a Colour Expert service www.resene.comcolourexpert. For gorgeous home projects every week go to For all you need to know about paint and decorating go to cred i ts Published for In Australia Resene Paints Aust Ltd PO Box 924 Beenleigh Qld 4207 Web Email Phone 1800 738 383 Some products or services may not be offered in your area or country. Please check with your local Resene ColorShop or reseller for availability. Most Resene products can be ordered in on request though lead times and minimum order quantities may apply. To update your mailing address email with Update Habitat magazine details in the subject line. Please include your Resene ColorShop or Resene DIY Cardholder number. Or call 0800 RESENE 737 363 NZ or 1800 738 383 AUST. Colours are as close as the printing process allows. Always try a Resene testpot or view a physical colour sample before making your nal choice. Printed on environmentally responsible paper sourced from sustainable managed PEFC certied bre and compliant with the requirements of environmental management system standard ISO14001 using environmentally neutral offset web inks. habitat is a bi-annual publication. The contents of habitat are copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of Resene. Opinions expressed in habitat are not necessarily those of Resene or the publisher. No responsibility is accepted for the authors suggestions or conclusions or for any errors or omissions. Copyright 2016 Resene Paints Ltd. ISSN 1176-8010 In New Zealand Resene Paints Ltd PO Box 38242 Wellington Mail Centre Lower Hutt 5045 Web Email Phone 0800 RESENE 737 363 www.facebook.comresene www.facebook.comhabitatbyresene www.pinterest.comresene www.pinterest.comhabitatbyresene Resene Melting Moment Find us on PC iPadMac Android features 22 anything goes A colour-loving homeowner doesnt hold back 32 take one testpot Have fun with these little tubs of Resene colour 38 one replace three ways On-trend looks for a replace wall and a replace update 42 the hills are alive A dramatic freehand mural is easier than it looks 44 it takes two Architecture and colour go hand in hand in this stunning home 55 how to draw a oor plan Its a handy skill to know 62 hot... or cool Three kitchens take a different colour tack 66 seeing double Or choosing red. Three great bathrooms 72 perfectly formed A small garden makes a big impact contents 504 f eature h ouse every issue 7 testpots We celebrate Resenes 70th birthday 14 off the shelf New products and services for your home 35 win with habitat 36 colourful people Meet a model maker and a street artist 56 bright ideas One womans clever paint projects 60 babies and beyond Cool ideas for kids of all ages 70 make a compost bin Turn your scraps into plant food 80 my favourite colours Designer Sylvia Sandford loves them all styling Megan Harrison-Turner picture Melanie Jenkins 32 22 Cover look The hills are alive with the freedom of paint with this divine hand-painted mural. Inspired by the Milford Sounds it uses a range of dusky purples and blues see below for colours and see page 42 for more on this easier-than-it-looks treatment. 30 78 12the Resene magazine rrp7.95 with just 1 testpot create... colours retro for todays looks autumnwinter 2016 issue 24 PACKED WITH CREATIVE PAINT IDEAS for a replace looks3 lets celebrate Resene turns Resene Spindle Resene Mischka Resene Freestyling Resene Santas Grey Resene Mamba Resene Hammerhead Resene Casper Resene Ivanhoe 5 72 history testp ots The 1950s was a time of optimism after the grim war years. There were new materials like Formica vinyl chrome labour- saving devices and lots of hopeful fresh colour. Pastels were in pretty pinks minty greens pale blue lemon and mauve. Use these colours today for this dreamy dining setting with a vintage vibe. The wall is Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen in Resene Nebula the table is Resene Geneva while the mismatched chairs are Resene Princess pink Resene Moonbeam yellow and Resene Melting Moment. Theres a sideboard in Resene Bianca and Resene Pink Terrace with vases in Resene Pink Lace Resene Alluring mauve and Resene Sea Nymph. The oor is nished in Resene Colorwood Whitewash and the skirting is Resene Pink Terrace. Resene Geneva Resene Sea Nymph Resene Princess Resene Bianca Resene Pink Lace Resene Alluring Resene Pink Terrace Resene Moonbeam Resene Melting Moment lesson As Resene turns 70 we look at the colours that weve loved to use in our homes since the 1950s and reinvent them for today. pretty in pastel p ai nted j ars m ak e ch eap and easy v ases Resene Colorwood Whitewash Resene Nebula 7 The 1960s was groovy baby an exciting turbulent era full of social change new music and the mini skirt. The colours of the 60s were sharp orange intense teal banana yellow cyan blue and red. Bold psychedelic colours. Use those intense shades today in transitional areas like halls where you see them eetingly. Add a simple curvy vase and a tropical touch with a monstera leaf. The wall here is Resene Hullabaloo the hall table and shelf are Resene Trinidad the boxes are Resene Gorse and the box lids frame and vase are Resene Candy Floss. Resene Candy Floss Resene Gorse Resene Trinidad Resene Hullabaloo Resene Quarter Cararra Props 1950s Concrete Pendants in Blush and Mint 120 from Junk Disorderly. Sorrento Rice Cutlery Set in Mint 99.90 Rice Ceramic Embossed Jug 69 Rice Ceramic Large White Jug 95 from Allium Interiors. Impressions Bowls 39.95 for set of four Sorrento Cuddle Mug 4.95 Sorrento Side Plates 8.95 each Sorrento Serving Bowls 9.95 each Willow Canister in Blush 29.95 and in Lemon 19.95 from Freedom Furniture. 1970s Nelly two-seater sofa 2299 from Danske Mobler. Odin Copper Mirrors 125 large and 85 smaller pair Orla Kiely High Ball Glasses 24.90 each Orla Kiely Big Spot Shadow Flower Cushions 135 Orla Kiely Cushion 89 from Allium Interiors. Floral Cushion 129 from Republic Home. Rajasthani Wooden Pot in hanging shelf 95 and Philodendron Cordatum Plant 15.90 Broste Anet vase 135 and String of Pearls plant from Indie Home Collective. For stockist details see page 12. Inspiring Tiles Expert Advice Jacaranda timber effect porcelain tile One of hundreds of designer tiles Albany Botany Ellerslie Henderson Parnell Wairau Valley Whangaparaoa Hamilton Tauranga Wellington Dealers NZ wide testp ots Resene Barometer Resene Lignite Resene Unwind Resene Seaweed Resene Paddock Resene Intrepid Resene Quarter Cararra The 1970s was an era of hippy culture mellow homespun looks shagpile carpets and the lava lamp. Colours became earthier than the pretty pastels and saturated brights of the two previous decades. There were bronzed greens warm tan burnt orange and chocolate brown. Today we can use those colours in this hippy-inspired living room with a dramatic stencilled oor in Resene Lignite brown and Resene Quarter Cararra. The wall is Resene Paddock the coffee table is Resene Unwind and the basket and hanging shelf are Resene Barometer. The vases are in Resene Intrepid mustard and Resene Seaweed. peace love and colour m ak e a uni q ue floor with paint and a stenci land a stenci l 9 ZENTA 0508 367 366 for those that want style functionality... GERMAN PRECISION The 1980s was a decade of two halves the hedonistic brash years before the 1987 stock market crash followed by a more sombre mood post-crash. Colours of the 80s interiors were nurturing apricots nude pinks pale greys along with black and white and shots of bold colour. Who would have thought that pink and grey could look so good again This soothing living room uses palest shades for a whimsical elegant look. The walls are Resene Rakaia the trims are Resene Alabaster the oor is blonded with Resene Colorwood Rock Salt the shelving unit is Resene Sweet Spot pink and Resene Seashell. The short grey vase on the top shelf is Resene Tapa and the pale urn on the bottom shelf is Resene Rolling Fog. The side table is in Resene Reservoir. Resene Rolling Fog Resene Reservoir Resene Seashell Resene Alabaster Resene Rakaia Resene Tapa Resene Sweet Spot Resene Colorwood Rock Salt Props 1980s Joe Armchair in Stone 1900 from St Clements. Clovis Glass Vase 79.90 from Indie Home Collective. Blom Mint Fluted Vase 39.90 Small Vase 85.50 set of three and ET Lamp Shade 349 all from Allium Interiors. Pink Velvet Cushion 145 from Madder Rouge. Charade Vessel 19.99 from Freedom Furniture. Jas Pink Vase 17 from Allium Interiors. 1990s Bedouin Societe Queen Duvet 579 Pillowcase Pair black or white 155 from Indie Home Collective. Dcor Essence Floor Rug 1590 from Allium Interiors. Black and White Cushion 129 from Republic Home. Domino Throw in Black 99 Dacey Table Lamp 49.95 and Amina Candle 12.95 from Freedom Furniture. For stockist details see page 12. Resene Black White Resene Quarter Alabaster Resene Cut Glass Resene White Thunder Resene Frozen Resene All Black The 1990s turned its back on excess it was a decade for minimalism and simplicity. Our eco consciousness began to grow and the internet took off. Colours were pared back neutral and soothing no-nonsense blacks clean whites zen greens icy aquas and nautical blues. Today we can use those colours in this ultra-calming bedroom with walls in Resene Black White and a bedside table in Resene All Black and Resene Cut Glass. A slice of bold ice blue Resene Frozen appears in the recessed headboard and shelf while the vases are in Resene Quarter Alabaster Resene White Thunder and Resene Cut Glass. minimalist nirvana m ak e th i s h ead board with a painted strip and two simple shelves testp ots 11 The new millenium came and the worlds computers didnt fail. Technology advanced the green movement grew and we yearned to feel safe after the terror of 911. For Resene this decade was all about tea Resene Tea sold in the bucket-load. This safe cocooning beige was celebrated as an incredibly versatile colour and was joined by cool whites botanic greens silver and moody taupes. Today this living room has a Scandi vibe with animal skin rugs and cushions house plants and a wall in Resene Half Tea. The oor and tree stump are Resene Sea Fog while the pots are Resene Tax Break bottom left corner and Resene Gum Leaf on shelf and stump. styling 1960s by Megan Harrison-Turner 2000s by Amber Armitage all others by Claudia Kozub pictures Melanie Jenkins One of the countrys largest family-owned companies Resene turns 70 this year. Resene is a pioneering company producing eco-friendly paints and fashion colours way ahead of its time. 1 9 4 6 Builder Ted Nightingale needs an alkali-resistant paint to cover his concrete buildings. There is nothing available so in typical Kiwi style he develops his own in a cement mixer in his Wellington garage In response to demand from other builders Ted starts producing his paint commercially under the brand name Stipplecote. 1 9 5 1 Ted launches the rst waterborne paint in Australasia under the brand name Resene a name derived from the main ingredient of paint resin. Waterborne paint has a very slow start. People are nervous of the new technology thinking that a waterborne paint will just wash off. 1 9 5 2 The company is registered under the name Stipplecote Products Ltd. 1 9 6 0 s The companys perseverance and intense marketing of waterborne paints including shop window demonstrations nally starts to pay off as waterborne paints are accepted more widely. The company removes lead from its decorative paints to create a more environmentally friendly product a move that is well ahead of its time. 1 9 7 0 s In 1972 Teds son Tony takes over operation of the company. The company name is changed to Resene Paints Ltd in 1977 and its factory space gets bigger and better. Resene i s 7 0 Resene Half Tea Resene Sea Fog Resene Tax Break Resene Gum Leaf Props 2000s Dahlia Sofa 1999 and A-frame M3 Bookshelf 199 from Freedom Furniture. Tibetan Lamb Cushion 155 Cowhide Cushion 87 Rabbit Throw 690 and Reindeer Hide 250 from Lapco. Fringed Cushion 99 Tan Pouf 220 Decorative Beads 39 Wooden Candles set of 5 139 from Good Thing. Dada Lumbar Cushion Cover white 59 and Gava Planter bronze 64 from Citta Design. Looking Up Print 969 Mavis Jug 75 Budgie Cup 33 Doris Plate 79 Archie Ramekin 22 by Amber Armitage. Stockists Allium Interiors 09 534 4242. Amber Armitage Citta Design Danske Mobler www.danskemobler. Freedom 0800 373 336. Good Thing 09 815 2052. Indie Home Collective 09 524 6971. Junk Disorderly 09 480 9010. Lapco ph 09 302 1350. Madder Rouge 09 522 1062. Republic Home ph 09 361 1137. St Clements 09 336 1304. 12 a company of colour firsts Resene has built a reputation as a colour leader In 1969 Resene set up a new system of colour the British Standard Specication colour range BS2660 range which provided a range of strong colours at a time when decorators were used to pastel colours. The launch of the BS5252 colour range in 1976 as a decorative paint collection was a world rst. Resene pioneered the development of coloured paint bases where previously only white was used. Resene was also the rst company to offer a full range of testpots in New Zealand in 1981. In 1985 the Total Colour Multi-Finish System was launched. Combining an extensive range of colours with interlinked tinting systems for both interior and exterior the exibility and adaptability of this colour system was welcomed with open arms by speciers and retail customers alike. Resene delivered virtual painting technology into thousands of homes with the launch of Resene EzyPaint in 1999. In 1999 the rst of the Resene fashion fandecks The Range 2000 was released showcasing fashion colours for the coming years. Resene also launched the hugely popular The Range Whites Neutrals in 2003. How did ColorShops get their name Were often asked how ColorShops got their name. When the rst ColorShop was opened in Wellington in the 1970s Tony Nightingale son of founder Ted and father of Nick who runs Resene today had to come up with a name for the stores. He decided on ColorShop rather than ColourShop because it looked better more evenly balanced without the u and would be unique. The capital S in the middle also makes it more unique. Resene spells colour correctly for normal colour charts and articles. Tony had a huge impact on Resenes history taking the company from a very small business to a nationwide business and then one that started selling overseas. Tonys spelling of the name ColorShop has been retained in his memory. Resene Gum Leaf Resene Half Tea testp ots colours. The launch of the BS5252 colour range in 1976 Resene pioneered the development of coloured paint early ad v erti sem ents and p ai nt label A radical step is made to the way Resene paint is sold. Instead of Resene being just a manufacturer and supplier it decides to side-step traditional sales outlets and set up its own regional branches selling direct to painters and architects. This is a huge gamble. In 1975 Resene opens the rst of its series of retail stores the Resene ColorShops almost by accident when Tony buys a wallpaper store. The stores were overwhelmingly successful. 1 9 9 0 s Resene joins the Environmental Choice programme. The company introduces waterborne enamels a friendlier alternative to solventborne versions. Tonys son Nick takes over as general manager in the late 1990s then becomes managing director a few years later. Resene also expands in to Australia. 2 0 0 0 s Resene launches the PaintWise recycling and recovery programme to deal with unused and unwanted paint and containers. Much paint is donated to community organisations and used to cover grafti. 13 of f th e sh elf New products and ideas for the home. off the shelf rainbow connection The paint is dry on Resenes newest colour collection Resene Multi-nish. This collection is the heart of the Resene Total Colour System encompassing 896 colours ranging the gamut of the rainbow presented on a series of 64 palettes. The collection brings together the most popular Multi-nish colours together with favourites from many of The Range fashion colour fandecks and a selection of new colour strengths. Its a best-of-the-best Resene colour collection and is designed to work alongside the existing Resene Whites Neutrals collection. Moving from the existing three-chip-wide palettes to the two-chip-wide version all colour chips run ush to the edge of the page which makes it easy to compare colours to each other or to other swatches or samples. On the back of each palette is colour information including recommended complementary colours. Each chip is nished in Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen the exact paint you can use on your walls. While most use printer inks on their colour charts Resene use Resene paint and Resene VOC Free tinters to give a more accurate colour. After all nothing looks more like paint than actual paint Keep an eye out for the new collection at your local Resene ColorShop or reseller. the right white and neutral White neutral or black The choice is yours with the new Resene Whites Neutrals A4 chart collection. Over the years we have seen the neutrals palette move away from the rich heavy creams that were popular a decade ago to cleaner whites and greige as well as green-edged shades. The Resene Whites Neutrals collection is a subset of The Range Whites Neutrals fandeck and palette collection the ideal start point when you need a set of well-proven neutral paint colours to choose from. Pick up your free copy from any Resene ColorShop or reseller or order at www.resene.comordercharts. creative craftsmanship Bleu Nature breathes new life into driftwood by combining it with acrylic and lacquered materials to create modern works of art for your home. With the expert combination of craftsmanship and industrial design Bleu Nature creates stylish and luxurious furniture and lighting for you to enjoy. See or call 0800 HALONZ for your closest stockist. Resene Sunkissed Resene Quarter Trufe marble-look magic Marble is such a classic and on-trend look but can be tricky to maintain. Now Tile Space has a tile that replicates the look of naturally worn marble. The White Experience Collection from Italian supplier Italgraniti has the beautiful honed surfaces seen in Statuario marble with a gorgeous undulating Spazzolato nish in a hard-wearing porcelain tile. The tiles are extremely resistant to scratching fading and water damage. See 14 of f th e sh elf Sick of running out of hot water or want to save up to 60 on your water heating bill Rinnai NZ and habitat are giving you a chance to win a Rinnai INFINITY gas hot water heater so that you can enjoy an endless supply of hot water and save on your energy bills. Rinnais standard gas hot water range is rated six energy stars. Simply visit the blog on www.habitatbyresene.comhot-water and click on the entry link to be in the draw to win a Rinnai INFINITY VT26 package including installation worth 3279. Competition closes 30 September 2016. luxury and grandeur The Formica 180fx range offers inspiration on a grand scale. Achievinganunprecedentedlarge- scale design this sophisticated laminate replicates the beauty and magnitude of natural stone capturing every nuance and detail. Offering an unmatched realism its striking colour variations and intricate veining deliver a unique luxurious look thats perfect for benchtops countertops and splashbacks. See upcycling inspiration Passionate renovator and upcycler Sarah Heeringa reckons reclamation is the perfect antidote to the throwaway society in which we live. In her rst book Reclaim That Upcycling Your Home With Style she shows homemakers how the rediscovery repurposing and reusing of previously unwanted objects can achieve some of our furnishing goals in a cost-effective way. With more than 30 simple but creative projects many of them using Resene paints Sarah provides step by step guidance to putting the art of upcycling into practice from something as small as a recycled kitchen jar to furniture makeovers and storage solutions. Available at bookstores RRP 35. two in one Echibeckia Summerina is a brand new series of plant a cross between two popular perennials Rudbeckia and Echinacea. Summerina has the daisy like appearance of Rudbeckia with the hardiness of Echinacea and comes in three rustic colours orange yellow and brown. They bloom from early summer to autumn and the owers are extra-large around 7cm in diameter and can last for up to three months. The Summerina is also self-cleaning so requires no deadheading to keep blooming. In store now at your local Palmers or Resene Touche Resene Clotted Cream get in the mood The rich prints and graphic lines of the new Moods wallpaper collection will give your home lustre and depth. By using colour combined with special shadow effects your walls will seem three- dimensional. The collection is available at Resene ColorShops and includes origami ower designs star shapes and more. Resene Soulmate Sick of running out of hot water or want to save up to 60 on your water heating bill Rinnai NZ and water heater so that you can enjoy an endless supply of hot water and save on your energy bills. Rinnais standard gas hot water range is rated six energy stars. Simply visit the blog on the entry link to be in the draw to win a Rinnai INFINITY installation worth 3279. Competition closes 30 September 2016. 15 THE BATHROOM BOOK 2016 Come in to store to pick up a copy of the Mico Bathroom Book 2016 or visit our website EDGE FREESTANDING BATH 1690L X 800W X 555MMD 638984 Freestanding bath with overow Natural stone composite Includes a central waste Volume 292L 2849 URBAN FREESTANDING BATH 1600L x 800W x 630mmD 696180 Freestanding bath with overow Acrylic with ber glass and resin Includes a central waste Volume 260L 1129 Urbans classic European styling with square accents offer a perfect blend of modern uncomplicated features in this new bathing range.NEW MILA FREESTANDING BATH 1700L X 630W X 640MMD 696181 Freestanding bath Poly Stone Includes an end waste Volume 250L 2699 Milas bold accents distinctive lines and modern European styling add an exciting new addition to the new Adesso bathing range.NEW RELAX AND INDULGE IN LUXURY Prices are current as of Tuesday 2nd February 2016 and are subject to change. See in store for details. DIY lighting On-trend lighting featuring concrete timber glass and metals is now even easier to have at home thanks to Mitre 10 MEGAs new expanding Mercator do-it-yourself lighting range. Theres no need for an electrician giving you more freedom to decorate as you wish. Also check out the LED lighting in store which allows you to change the colour at the touch of a button. See of f th e sh elf crafty kits RatherthansimplydeliverupanishedproductJulie Stuart of Clever Poppy encourages us all to get into a bit of DIY. Shes all about giving you the chance to take time out to create something beautiful for your home without the hassle of sorting out supplies instructions and creative planning. These pretty pastel placemats are just one of the crafty kits youll nd at bed heaven Oamaru interior design company Federation Design recently launched a range of gorgeous hand-crafted upholstered headboards for adults and kids which they have matched to a range of Resene colours. This Late Harvest design is in warm grey wool with an eye- catching hand-plaited yellow cross giving a barley pattern. Its set against a wall in Resene Bokara Grey. For more info see brighten your days This new fabric collection from Warwick will brighten your days with that tropical-break feeling. With its mix of modern retro botanicals and geometric co-ordinates the Hawaii collection includes two large-scale orals Hawaii and Honolulu and three smaller scale graphic patterns of Akaka a leaf pattern Waimalu a modern basket weave and Lanai a whimsy dot. Available in bright paradise-inspired colour palettes of Lagoon Spice and Summer each design co-ordinates effortlessly to give any room a playful spontaneity. In 100 cotton the range is suitable for both drapery and general upholstery. See the collection at heavenly TheAngel Chair is a ne example of the nest uncorrected aniline full grain leather. Each piece is handmade using time-honoured methods and simple tools to create pieces that will last you a lifetime. The Angel Chair comes in various colours. For your local stockists contact Johnston Imports on 0800 HALONZ or visit Resene Solitude Resene Quarter Gargoyle Resene Sidecar Resene Sweet Spot 17 semi in summit With any paint type gloss level is as important as colour. Glossier paints are easier to clean while atter paints are more likely to hold onto dirt. Resene Summit Roof has been released in a semi-gloss nish which provides a durable option with improved cleanability without the glare of a higher gloss. Its available in the complete range of Resene Roof Systems colours and Resene CoolColour technology as well as an extensive range of other Resene colours. Available from Resene ColorShops and resellers. See www.resene.comcolorshops. its the Flintstones This new kids linen range by General Eclectic from Kidzspace is alive with fashion colours of mint yellow white and black. Its reversible therefore versatile and was matched with some great Resene wall colour chosen for this setting. Thats Resene Riptide on the side wall with house outlines in Resene Pink Terrace and Resene Paris Daisy. The back wall is Resene Iron. Very Flintstone. For more great linen styles and kids furniture see as important as colour. Glossier paints are easier to clean while atter paints are more likely to hold onto dirt. Resene Summit Resene Wild Thing Resene Atmosphere designer toilets in hot demand ThenewAdessoEdgeToiletsexclusive to Mico Bathrooms exude an edge of sophistication and style based on a classic design enhanced with modern lines. Choose either a wall hung or wall faced toilet suite both with vitreous china nish soft close quick release seats and stainless ush button panel. With a WELS Rating 4 Star and 3.5L per average ush these are luxurious but economical toilets. See Resene Moscato of f th e sh elf Make your next project stunning by using the right colour combination. Colour to its best advantage... know why how and where it works. Colour Courses Book now for the colour courses One day workshop on colour combinations manipulation and colour psychology Colour manipulation Christchurch April 12th Wellington April 13th Auckland enquire 4 term course and workshops Please call Debbie Abercrombie M 021 914 449 E SeanWallerPhotography keepsake measures up When creative mum Aimee Mitchell found that moving house might mean they would lose their childrens traditional height chart on the wall she devised a portable alternative her Upwood height charts made of recycled timber and decorated with Resene paints and colours. The height charts are available in a chevron or Georgie Giraffe design. This chevron design features Resene Arapawa blue Resene Mischka grey and Resene Rice Cake. See Resene Baroque Resene Melting Moment simplied charging The rapid growth in the use of digital devices like smart phones tablets and portable music players has changed the way we use the conventional power socket. PDL by Schneider Electrics latest USB charging module is designed to t into a multitude of different plate styles and is available in a range of nishes. It can be installed in new or retrot projects. Pictured here the smart shelf in the Saturn Zen range allows clutter-free charging. See going social with our images We know you love it lots and lots of lovely images of homes that use interesting colour combinations and creative paint ideas. Its what were good at here at habitat but with the magazine coming out just twice a year we know thats not enough to satisfy your appetites. So now were offering gorgeous imagery as well as decorating advice and inspiration across a suite of social platforms. Our website delivers weekly doses of paint colour and invites you into other peoples homes to see what theyve done but now our Pinterest and Instagram accounts give you even more divine imagery. And of course our Facebook page is rapidly building a community of colour-loving individuals. of f th e sh elf be p art of our colour com m uni ty g et i n touch ed i tor h abi tatby Feel like sharing The most popular aspect of our Facebook page and website is being able to show off what homeowners have done in their own homes. If you have completed a Resene decorating project whether its a whole house one room or an upcycled piece of furniture we would love to hear about it. Simply email us at along with some snaps. be p art of our colour 19 well strung These wooden bead garlands can be used as a beautiful dcor accessory in any room of the house or string across a corner to use as a hanging cord. Made of 40 x 40mm beads strung together on a 2.2m cord theyre painted in Resene Vintage Resene Cavern Pink and Resene Grey Chateau. See go 3D Its hard to believe this is wallpaper Every one of the elaborately designed patterns in the Replik collection will create an extraordinary and individual feel for any room with natural good looks and 3D mimicry. Available at Resene ColorShops see www.resene.comcolorshops. Resene Sakura Resene Red Red Red wood be nice As well as adding aesthetic colour appeal a wood stain can also help restore a timbers colour and protect it from the elements. The new Resene Waterborne Woodsman is designed as a atter nish more in keeping with bare timber which tends to have a very low natural sheen level. Resene Woodsman Decking Stain is now also available in a atter nish perfect for timber decks. Both are available in a range of colours including the newest addition Resene Bleached Riverstone and as Resene CoolColour variants. Available from Resene ColorShops and resellers. See www.resene.comcolorshops. of f th e sh elf off the shelf ASK ABOUT OUR LATEST SPECIALS Take the guess work out of redecorating your home See you at your place 0800 421 002 We come to you Always renovate from the oor up Anita Shirley Harrisons Interior Designer At Harrisons Carpet youll always get the best advice and best price from our locally owned and operated experts. Well come to you with our vans full of over 500 samples. Plus were the only carpet retailer with FlyBuys. Its one of the largest surface areas so it has the greatest impact on the way your room will look. Ive taken luxurious Lorenzo carpet in charcoalgreen as a base and complemented it with a Woodland vinyl plank carrying similar tones. The carpet has then been colour matched to Resene Thorndon Cream which is an understated urban neutral and Resene Half Sea Fog a barely there black-edged white. As an accent colour I have added Resene Quarter Gravel a masculine ash grey. For curtains Ive used colour matched fabrics from our new division Harrisons Curtains and Blinds to add texture and a splash of vibrancy. Choosing a new colour scheme can be tricky. And mistakes can be costly Your local Harrisons ooring consultant can take all the worry out of the process with the aid of our new colour boards put together by our in-house interior designer. Anita Shirley Book an in-home consultation now Carpet Lorenzo 970 CharcoalGreen Curtain Fabrics Range Eden Colour Mondo Range Chelsea Colour Terracotta Resene Paints Thorndon Cream Half Sea Fog Quarter Gravel 0800 421 002 Book an in-home consultation now Vinyl plank Woodland EC2550 See website for terms and conditions. BEST PRICE GUARANTEE f eature h ouse When it comes to colour these adventurous homeowners dont hold back. anything goes 22 Above Debbie chose not to ght the fact that the main bedroom is on the darker south side of the house going with a Resene Flock 3 2554-26 wallpaper and Resene Midnight Express painted walls. The trims are Resene Alabaster. Opposite Resene Alabaster walls are a fresh neutral background for colourful accessories in the kitchen area. I ts no surprise that a woman who colours her hair pink purple or green isnt afraid of using an array of bold colours and out-there wallpapers in her own home. Whatever goes declares Debbie Omond. Im not afraid of colour Debbie and her husband Mark bought their 1927 California bungalow in 2003. We thought wed just buy it whip it into shape and then sell it off she says of their initial plans for the house. As it turned out they never left. The house was in a relatively rough state when the couple moved in. The couple made small changes over time but as the Omond family grew with the arrival of three children so did their demands for space. Last year Mark and Debbie made the decision to extend and renovate their home committing to have the project completed in one hit. We wanted to relax and enjoy the extra space with the kids while they were still young says Mark. Debbie also realised that she had the freedom to play with colour schemes that might otherwise have been considered a little risky for re-sale. Their colour journey began. Debbie wanted to preserve some elements of the original bungalow while injecting the home with a more modern feel. The original front faade of the house was moved forward to create new space for an extra bedroom two bathrooms and a laundry. At the back sliding doors large skylights and new windows envelop a large open-plan living area and kitchen which open to the garden. Debbie describes this new area as a watch this space zone. Using Resene Alabaster to white out most of the area she was able to create a bright fresh canvas for her love of colour in accessories and design. Wanting to create a room that her son could grow into Debbie sourced an off-beat wallpaper which mimics a brick wall Kids Teens 226713 from Resene Resene Alabaster Resene Midnight Express Resene Petula Black 98363 23 f eature h ouse ColorShops. She meticulously tore the papers edge to create a gap-in-the-wall effect to merge with the painted surface beside it. Eight year-old Dylan felt it was important that the shade of blue he chose for his room had a good name Resene Captain Cook made the nal cut. A second bedroom was decorated for the couples two younger children Amber and Caleb to share. Debbie chose Resene Renew describing the green as a gender-neutral but on-trend halfway point between the preferences of the two siblings. I thought well go with batman-ey pops of bright yellow for Caleb and bright pink accessories for Amber. The children however had their own views and were soon lobbying for their own rooms. Inspired by the traditions and colours of India Debbie then converted a smaller playroom into a glowing hideaway for her daughter using Resene Clementine Orange from the Karen Walker collection. I looked at the other rooms and thought what havent I tried A hot pink canopy bed was found to contrast beautifully with the vibrant orange walls. For the main bedroom she chose to embrace rather than compensate for the south-facing orientation with dark colours. Her aim was to set the tone to moody romantic and luxurious. Using features of the now demolished lounge as a reference point she sourced a matching mould for the ceiling cornice and had a new leadlight created from photographs of originals. A contemporary version of an original chandelier that hung in the lounge is set off by the dark lustre of the embossed Resene Flock 3 wallpaper 2554-26 and Resene Midnight Express painted walls. top ti p Use Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen on walls in busy areas of your home its easier to wipe down to remove any marks than standard acrylic paint. Left and below In one exuberant expression of colour Debbie chose a Paradise wallpaper Petula Black 98363 from Resene ColorShops for the living room along with Resene Alabaster walls. The family are from left Dylan Caleb Debbie Amber and Mark. Resene Villa White 24 Left Debbie carefully tore the edge of the Kids Teens wallpaper 226713 to give a deconstructed look to Dylans room. He chose the blue paint as much for its colour as the name Resene Captain Cook. Below Calebs room is a cool gender- neutral space painted in Resene Renew. Bottom Amber now has her own room gloriously painted in Resene Clementine Orange a colour choice inspired by the spicy shades of India. Resene Captain Cook Resene Clementine Orange Resene Renew 25 MARLEY STRATUS DESIGN SERIES Designer uPVC spouting and downpipe systems now available in four colours including Grey Friars and Ironsand New Zealands most popular roong colours. For more information visit or phone 0800 MARLEY 0800 627 539 METALLIC COLOURS GREY FRIARS COPPERIRONSAND TITANIUM IRONSAND MARLEY STRATUS DESIGN SERIES Designer uPVC spouting and downpipe systems now available insystems now available in four colours including Grey Friars and Ironsand New Zealandsfour colours including Grey Friars and Ironsand New Zealands most popular roong colours. EXPERIENCE COLOUR MADE INNZ 100 RECYCLABLE WILLNEVER RUST LOW MAINTENANCE 15YEAR GUARANTEE WHERE STYLE MEETS DURABILITY Resene Irresistible Resene Alabaster Resene Quarter Silver Chalice Resene Captain Cook Resene Alabaster Get the look with Paradise wallpaper Petula Black 98363 from Resene ColorShops. Stylist Francesca Story Get the look with Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen tinted to Resene Renew. Designer Debbie Omond Compose Interiors Resene Renew Resene Midnight Express Get the look with Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen tinted to Resene Captain Cook. Bath Caroma Noir from Plumbing World words and pictures Nicola Edmonds Each of my rooms are a little bit of a shock of colour and theyve all got their own story to tell explains Debbie. The new and spacious hallway also clad in Resene Alabaster is hung with two large oral print lampshades which link the jewel-box colours of the bedrooms to the living space beyond. The renovations were completed within six months and Debbie grins proudly when she comments that as resident project manager she was able to bring the work in 1000 under budget. Mark also praises their builder Brad Tautahi of BT Building Projects for his unfailing patience and willingness to take on the couples ideas. To soften the impact of new aluminium joinery used throughout the home Debbie specied deep-set windowsills both inside and out and stood alongside as each sill was measured to her exacting standards. With a background in graphic design and project management Debbie will soon complete an interior design degree and has recently launched her own design business Compose Interiors. In future there are plans for Marks converted freight-container ofce in the garden to become an outdoor den for the children as they move into their teens. For now though the Omonds are happily enjoying the new-found space inside their home where there is all the colour and drama to transport them to a perpetually sunny place without the need to even step outside the door. li g h t sh ad es by L i v i ng Room d i d y ou k now ... that if you want your own dramatic wall treatment and cant nd a wallpaper to suit you can order a customised one using your own choice of image from www.resene.comwallprint Resene C lem enti ne O rang e w all turn th e p ag e f or alternati v e look s f or D y lans bed room ... f eature h ouse At the back of the house new sliding doors and wide-prole aluminium windows blend with the character of the house. The weatherboards are Resene Lumbersider tinted to Resene Quarter Silver Chalice and the trims are Resene Alabaster. 27 illustration Malcolm White Resene Concrete Above A rough division is created between Resene Ditto on the bottom part of the wall and Resene Concrete on the top. The ceiling is in Resene Alabaster and the timber oor is in Resene Colorwood Whitewash. Products featured include macram wall hangings from Superette a Tonk Stool from St Clements Zacharia Pendants from Freedom Furniture and a Retro Armchair from Indie Home Collective. d i d y ou k now ... that Resene Colorwood Whitewash is specially formulated to give an on-trend Scandi look for timber Use Resene Colorwood Rock Salt wood stain for a more blonded look. Or check out the Resene Colorwood stains range for an array of rich colours for your interior timber projects. 28 bef ore alternati v e soluti on - S cand i calm Resene Ditto Soala Throw in Milk Citta Design Mandala Floor Rug Freedom Furniture 0800 373 336 Cancun King Single Bed Freedom Furniture 0800 373 336 Washed Egyptian Cotton Duvet and Palette Cushion Citta Design Penny Table Lamp in Green Freedom Furniture 0800 373 336 Resene Colorwood Whitewash Resene Eighth Drought Resene Renew Resene Alabaster 29 restf ul colours and a q ui rk y w all treatm ent create th i s h av en Elayna Foster from Freedom Furniture suggests this alternative scheme This sophisticated Scandinavian-inspired bedroom would be perfect for a young girl to grow into. The striking but subtle colour palette makes for a timeless yet on-point rest space and beautifully creates a sense of calm. Resene Ditto and Resene Concrete are blended in a rough ombre effect on the walls while Resene Alabaster is used on ceilings and trims to keep the room fresh and sharp. Subtle schemes like this need texture to bring them to life and add warmth. This is done here with the use of natural timbers in furnishings the oor and the cute side table and with woven textiles and window coverings. Quirky trend-based details such as the gorgeous macram wall hangings the cluster of pendant lights and the paint treatment ensure this look is a contemporary one that would be the envy of all others. phone 021 494 663 email illustration Malcolm White Resene Half Surrender Above A fun mural using stencils is created with Resene Rocket and Resene Surfs Up on the walls of this boys bedroom then given a topcoat of Resene Pearl Shimmer for a space-dust effect. The rest of the walls are Resene Half Surrender the ceiling is Resene Double Alabaster and the oor is in Resene Colorwood Walnut. Other products featured are an Urban Bed in Black from Kidzspace and a bespoke rug from Cronz. top ti p The Resene KidzColour range is full of fun colours for kids from pretty pastels to bold brights and metallics. Pick up a free copy of the chart from your local Resene ColorShop or order online from www.resene.comordercharts. 30 bef ore alternati v e soluti on - to th e m oon Resene Surfs Up Retro Flower Pot Lamp in Yellow Retro Lights 0274 535 077 Dreamweaver stencil Resene www.resene.comstencils Harry Duvet Set by PatersonRose Kidzspace 0800 101 655 Sparkle Side Table in Topaz Kartell 09 522 7099 Malmo 400 Pendant in Black Lighting Direct 09 273 3444 Resene Double Alabaster Resene Juicy Resene Colorwood Walnut Resene Rocket 31 boy s w i ll w ant to h av e f un i n th i s new room Kelly Gammie of Eucalyptus Design suggests this alternative scheme I wanted to create the ultimate wow this is awesome boys bedroom the sort of room that every boy in the class wants to come and play in. Kids bedrooms are for so much more than just sleeping for play dreams and creativity. Resene Surfs Up and Resene Rocket are strong bright colours that bring the room to life especially with a topcoat of Resene Pearl Shimmer. Resene Half Surrender stops the bright primary colours from becoming too overpowering. Silhouettes of spacemen martians and rockets are easy to draw on and paint in. If youre not artistic use stencils from the Resene website www.resene.comstencils. A timber oor stained with Resene Colorwood Walnut brings warmth to the room enhances the traditional origins of the house and is easy to clean up after play time. The custom-coloured moon rug brings the gorgeous colours together while providing a roll-around-on-the-oor zone. Flashes of yellow in the furniture and accessories give the scheme depth and fun. phone 022 0274 990 web Or two or three or four. Use these handy little tubs of Resene colour to work some creative magic. Here are some ideas to get you started. take one testpot 32 Golden moments Resene have testpots for most of their colour collections including ones you wouldnt expect like timber stains and metallic paints. This glam centerpiece is so easy and cheap all it takes is some recycled cans and a testpot of Resene Gold Dust from the Resene Metallics and Special Effects range. Fill the cans with romantic owers like these roses and peonies and cluster them down the middle of the table. The wall in the background is Resene Abbey Road and the timber globe lamp is from Lighting Direct Resene Abbey Road Resene Riptide Resene Rolling Fog Resene Dali Resene Elephant Resene Kakapo Resene Optimist Resene Transmission Resene Coast Resene Mantle Resene Sea Fog Resene Half Tea d i d y ou k now that the paint in most Resene testpots is made from Resene Lumbersider a low-sheen hard- wearing paint normally used for exteriors So its tough enough for a huge range of craft art and DIY projects. Resene Fringy Flower Resene Gold Dust A hex for you Or rather a hex or two on your walls. This on-trend shape is being seen on all sorts of home accessories and dcor items. Here it forms a fun honeycomb pattern on the wall of a childs room created by using a simple stencil. Resene testpots are perfect for small stencilling jobs like this. The colours are Resene Kakapo green Resene Optimist turquoise blue Resene Transmission grey and Resene Coast charcoal blue. The wall is Resene Half Tea the oor and skirting are Resene Sea Fog and the bedside table is in Resene Mantle and made by The Recipe Ltd Turn the page to see how this stencilled pattern was created by paint effects specialist and stylist Greer Clayton. A modern take on a desk tidy This cool desk tidy is not only easy to paint with Resene testpots but easy to make too. Made from pine board and battens glued together it has Resene Elephant on the base and Resene Rolling Fog on the front batten. The other battens and the cute asymmetric mountain- peak design are in Resene Riptide mid green Resene Dali bright green and Resene Fringy Flower pale green. Then pop in your mobile tablet notes pens and other bits. You could also make a simpler version to use as a tablet holder in the kitchen for reading recipes. The Hollow Table Lamp is from Freedom Furniture See our video on how to create this desk tidy as well as some other quick and easy projects on www.habitatbyresene.comhabitattv. 33 h ow to stenci l i ts si m p le Paint effects artist Greer Clayton shows how to create a simple stencil. Find the shape you want and either download a template from online or draw it yourself. There are also stencils at www.resene.comstencils. Draw the shape onto either light card or for better results use mylar plastic sheets available from art supply stores. Use a craft knife to cut out the shape. Position your stencil shape and use low tack masking tape to hold in place if necessary. A small sponge roller is perfect for stenciling they come as a set with a matching paint tray at Resene ColorShops. Pour some paint into the tray dampen the roller slightly then roll through the paint making sure the paint is evenly distributed on the roller. Run the roller over a paper towel to remove excess paint if you dont do this the paint might bleed under the edge of the stencil. Repeat this step if you want more intense colour once the paint has dried. If you use a small paint brush instead of a roller dab the excess paint off on a paper towel then dab not stroke the paint onto the stencil starting at the edges. Resene Mantle Resene Half Teapictures Bryce Carleton Melanie Jenkins Resene Kakapo 0800 ARTWOOD com p eti ti ons winwith habitat Enter online at or put the name of the item youd like to win on the back of an envelope. Remember to include your name email address street address a daytime phone number and write no if you dont wish to receive emails from Resene. Then post to Win with habitat competition Resene PO Box 38242 Wellington Mail Centre Lower Hutt 5045 Conditions of entry Competition is open to NZ residents only unless stated. All employees and their immediate families of Resene Paints Limited Tangible Media and their advertising agencies are ineligible to enter. Prizes may not be exchanged or redeemed for cash. Competition closes 5pm 30 September 2016. Resene Into The Blue Resene Limerick stop that steam Forget about extractor fans Insist on Showerdome for a drier warmer and healthier home. A Showerdome consists of a clear acrylic dome that prevents steam from forming when tted on top of an existing shower box. For more information visit We have one DIY self-install Showerdome kit to give away valued at 309 installation by a local installer is available at standard pricing. a drier healthier home Unovent is a new NZ-designed revolutionary solution to home ventilation to create drier healthier homes. Unovent comprises a number of individual ductless outlets into rooms each with their own fan and washable lter. They are connected to a simple low-voltage supply costing up to 75 less than other systems. For more information visit We have one DIY three-outlet Unovent kitset to give away valued at 1352. paint a room with Resene Paint can make such a difference in just one day and in just one room. Whether its a wall or an adventurous design like this one paint is a cost-effective and easy way to make a change. For inspiration check out the myriad colours in the new Resene Multi-nish range. See We have one room-lot of paint to give away valued at 300 NZAust. into the garden Turn your ideas into a garden that gives you satisfaction year round with a gift card from Palmers. Get gorgeous seasonal colour and plants that will give your garden the wow factor or update your pots from Palmers stylish contemporary ranges. See We have a Palmers gift card loaded with 500 of value to give away. Resene Chill Out Resene Gin FizzResene Reservoir 35 Resene Seachange Resene Half Athens Grey H ouses are repositories of memories. Christchurch model-maker Richard Gardiner realises this more than most. He carefully fashions from photographs or architectural plans houses and buildings in miniature as a precious and precise memento for his clients. Then he paints them with Resene testpots. Often there is an emotional response when people come to pick up the model of their house Richard says. People may not realise how much of a memory-bank their house has been until theyre confronted with the exact tiny replica. This is particularly so when theyve lived there a long time and milestone family events have happened there. Buried or temporarily quashed grief such as resulted from the Canterbury earthquakes can come ooding back. These seismic disasters were in fact the trigger to Richards career taking such a model-making turn. Owners of condemned houses have made up much of his client list around 55 models to date. Others are developers who want to show potential clients scale models of imminent structures. Richard retired from his Head of Art role at Burnside High School at the end of 2010 between the two most devastating earthquakes and took up his model-making mantle. Richards web address says it all Scaled Down. Your world in miniature. As well as the exacting work of reproducing every element of a structure and having pieces laser-cut to achieve perfection Richard documents each project online. Because each model house takes several weeks or months to complete he likes to have a couple on the go at once. Its good for variety and interest to keep a couple progressing in tandem he adds. models of memory Miniature houses are helping with grief. A current work that could be the most challenging yet is simply known to Cantabrians as McLeans Mansion in Manchester Street. Richard is as fascinated with the story of the place as he is with the intensive task of its tiny recreation. It goes like this the mansion still at 387 Manchester Street was designed in the 1850s by the England Brothers for a 78-year-old bachelor Scotsman called Allan McLean who lived there with just his housekeeper. With an eccentrically eye-watering number of rooms it was used as a private residence for 13 years. As with all of his miniature projects Richard will complete the house with the correct exterior paint colours and nishes which he sources from Resene. I can get absolutely any colour or mix from Resene. If they cant nd a particular shade then nobody else can. Theyll readily make the perfect mix. Richard plans to continue with his nely crafted architecturally fascinating work for as long as the demands there. In a very real way hes helping home- owners to unlock and preserve an important piece of their personal histories. For more see Right Richard Gardiner working on a current commission McLeans Mansion. Above Some of Richards past works. colourf ul p eop le words Liesl Johnstone portrait Juliet Nicholas 36 Resene Half Duck Egg Blue Resene Gumboot behind the mask A popular street artist strikes out on his own. T hose who live in Auckland Wellington and Christchurch will recognise the work before his name. Chances are youve walked past the painted creatures and cheeky stylised objects on your daily walk or drive street art that brings character to otherwise bland blank public buildings and a smile to locals. The artist is Andrew J Steel who for the past decade has worked with another street artist under the alias BMD. Hailing from New Plymouth BMD gained a strong following in the underground art scene painting their messages often political but always fun to look at across forgotten walls and discarded buildings. Soon they were taking their paint cans and rollers across New Zealand Australia and Bali getting aboard scaffolding and creating sky-high murals. BMD disbanded last year giving Andrew the chance to step out from behind his painters mask he was rarely seen in the media without it preferring for the art to speak for itself and allowing for the respect and calibre of his work to open doors to new projects. And the doors have been opening. Private commissions have come thick and fast from residents who appreciate his work. And his signature creatures and objects now decorate the walls of design studios cafes and restaurants alike including the stylish headquarters of fashion label I Love Ugly. Presenting a more public image means that younger artists have easier access to advice from Andrew who wholeheartedly recommends Resene the perfect paint for his art. People ask what I use and I always recommend Resene. If its outside mural work it stands the test of time. If its interior work the nish is always perfect. It simply is the best product. Perhaps tting for an artist with a post-graduate diploma in science hes also having a lot of fun experimenting with various Resene specialist products. With Resene Write-on Wall Paint he sees potential for a colouring-in wall that allows the public to collaborate and bring colour to his painted outlines time and time again. A simple wipe and the canvas is clean and ready to go again. Hes also experimenting with Resene Waterborne Aquapel water-repellent coating which protects concrete from the natural effects of water painting the pavements with art that stays invisible until the rain falls. Its important to take time to be creative instead of getting too busy with the administration of making art happen says Andrew. Visit other peoples studios and meet with other artists and creators. Go to the library. I consciously make time to read a book or draw during the week. And his advice to those street artists seeking it Roll up your sleeves and get right into it. Start drawing lots and working with people rather than against people. Walk down the street and meet the community and engage them and show them your drawings. You may get a lot of nos. But if youre hungry enough one yes may be the start of something great. See words Leigh Stockton pictures Matt Queree Bryce Carleton Below left Some of Andrews interior wall art. Below right Andrew with one of his commissions at the I Love Ugly headquarters in Auckland. 37 colourf ul p eop le Resene Half Bokara Grey Resene Sea Fog Resene Colorwood Walnut Fireplaces and surrounding walls are the perfect place to have a bit of decorative fun. Here are three new looks for one replace. bef ore Illustrations Malcolm White Rugged good looks Go all dark and broody with the lodge-inspired look. Walls in Resene Half Bokara Grey are offset by a rustic-looking chimney breast clad in pine timber boards that are then stained in Resene Colorwood Walnut. A low-slung shelf or seat is also made of stained pine. The ceiling is painted in Resene Sea Fog the soft white tones of which are echoed in the hexagonal wall planters. T hese homeowners had a problem. They had ended up with a replace chimney breast and adjacent wall that they knew had potential... but what could they do to make it more exciting The walls were painted Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen in a lovely soft grey Resene Quill Grey and the ceiling in Resene Quarter White Pointer but it was all a bit well bland. Off they went to see Resene colour expert Nikki Morris at their local Resene ColorShop. She suggested these three schemes none of which would incur too much cost or hassle to implement. If youre looking for a Resene colour expert in your area or want to take advantage of Resenes free colour advice go to www.resene.comcolourexpert. top ti p I f y ou w ant th e ti m ber look w i th out actually usi ng ti m ber ch eck out th e m any f aux ti m ber w allp ap ers f rom Resene C olorS h op s p arti cularly th e E lem ents and E x p osed collecti ons. ways replace use Resene C olorw ood stai n f or ti m ber 3838 Resene Quarter Black White Resene Black White Resene Quarter Evolution Play on texture You dont need a solid masonry wall or plaster render to get the sort of timeless look you see here. This textured look is achieved with Resene Sandtex a textured paint that comes in two grades Standard and Superne which has been tinted to Resene Quarter Evolution an aged dusky olive. The other walls and ceiling are painted in Resene Black White while the oating shelves are painted in Resene Quarter Black White and accessorised with books and ornaments. Props Rugged good looks White Pentagon Wall Planters from Collected Black Velo re insert by Escea www.escea.comnz. Architectural elements Cullinans design textured tiles from My Wall Art Spartherm frameless re from Escea www.escea.comnz. Aquarius Side Table in Natural Graphite and Metro Floor Lamp in Copper from Freedom Furniture Play on texture Rory The Rhino ornament and Frost Vase from Freedom Furniture Fireplace from Rinnai Architectural elements A crisp look with an unusual sculpted wall panel by My Wall Art beautifully highlights this replace setting. The main walls are in Resene Duck Egg Blue while the Cullinans design panels are painted in Resene Alabaster along with the ceiling and trims. Add a simple contemporary side table and lamp and an unusual frameless replace for a pared back but striking look. Resene Duck Egg Blue Resene Alabaster p ai ntable 3 D w all p anels turn th e p ag e f or our f i rep lace up d ate use Resene S and tex f or tex ture 39 th ree look s re it up Theres nothing like a replace when it comes to feeling cosy and there are plenty of options for fuel efficiency and looks. Resene Havoc g et th e look In terms of the look of the replace theres a lot of choice from traditional squarer formats to long sleek models with pebble re beds and individual ame jets. Dramatic see-through units can be placed between two rooms. Long and low is popular often with a marble or concrete hearth. With gas models you can simply install them into the wall skipping the hearth altogether. In small spaces such as an apartment this can make good sense. The other big trend right now is frameless replaces because this lets the interior designer or homeowner create a feature wall with their choice of wall coverings and colours that bring out the simple beauty of the re itself. Some homeowners like to position a television above the replace which is possible with some gas ethanol and electric res and in a limited way with wood res. You can create an entire feature wall that includes the television storage and sound system and the replace. There is also a trend to separate the television and replace experience and create a media-free spot for family conversation around the replace. Most replaces come with a choice of re beds like logs or pebbles and a choice of fascia surrounds to suit your particular decor for example plain black or chrome. If you want a traditional surround demolition yards and online auctions are denitely the places to look. If you cant nd a genuine antique there are a number of companies offering very realistic copies complete with period-style tiles. And if you just love the look of a replace but dont actually need it as a means of heating if your house has a heat-pump for example there are attractive replace units that have the glow of the genuine article usually with a very low-level electric heater. Some can produce up to 2kW of heat which might be sufcient in a smallish space. W hile it looks good crackles pleasingly and feels cosy the traditional open replace is on its way out due to new restrictions that relate to pollution concerns. Open fireplaces are notoriously inefcient anyway. You can however now buy highly efcient clean-air approved versions that comply with new regulations and produce up to ve times the heat of the old-style re with minimal energy wastage. And they still provide a cheering classic ambiance. These wood res have glass fronts and heat control devices theyre fuel efcient and safe and although there are still ashes to contend with clean-up is minimal. Another reason for the popularity of modern wood res is that wood as we all know is a carbon-neutral and sustainable form of fuel and a relatively cheap form of home heating especially if you have access to your own supply. Strict rules apply around wood burners in terms of installation. Different councils have different regulations so it pays to check those out. Wetback systems can be installed to harness the res energy to heat water. This can be effective when the re is in constant use but it does mean that less heat is put out by the re. Heat transfer systems are also popular now but you need to be sure that your re is powerful enough to produce enough heat for this to work. Its a gas Flued gas heating is also popular. Its clean can be very economical and can be run off piped natural gas or gas cylinders. Cylinder supply companies can track your usage and rell your cylinders when necessary so you never run out. Gas replaces come with or without a glass door and each option works differently. When gas res are open fronted with a conventional ue the same low efciency problem occurs as it does with open wood res. Balance flue fires are glass-fronted and draw oxygen from outside the house. Because no heat is lost they are particularly efcient and ideal for cooler areas. They have the added advantage that the ue does not need to go straight up so you can put them in more locations in your home often simply uing straight out the back through an external wall. A gas replace can be included in a smart house plan or have its own mobile app and be turned on before you get home. words Louise Richardson Resene Half Villa White 40 RETRO MODERN IS THE NEW SHOWROOMS AUCKLAND 983 Mt Eden Rd Three Kings. Ph 09 625 3900 13a Link Dve Wairau Park. Ph 09 443 3045 501 Ti Rakau Dve Botany Town Centre. Ph 09 274 1998 HAMILTON 15 Maui St Te Rapa. Ph 07 847 0398 TAUPO 29 Totara Street Totara Point. Ph 07 378 3156 HASTINGS 810 Heretaunga St West. Ph 06 876 1010 PALMERSTON NORTH 699 Main St. Ph 06 358 6800 LOWER HUTT 28 Rutherford St. Ph 04 568 5001 NATIONWIDE STOCKISTS View our exclusive collection in-store and online. the hills Enjoy the freedom of paint. Create this freehand mural to give your wall extra drama. Its not as hard as it looks. are alive Resene Spindle Resene Mischka Resene Freestyling Resene Santas Grey Resene Mamba Resene Hammerhead Resene Casper Resene Ivanhoe g et our cov er look 42 0800 50 70 40 Inspired Architecture Resene Construction Systems provides solutions to New Zealands premier residential and commercial projects. From our cavity based rainscreen plaster facades and hydrophobic INTEGRA AAC flooring systems through to our hand applied interior finishing systems we have developed a range of solutions that incorporate the latest technology materials to provide durable and aesthetic results that inspire. All system installations are warranted and installed by our network of professional LBP registered contractors to strict specifications providing surety of performance to your project. Cymon Allfrey Architects F eature walls are a great way to give any room added drama but what about going a step further and adding a freehand masterpiece like this Its not as tricky as it looks and because its freehand if you make a bit of a mistake with your hill proles who would know Sure this one was painted by all-round creative person stylist Megan Harrison-Turner but even she surprised herself with how easy it was to transform a plain wall into something so gorgeous and dramatic. First she found an inspirational photograph online then sketched the outline of the hills in pencil then added the paint using Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen. The most difcult part was choosing the colours but Resene can help with that see box below. Just about any colour-way will do. Megan started with a palette of dusky greens before settling on this purple version. Blues would work as would warm browns and even golden yellows. Just keep the colours dusky and muted rather than clear and sharp. styling Megan Harrison-Turner picture Melanie Jenkins Props Cleo Sofa and Amity Floor Rug from Freedom Furniture. Urn and Ceramic Tea Cup from Xia. Velvet and Linen Cushions and Mira Coffee Table from Nest. Anders Lamp from Republic Home. Cast-iron Roji Teapot from Taylor Road. g etti ng sh ad y The new-look Resene Multi-nish collection which is being rolled out through Resene ColorShops in the coming months is perfect for a project like this where tonal variations of colour are needed. This collection is the heart of the Resene Total Colour System with 896 colours ranging the gamut of the rainbow presented on a series of 64 palettes. The new palettes are two paint chips wide rather than the current three which makes it easy to compare colours to each other or to other swatches or samples. Wall from top Resene Spindle sky Resene Mischka left hill Resene Freestyling right Resene Santas Grey right Resene Mamba right Resene Hammerhead left behind sofa Resene Casper sea. The oor is in Resene Ivanhoe. Resene Mamba Resene Spindle it takes twoDesign and colour carry equal weight in this stunning Wellington home. 44 Resene Kumutoto W hen building their new home colour was as critically important as architectural design for this Wellington couple. They regarded the two as equally important to be worked on and developed in tandem to create their special family home high on the hills above the Hutt Valley. The project was an opportunity to explore their appreciation and enjoyment of strong colour so once the design was nalised with architect Gerald Parsonson homeowner Monica spent hours poring over Resene colour options. We had taken our colour preferences from pieces of furniture we love. I ended up with a stack of about 40 A2-sized sheets of colours my husband Mike and I liked and with those in hand we headed off to discuss them with architect Gerald. It was an intense couple of sessions between clients and architect all keen to make the colour choices playful unique and interesting. The colour scheme started from the heart of the house the kitchen where shades of orange Resene Trinidad yellow Resene Banana Split and aqua Resene Kumutoto were selected. Downstairs weve used big colours against the neutrals and naturals of the timber ceiling and concrete oor in the kitchen and timber oor and neutral walls in the other living and dining areas. The bold colour choices continue upstairs with bedrooms in a range of calming greens and an earthy terracotta. Monica says the Resene website and the Resene Left The colour journey for this house began with the kitchen painted in Resene Trinidad orange Resene Banana Split yellow and Resene Kumutoto unseen aqua. Above The only neutral-coloured space is the main living room where the natural elements like concrete and timber are left to shine against Resene Bianca walls. Resene Trinidad Resene Bianca Resene Banana Split 45 f eature h ouse AD Surprise yourself with a Mitre 10 Kitchen. Get started now at From design to installation we can help you a little or a lot. Quality NZ Made Cabinets Our cabinets come with a 10 year warranty from a local manufacturer with over 30 years experience creating quality kitchens. Top European Hardware Our cabinets are finished off with the latest European soft close hinges and drawer runners by Hafele. At Mitre 10 MEGA youll find everything you need to completely transform your kitchen from flooring right through to appliances. Our Nouveau Impressions Kitchens combine the latest style with quality hardware. Using our handy online Virtual Planner theyre easy to design by yourself or with a bit of help from one of our Kitchen Consultants. Once youre done you can simply pick it up straight off the shelf and install it yourself using our Easy As video guide. Or if you dont have the time we can recommend a trusted installer to do the job for you. Youll be surprised how easy it is to get yourself a stylish kitchen for less. Left and below right The bedrooms are all painted in different colours. These two are Resene Boulevard and Resene Crisp Green. Below The entry hall and stairwell have a continuous wall in Resene Bluff with a front door in Resene Streetwise. Resene Crisp Green Resene Boulevard Resene Bluff Resene Streetwise T h e Resene ap p w as f antasti cally h elp f ul and ... i t w as f un ColourMatch app completely transformed her decision- making and ability to be informed when it came to the effect of different colours in varying rooms. It was amazing I got the whole colour scheme done. Even the upstairs bathroom in Resene Pulse is perfect. The app is fantastically helpful and it was fun. A neutral palette was never on this couples radar. Monica had seen a kitchen she loved in primary colours and she says Gerald completely understood and appreciated her thoughts. Thats why we chose him as an architect. We talked to a few architects when we were looking to build but the thing that stood out about Gerald was that he was a good listener. He somehow makes you feel the process is a collaboration rather than just the client providing a brief. So for us it was a process that involved lots of to-ing and fro-ing and plenty of consultation. Today 18 months after moving in the house continues to offer surprises for the family both in architectural terms and colour. We get a lot of pleasure from the different angles it works so well on the site its very peaceful and a surprising thing is that 47 f eature h ouse f eature h ouse words Jill Wild pictures Paul McCredie because Gerald has been so clever with his design we have outside areas protected from the wind regardless of whichever way the wind is blowing. So we can live with the doors open which we do a lot. Says Gerald The courtyard is hunkered in to the hill to create a sheltered area and when outside you can still enjoy views of the harbour. The ve-bedroom 299 square metre home rises over half levels with a number of living areas to accommodate children of different ages. It won a Master Builders award for Scottys Construction. Says Gerald With the owners appreciation of colour weve achieved a playfulness with our palette. People should remember bright colours make you happy its so easy to default to shades of whites and greys but that makes a house look like any other and in this home the owners were prepared to be bold. They came into our ofce with a massive stack of colours theyd selected and we worked through with much discussion to create some sort of colour story. Gerald says he has always appreciated the work of Le Corbusier who he regards as one of the forefathers of colour use in architecture. As Le Corbusier wrote Man needs colours to live. It is an element as necessary as water and re. Downstairs the colours give a juiciness to the living area comments Gerald. In the kitchen weve used Resene Trinidad on cabinetry accented by the sharp lines of the stainless benchtops. Resene Banana Split at the courtyard end of the kitchen reaches from the concrete oor to the wooden ceiling and Resene Kumutoto weve used on a divider between the kitchen and dining area. The same primary colours are reected in dining room chairs. The palette is set against a neutral background of walls in Resene Bianca doors horizontal architraves frames and panels in Resene Taupe Grey and vertical architraves in Resene Ecru White. The hall and stairwell have a continuous wall in Resene Bluff. Upstairs we wanted to make the area more restful so weve used Resene Crisp Green a calm colour from the Resene Karen Walker range with one wall in Resene Imprint. There are also bedrooms in Resene Smoky Green Resene Robin Egg Blue Resene Boulevard and Resene Tuscany making them feel quite connected colourwise. The upper level activity room is in Resene Smoky Green with shelving in Resene Ecru White and Resene Rock Spray. Homeowner Monica says the boundary between the inside and out is blurred both in architectural terms and colour use just as she and husband Mike had hoped. Its a thrill a home that is both exciting and yet peaceful. Every day I come home I feel like Im coming home to a bach a place of tranquillity of peace yet also inspiration. Right The mosaic tile splashback in the bathroom is complemented with cabinets in Resene Pulse. Resene Trinidad Resene Pulse Resene Smoky Green Resene Kumutoto Resene Tuscany Resene Robin Egg Blue Resene Imprint Resene Bianca 48 Resene Imprint Resene Ecru White Mosaics Tile Warehouse Architect Parsonson Architects Balustrade crafted by Scottys Construction Finished in Resene Qristal Clear Poly-Flat. Resene Bluff Resene Rock Spray Resene Taupe Grey Get the hallway look with Resene Crisp Green and Resene Imprint. Get the door look with Resene Enamacryl tinted to Resene Taupe Grey. turn th e p ag e f or alternati v e look s f or th i s h om es d i ni ng area... f eature h ouse Opposite Resene Kumutoto colours the wall cabinets in the kitchen while the chairs in the dining room echo the strong colours of the kitchen. The lower cabinets are Resene Trinidad. Above The shelving unit is in Resene Rock Spray orange Resene Smoky Green behind the shelves and Resene Ecru White on the uprights. The bathroom door architrave is in Resene Taupe Grey. 49 Resene Half Sea Fog top ti p If you love pastel colours but fear theyll look too lolly-like choose a duskier version of the colour instead and team it with crisp white or black accents or trims. 50 Above Dusky pink walls in Resene Renaissance and Resene Soulmate are a fashionable treatment for this dining and kitchen area. A ceiling stained in Resene Colorwood Crowshead adds intimacy while kitchen cabinets in Resene Half Sea Fog recede and allow the walls to be the feature. Exterior garden walls are in Resene Dusted Blue. Other products featured include pendant lights from Hank Lighting. alternati v e soluti on - com e on i n bef ore Resene Renaissance illustration Malcolm White Parquet oor made from new and recycled timbers nished in Resene Aquaclear James Henry 04 527 0657 Campa Dining Table and Chairs Hunter Furniture 0800 777 807 Kaleidoscope Cushion Me And My Trend 0800 638 7363 Window seat fabric Trove in colour Onyx and Baja in colour Beluga Textilia Moss Bunny Freedom Furniture 0800 373 336 Resene Dusted Blue Resene Colorwood Crowshead Resene Koru Resene Soulmate Designer Anita Thomas suggests this alternative scheme The very on-trend dusky shades of Resene Soulmate and Resene Renaissance transform this very open-plan area into a more intimate cosy space. The dark- stained ceiling and ash parquet oor frame the area and enhance the feeling of enclosure while the low-hung trio of lights help dene the dining zone and keep it visually distinct from the kitchen. The white kitchen cabinets and black benchtop allow the wall colours to be the feature and keep the space from feeling too feminine as do the strong architectural lines of the table and chairs. I always like to integrate outdoor and indoor areas so while the Resene Dusted Blue garden walls have a similar tonal base and quality to the pinks used inside it also means that the courtyard retains a discrete feel. phone 021 154 2774 web 51 d usk y p i nk s bri ng i nti m acy to th i s op en- p lan sp ace Resene Quarter Alabaster top ti p Protect concrete oors and benchtops from wear and tear with Resene Concrete Wax. 52 bef ore Above A striking look is created with walls and kitchen cabinetry painted in Resene Grey Friars the plywood ceiling painted in Resene Quarter Alabaster and accents of pale timber on the benchtop and furniture. Products used include a Splay Table from Paper Plan and Portobello Chairs from Ico Traders. alternati v e soluti on - m ood y m ono Resene Grey Friars illustration Malcolm White Heracleum 11 Small by Moooi ECC Lighting Furniture Mercury Linen Cushion Paper Plane 07 575 7505 Armadillo Co Nest Weave Awning Stripe Rug The Ivy House 09 360 8986 Timothy John High Sidekick Barstool Paper Plane 07 575 7505 Resene Paddock Resene Coriander Resene Fiddlesticks Resene Pendragon Heracleum 11 Small by Moooi ECC Lighting Furniture Tall Brass Geo Vase Paper Plane 07 575 7505 53 a d ram ati c sch em e i s w arm ed w i th natural elem ents Rachel Tabb of Bubble Interiors suggests this alternative scheme I love the natural greenery and stunning views out from the dining room in this space and wanted to create a more subtle calm interior space to complement this. I am a huge fan of natural polished concrete oors so retained this and have added to it with natural materiality. While its a mostly monochromatic scheme with walls in charcoal Resene Grey Friars and a ceiling in Resene Quarter Alabaster I feel it still achieves warmth with the timber copper and hemp rug. The stunning Moooi feature pendant I have always wanted to use and I chose it here for its inspiration from the heracleum plants branches and leaves its a feature piece but with its lightness and transparency it doesnt block the view. phone 07 574 2512 email TM What are the latest trends in home electrical Many people dont realise there is more out there than just white plastic light switches and power outlets. Our elegant Saturn glass finish switch and power outlet range has been really popular. The simple lines make it timeless and suitable for new and retrofit homes and it comes in Pure White shown or Ocean Mist which are both nice neutral tones. Both these colours look great in kitchens and tie in beautifully with glass splashbacks and appliances. Another trend is USB chargers having these installed in bedrooms kitchens and living areas where we most need them for modern devices such as tablets and mobile phones makes for more convenient and accessible charging. Pop up kitchen power outlets are one of my favourite things. If you are planning a kitchen renovation or new build and you have an island bench you are going to love these. Its like having a hidden power point in your kitchen bench so you dont have to stretch power cords across your kitchen and you can really maximise your bench space. Advice for people building a new home or renovating Engage an electrical professional early on in the process and find someone who understands your vision and is willing to help you achieve it. There are some great innovations and design options out there that can really improve your standard of living but some of them need to be planned into your build or renovation early on such as home automation sensors and pop up power outlets. Also dont scrimp on power outlets. Nothing is worse than a house that doesnt have enough or they are not in practical locations. there is more out there than just white plastic light switches What should home owners be looking for when selecting the right electrical products for their home Think about how you may want to use your home in the future and design your electrical plans around this. Our Electrical Home Solutions Guide provides a great overview of what people should be thinking about and what options are out there and its free to download from our website How can customers find and see PDL by Schneider Electric products We have recently opened up our first Vision Room in Christchurch and I can take customers through our range of products installed and in action. I can also come to Canterbury customers homes and take you through an in-home consultation. For customers outside of Canterbury the best thing to do is speak to your architect designer or electrician and they can assist with showing you our ranges. QAWe chat Electrical options with Amy Griffiths Home Solutions Consultant for PDL by Schneider Electric. To contact Amy call 0800 568 888 Saturn glass nish range in Pure White. picture Bryce Carleton W hether youre planning some minor renovations rearranging the furniture or moving into a new house a oor plan will help you make so many design decisions and figure out where your furniture or potential furniture will go. Making a oor plan of a bathroom is for example hugely handy as the various ttings often have to be carefully placed. You can easily create a oor plan without having a design degree and without any special computer software. 1 Measure your rooms and transfer the measurements to a rough oor plan sketch. Remember to include the doors and windows. 2 Make a scale drawing of the house on graph paper you can buy this from a stationery store or print it out online. Traditionally house plans use a 1 to 50 scale so 20mm on paper equals one metre in real life. You can how to draw a oor plan Draw a scaled oor plan to help with your renovations and furniture placement. use 1100 10mm equals 1m which will fit more comfortably onto an A3 sheet and be easier to work out. Each bolder box on the graph paper will represent one metre. Count out the boxes according to your measurements and use the lines of the grid to draw your walls. The walls themselves are usually 100mm thick so make allowance for this on your plan. 3 If the reason youre doing this exercise is for furniture placement or bathroom layout measure your furniture or ttings and make scale drawings of them. If youre considering new furniture and ttings nd their measurements from the stores website. 4 Make paper cut-outs of the furniture and ttings then have fun trying them out in different congurations on your house plan. Resene Glorious Resene Concrete top ti p s When trying out your furniture placement remember to allow for pathways. Youll need 70-120cm for more commonly used routes say between the dining table and the sofa and 40-50cm for a less commonly used route between the sofa and the coffee table. The distance between a kitchen island and walls or other benches should be no less than 100cm. For two people to work comfortably in the kitchen allow 130cm between an island and other benches. Also allow for pushed-back dining room chairs and barstools chairs need about 20cm when tucked in but about 50-60cm when pushed out. 55 Unovent is an effective easy to install Home Ventilation System that costs up to 75 less than other systems. 0800 2 UNOVENT 0800 286 683 email Unovent Unovent Unovent is an effective easy is an effective easy 6 Year Warranty A drier warmer healthier home for a fraction of the cost The Unovent system draws dry air from the roof space reducing window condensation and moisture build-up in drapes carpet and furniture - which in turn prevents rot mould mildew from forming major causes of asthma allergies. Unovent is simple to install just like installing down-lights is whisper-quiet and with a running cost of less than 1 per month... A dry warm and healthy home has just become affordable. Game Changer Resene Half Nocturnal bri g h t i d eas Homeowner Michele Powles uses paint to transform the walls and oors of her home. A dding paint is a quick and effective way to brighten or add drama to a room but why limit yourself to only painting the walls Many an old concrete bathroom or laundry oor could benet from a little love. This bathroom oor is painted in Resene Lumbersider tinted to Resene Concrete and Resene Blue Charcoal to mimic a tiled pattern. For a handy step by step guide check out www.habitatbyresene.comdiy-painted-bathroom-tiles. of oors and walls Resene Blue Charcoal Resene Half White Pointer Resene All Black Resene Concrete Resene Kitsch Resene Magma Its easy to overlook stairs as a place to get creative. These stairs are painted in Resene Lumbersider tinted to Resene Half White Pointer and Resene Half Nocturnal with a coat of Resene Uracryl 402 Clear on top to keep everything looking fresh. Simply choose a pattern you want to create measure add masking tape then paint with a paint brush or speed brush. Make sure to press the edges of your masking tape down rmly a few times. The corners will take special care and attention. Resene Retro Resene Nocturnal pictures Bryce Carleton As a writer and creative Michele Powles wanted to make a word art piece for her new home that echoed the tones of the house and reected the journey of the build. The solution was a poem made out of individual letters captured in boxes and treated with Resene colours to give it the look and feel of a series of old printing press drawers. Michele chose colours from her house palette Resene Kitsch Resene Retro Resene Blue Charcoal Resene Magma and Resene Nocturnal and then treated the individual letters with washes and stains of darker colours like Resene All Black and various Resene timber stains. Michele and her husband James made the frames out of left-over cedar. The artworks have become such a talking point that Michele and two other creatives have generated DIY kits with different poems a range of Resene paints and step by step instructions on paint effect techniques. Check out top ti p If you have a number of different surfaces to paint or nish get technical help at www.resene.comtechnicalexpert or talk to the staff at your Resene ColorShop. 57 0800 50 70 40 Nandos Restaurant Glenfield Auckland NZ Inspiration from nature combined with Rockcote Artisan plastering professionals provides beautiful natural interior and exterior finishes that dont compromise your health or the environment. From our Earthen Natural Clay plasters that regulate interior humidity through to our fine polished Venetian and Marrakesh Tadelakdt plasters we have a range of finishes to suit all projects. Call us to discover more. Natural Materials Resene Carefree Take your Resene ColorShop Card or Resene DIY Card along to any Resene ColorShop or participating reseller to benet from these great savings d i scounts of f Resene premium paints stains primers and sealers wallpaper a wide range of decorating accessories Resene Curtain Collection curtains and fabrics NZ only And of course a f ree subscription to habitat magazine. p lus enjoy special bulk discounts NZ only when you spend more than 750. For colour lovers get the price of your 55ml-80ml testpot or A4 drawdown testpatch back when you purchase paint or stain of the same colour. Simply bring back the receipt with the empty or part-full testpot or the A4 drawdowntestpatch when you purchase 1 litre or more of Resene premium paint or stain tinted to the same colour. th eres m ore Theres even a great range of discounts and offers from other stores and manufacturers see right so you can enjoy benets with your Resene ColorShop or DIY Card when you are out and about shopping. If you dont have a card apply at your local Resene ColorShop or participating reseller or apply free online at www.resene.comdiycard. the ultimate decorating card Resene Baroque the ultimate sp eci al of f ers enjoy special bulk discounts NZ only 12 the Resene magazine rrp7.95 with just 1 testpot create... colours retro for todays looks autumnwinter 2016 issue 24 PACKED WITH CREATIVE PAINT IDEAS for a replace looks3 lets celebrateResene turns Art for Arts Sake Get 15 off the recommended retail price on any purchase includes custom framing. 0800 10 10 15 Offer excludes sale or already discounted items Art for Arts Sake loyalty cards and gift vouchers. Two great magazines Subscribe to either NZ Fishing World or Dish magazines at this great rate. Get 4 issues 6 months of NZ Fishing World for the exclusive rate of 29.70. Or 3 issues6 months of Good magazine for 22. To subscribe go to or Hirepool Renovating your home is made easy with Hirepool. Whether your job is big or small Hirepool has a solution to make the job easier. And now it is even better value with a 15 discount for Resene ColorShop or DIY cardholders. Visit your local Hirepool branch 58 nationwide. Hirepool hire the experience. Tile Warehouse All tiles a special deal for cardholders. 0800 289 845 Excludes adhesives and grout. Conditions apply. Harrisons Carpet No interest or payments payment holiday Harrisons Carpet offers no interest and no payments for six months on purchases of carpet and vinyl. 0800 279 009 Credit and contract conditions apply excludes close outs and seconds available at participating stores check availability with other promotions. Trends magazine Subscribe to the myTrends Home series and pay less than everybody else. Exclusive to Resene cardholders and habitat readers myTrends offers you a 12-month 8-book subscription for only 64 a massive 39 discount off recommended retail and 15.7 off regular subscription rates. In the next year you will receive 8 ediitions of myTrends Home each featuring ideas on New Home and Renovation Kitchens and Bathrooms. To subscribe go to shop.trendsideas.comcollections subscriptions. Choose NZ Home Subscription and apply the code Resene 16 at checkout to ensure your discount. 14 BRANCHES NATIONWIDE 0800 700 601 CREATE YOUR DREAM BATHROOM... ...visit your local Chesters branch today Cassini Bath on display at selected Chesters branches Offers are valid in New Zealand to Resene ColorShop Cardholders or Resene DIY Cardholders only until 30 September 2016 and are not available in conjunction with any other offer discount or promotion. All companies reserve the right to amend or update their offers. See or your Resene ColorShop for offers. 1 5 of f 1 5 of f 1 5 of f 2 5 of f For a drier warmer healthier home insist on Showerdome. Where does all the steam go The simple answer is... there isnt any Let me explain. Steam is only created when you mix warm moist air with cold air. Showerdome is the barrier between those two air masses which means no steam in your shower or your bathroom. 0800 541 2233 or visit Watch the How it Works video at Watch the How it Works video atWatch the How it Works video at ALSO AVAILBLE FROM f or th e k i d s babies and beyond Some cool ideas for kids of all ages. Resene Frozen Resene Goldmine Resene Smiles A starry play tent Huts tree houses teepees and tents. Kids love them. This simple version has a frame made from battens and dowel painted Resene Goldmine and a covering made from a length of cloth curtain lining or calico which is then potato-printed with stars in Resene Smiles. Add bunting in Resene Smiles and Resene Frozen then put the tent up inside or out for some fun play time. To see how to make this tent go to www.habitatbyresene.comhabitattv. styling Leigh Stockton picture Melanie Jenkins Resene Romantic Resene Retreat Resene Quarter Merino Resene Mountain Mist Resene Westar Resene Classius Whose room is whose Most kids have a favourite colour and most kids want a bit of individuality in their personal spaces. Interior designer Terry Lobb came up with this cool colour- blocking idea to personalise the bedrooms of a family of boys. Using colour on just part of the door and spilling it over onto the wall is a creative twist on just painting the door. Says Terry The eye is drawn to the colour rather than having a landing with ve doors leading off it The colours were inspired by the boys own choices of bed linen and colour in their rooms. The house is a living show home for eHaus so is open to the public on some days. It was important that the boys had rooms just for themselves and given that the house build was non-traditional Terry felt the interiors needed to be a little different too. The colours shown here are Resene Retreat aqua and Resene Classius with a main wall colour in Resene Mountain Mist. See more of Terrys work at pictures Tracey Grant Gender neutral While some of us get to know the gender of our babies before they are born those who dont or those who dont want a gender-specific room can look to the Resene Whites Neutrals collection of colours for inspiration. A nursery painted in warm neutrals like this one in Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen tinted to Resene Quarter Merino on the upper wall and Resene Westar on the lower portion has that on-trend eco look and one that can easily grow with the child. Or the room can be converted to another use later on. If you want a hint of boy or girl add decorative accessories like this hand-crafted mobile. It uses wooden Christmas decorations with some of the sides painted in Resene Westar and others in soft pink Resene Romantic. String it onto a quirky coat hanger and then onto a wall hook. Easy. The box shelves on the wall have also been painted at the back in Resene Westar. styling LeeAnn Yare pictures Melanie Jenkins 61 Either way these kitchens are super elegant. Tangerine dream With cabinetry painted in the richest orange Angela Grooby could nd Resene Tangerine this kitchen suits the retro vibe of her ex-state home. Yet tawa oors stained with Resene Colorwood Walnut white tiles and crisp Resene Alabaster walls restrain it just enough to pluck it out of the 1970s and place it rmly in the now. Angela always wanted a colourful kitchen and looked at many oranges before nding the right one. Shes thrilled with the result and loves the reaction from people who see it for the rst time. The tangerine bounces off the alabaster. They say oh wow thats bright good on you. Most love it. We do. Although the kitchen is right on trend most of the cabinetry has been around for a few years. It was only recently that Angela and husband Kim called on architectural designer Fraser Gillies to help with stage two of the homes refurbishment where he updated the room by opening it up to a new dining area and creating a better connection to the living room. The kitchen didnt work says Fraser so we punched the wall open and created a dark-stained cladding detail also in Resene Colorwood Walnut in a column across the bench that hides appliances. The new breakfast bar in a very slim stainless steel matches what was there already and gives continuity. Copper lights above the breakfast bar marry well with the orange and also reference the 1970s. Says Fraser It feels modern but very retro at the same time. Vibrant and fresh its a look thats come of age by toning it down with the rustic effect of the timber. pictures Frances Oliver Resene Tangerine Resene Tangerine hot cool or 62 k i tch ens Soft and soothing Appealing to a broad cross-section of people while injecting some personality into a home is the constant challenge for showhome designers. This particular home is in an exclusive subdivision bordering a golf course so an elegant modernised European look using soft soothing colour was the key according to concept designer Mark Wilson at Masonry Design Solutions Resene White Pointer used in varying strength shades throughout the home reects the light while adding warmth and personality. Says Mark Im a great fan of using one colour and varying its strength because I know its going to work as you move through the spaces. In darker areas you can pull back and you can also grunt it up for warmer tones where theres more light. In the kitchen dining and living area timber ceilings and heavy timber beams add a traditional European country avour while the kitchen cabinets have a simple panel prole and a corniced capping painted in a traditional French grey Resene Half Delta. Explains Mark The bluey green grey works tonally with other spaces of the home and without being too obviously green it picks up on the view to the greenery of the golf course through the trees and surrounding gardens. Resene Triple White Pointer is used on the walls and combines well with the linen drapes and pale European oak oors. The kitchens central island has a timber bench insert making it feel like an old refectory table. The design has hit its mark attracting a considerable amount of more work for the company says Mark. pictures Mark Scowen turn th e p ag e f or a k i tch en th at m i x es i t up Resene Triple White Pointer Resene Half Delta Resene White Pointer 63 Choose your FREE product sample packJust visit us at From families with young children to couples entertaining friends laminate surfaces benchtops and cabinetry can create the look you desire with all the added benets of a softer warmer and long- lasting material. The sheer variety and durability of laminate makes it the perfect dcor solution for all lifestyles. Available in various nishes reecting the latest international and local trends laminate provides all the inspiration you need to personalise your space. The latest look made to last. Because its your spaceyour imagination. 7 year warranty Stain Resistant Moisture Resistant Easy to clean Scuff Resistant Or mix it up After dousing her interiors in Resene Black White Yvette Parker was ready to add some punchy colours to her kitchen. She had just launched her business Studio Y Interior Design so her own home was a great opportunity to try out ideas. Viewed from the adjacent dining area three walls jut into the kitchen from the right hand side. Rather than making them blend in Yvette decided to add excitement with layers of colour. Resene Spotlight a vivid yellow creates a welcoming entry and a cheery backdrop to the dining area. A red bookshelf in the lounge was her next cue. Says Yvette I didnt want to make the kitchen look like McDonalds but red seemed a safe choice given there are so many red accessories available to pair it with. Resene Bullseye continues the ow of colour. The nal layer was a oor to ceiling cupboard now painted with Resene Blackboard Paint providing a chance for Yvette and her children to have fun writing messages to each other. The wall opposite is painted in the smoky grey Resene Gun Powder which beautifully frames the leafy view from the window. The wall was covered in old melamine so Yvette used an undercoat of Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer to grip onto the smooth melamine and two coats of Resene Enamacryl tinted to Resene Gun Powder so the wall is easy to clean. There was still a lot of life left in the original doors of the 1960s kitchen so the existing cabinetry was simply refreshed with a coat of Resene Black White and new handles were added. words Vicki Holder pictures Kellie Extance k i tch ens Resene Black White Resene Bullseye Resene Spotlight Resene Gun Powder Resene Blackboard Paint 65 seeing double I ntheinterestsofacohesivelookmanyhomeowners with two bathrooms give them identical nishes and ttings. That isnt a bad approach but homeowner Mandy Wilson and Belinda Ellis of Fraser Cameron Architects came up with a creative twist on that decorative strategy for a new Taupo bach. They chose to give these two bathrooms a similar look but with subtle differences. Both have the same basins and similar custom-designed plywood cabinetry nished in Resene Qristal Clear Polyurethane at. Both have the same concrete-look oor tiles and both have walls painted in Resene Concrete with trims in Resene Alabaster. But look closer and youll see that the tiled splashback is different one is a sleek white tile with black grout while the other is a marble hexagonal. The taps are the same prole but are chrome in one room black in the other. Both bathrooms have hidden night- sensor lights beneath the cabinets while the simple bulb pendants are black in one room and white in the other. Introducing different elements to these bathrooms supported the overall philosophy for the home which was to make it feel as if it had come together more organically over time as a traditional bach would do. This slight mismatching of decorative elements and layering of materials can be seen throughout the house see more at www.habitatbyresene.comglenn- and-mandy-reclaim-bach-vibe. Both bathrooms are quite small so they used clean lines a simple colour palette and shapes and kept the ttings and cabinets up off the oor. Mirrors also visually enhance the space. Belinda designed the plywood cabinets which have a retro bach vibe but also look elegant. Cabinetry was supplied by Allan Crompton of Cromptons Joinery Taupo included is a nger pull detail with a copper ring just one more example of the absolute attention to detail paid to these delightful bathrooms. d i d y ou k now that the Resene Kitchen Bathroom range combines anti-bacterial silver protection and MoulDefender to minimise unwanted nasties in kitchens bathrooms and laundries Resene Alabaster Resene Concrete pictures Sue Bunch These bathrooms are the same... but different. 66 Resene Bright Red Resene Tasman Resene Cut Glass Resene Linen Resene Coriander Resene Double Alabaster top ti p s f or bath room colour When it comes to bathrooms and kitchens designer Debra DeLorenzo sees paint as a fashion accessory. New paint or wallpaper can make such a dramatic change and all in just a weekend. I have a client who changes the colour of her kitchen walls twice a year either for a fashion colour or one to reect the season. Here are her tips for using colour in bathrooms Bathrooms within the same house dont have to match. Its best to co-ordinate an ensuite with the colours and look of the adjoining bedroom rather than the main bathroom. reds the one A fter a couple of years in their new house these homeowners knew there was something missing. That something was a bit of personality and character. The house was mostly decorated in neutral colours including bathroom walls in Resene Double Alabaster and while that was relaxing it wasnt very interesting. They sought help from interior designer Debra DeLorenzo who as part of a wider plan refreshed their main bathroom with a lick of Resene Bright Red paint. Her job was made more straight-forward by the fact that the bathroom already sported its bright red clawfoot bath complete with silver feet. As the bathroom is used by the couples daughters adding a row of ying buzzy-bees and a Mary Lou doll on the wall was an apt way to accessorise. The bright red wall doesnt stand alone Debra used red in other parts of the house as an accent colour as well as some darker neutrals. pictures Nicola Edmonds Keep the ttings and tiles neutral and then change out the walls with new paint or wallpaper to keep the look fresh. You can get 20 years out of classic tiles and ttings theyre the expensive items. Likewise change out your accessories and artwork to refresh the look. Stay away from lolly colours like bright turquoise unless its for a childrens bathroom. Choose a muted version of a colour for a more elegant look. Watery greens work well in bathrooms. Try Resene Cut Glass Resene Tasman Resene Linen or Resene Coriander. cute buz z y - bees and M ary L ou d oll w all d ecorati ons Red makes for a fun feature wall. 67 bath room s Plants from left Ficus Black Knight rubber plant Calathea rubarba Dracaena Lemon Surprise Guzmania species. plant Whether theyre inside or out potted plants are an essential feature of your scheme. perfection Indoor plants are one of the most on-trend dcor items. Choose a retro rubber plant a vintage-style bromeliad an architectural cordyline or a tropical kentia palm. Indoor plants are so versatile and theres one to t any theme. Indoor plants not only look good but can be used to lter light purify the air and simply make us feel good. Choosing a plant is half the fun then theres the pot to put it in. The huge range from Palmers will give you plenty of choice. Caring for house plants Plant it in the right pot. Choose one thats slightly bigger than the plastic pot it was sold in. A glazed or decorative plastic pot will retain moisture better than a terracotta pot. Also use a good quality potting mix from Palmers. An easy way to tell if your plant needs water is to poke your nger into the soil to the rst knuckle. If the soil feels damp dont water. If its dry water. Over- watering is a common cause of bad plant health as excess water sits in the soil and replaces the plants much-needed oxygen and the roots will rot. Leaer plants will need more water than smaller-leafed plants or succulents. Know how much light your plant likes. Is it happy in direct sun indirect sun or in low light A plant that isnt getting enough light will be spindly and the lower leaves will turn yellow and drop off. An over-lit plant will have dry andor scorched leaves and will wilt easily. Most house plants need an occasional feed of slow-release fertiliser. Check the options available at Palmers. Give them an occasional dusting by wiping with a damp cloth to maintain the shiny look of the leaves. thriller filler spiller No were not talking about a movie or a music video. This handy phrase describes a fool-proof way to layer multiple plants in one pot so that it will look spectacular year-round. No more sad- looking pots that you have to hide away at the back of the garage. The idea is to use a foliage plant as your ller which gives bulk and provides a backdrop to the owers which are the thrillers of the piece. Then the spiller is a plant that ows over the rim of the pot to soften the whole composition. Easy and fun to create. Here are some suggested combinations from Palmers Cordyline Electric Pink Gypsophila Portulaca Pizzazz Blueberry Tasty Blue Nemesia Blueberry Ripple Alyssum Bonnet White Gardenia Crown Jewel Stachys Lambs Ear Lobelia Crystal Palace Mandarin Satsuma Alternanthera Little Ruby Bacopa Snowake Hydrangea Limelight Heuchera Glitter Convolvulus Blue Lakes Palmers are your garden and outdoor living experts with over 50 years experience helping kiwis grow great gardens. Visit us online or at one of our 16 stores in the North Island. 0800 PALMERS 0800 7256377 top seasonal colour Here are Palmers top picks for autumn and winter colour Cordyline Burgundy If youre hooked on the new trend for copper metallic accents well check this out. The beautiful red-bronze colour of Cordyline Burgundy will give you a shot of accent colour wherever you put it. Dwarf citrus The ideal solution for small gardens or anyone wanting citrus fruits to pick fresh from the garden. Palmers have a wide variety including lemons limes mandarins and more. Also check out the range of blueberry bushes in store now. Salvia amistad With its hardy nature and continual owering this little beauty will become a friend in any garden Amistad is Spanish for friendship. Exquisite purple owers appear from mystical almost black buds. Delightful Chrysanthemums You know fashion has gone full circle when a plant beloved by your Nana is back In fact chrysanthemums have had a rm following for years for their huge range of gorgeous colours and ability to cover themselves with blooms for extended periods. or a chance to win a almers ift card worth see pa e Resene Wild Thing plantin feature y ou w i ll need Tools and equipment Compound mitre drop saw cordless drill and bits hammer and paint brush. Materials Timber all H3.5 treated ten lengths of 70mm x 45mm four at 750mm long for corner posts and six at 650mm long for top and base frames eleven 140mm x 18mm at 700mm long ve for the lid and six for the door these will need to be trimmed to t four battens 40mm x 18mm at 1800mm for the bracing strips door and lid frames and guide rails. Plastic mesh three squares cut to t sandpaper galvanised and stainless steel screws and staple nails Resene Waterborne Woodsman stain tinted to Resene Heartwood one exterior-use handle for the lid. Resene Unwind Resene Half Athens Grey Turn your scraps and cuttings into plant food with this compost bin. com p osti ng ti p s Composting is the ultimate in recycling turning rubbish into plant food. Start with a layer of coarsely chopped twiggy material on bare soil or grass. Add alternate layers of wet material veggie scraps manure fresh lawn clippings seaweed coffee grounds and dry material dry grass and leaves shredded paper or egg cartons sawdust twigs preferably in layers no more than 5-10cm deep. Dont use invasive weeds with seeds pet manure meat scraps or plants youve treated with herbicides. Compost needs to be the right moisture level and temperature and needs air. Wet the compost occasionally so that it stays moist without becoming sloppy. Turn the compost every week or so to aerate it. Occasionally sprinkle the compost with some soil ready-made compost Blood Bone or commercial compost maker. Compost is ready when it becomes a sweet dark crumbly material and you cannot distinguish the original materials in it. If compost is well maintained and turned often it can be ready in as little as 6-8 weeks. Dig the compost into your garden or use it as a potting mix. for top and base frames eleven 140mm x 18mm at 700mm long ve for the lid and six for the door these will need to be trimmed to t four battens 40mm x 18mm at 1800mm for the bracing strips door and lid frames and guide rails. t sandpaper galvanised and stainless steel screws and staple nails Resene Waterborne Woodsman stain tinted to Resene Heartwood one exterior-use handle for the lid. make a compost bin 70 step by step Step 1 Using the drop saw cut the framing and corner posts to the lengths noted opposite. Mitre two ends of two pieces of the 650mm and one end of the other four. Screw them together to form the top and bottom frames. Roughly sand the edges to get rid of splinters and rough edges. We stained the frame at this stage with Resene Waterborne Woodsman but you can stain the pieces at any stage as long as its before attaching the mesh. Step 2 Attach the corner posts to the base frame then attach the top frame to the posts. Step 3 Attach a bracing strip across the front of the bin this adds strength but also allows you to half-raise the door. Attach the guide rails to the front leaving a 25mm gap to allow the door to run easily. Step 4 Make the lid and the door by attaching the wider planks to two battens. Use two off-cuts for a handle and chock on the inside of the door then stain. Step 5 Cut the mesh to t the sides and staple nail to the frame keeping the mesh as taut as possible. Step 6 Apply a second coat of Resene Waterborne Woodsman stain to the entire structure. Collect your kitchen scraps and start composting. All equipment and expertise from Hirepool. Visit or call 0800 15 15 15. builder Andy Fraser pictures Mark Heaslip 1 Resene Wimbledon K eep an ey e out on H i rep ools F acebook p ag e li k e th em f or m ore ti p s and sp eci al of f ers. 2 3 4 4 a 5 a5 Left Landscape designer Sandra Batley can rest easy now after two years of hard work and creativity. Resene Spanish White perfectly This small but beautiful garden makes a big impact on a small budget. formed I ts not hard to guess which is the landscape designers garden as you drive down this quiet suburban street. Amongst the empty front lawns and sorry-looking shrubs Sandra Batleys garden is a lush oasis. Its not grandiose or showy it didnt break the bank but it is perfectly formed. Just three years ago the site was barren. In that short time Sandra and partner John Eagleton have created individual spaces for quite specic purposes that wrap around the modest 1970s brick unit. The garden is dressed in a colourful array of subtropical foliage and owers offset by fences stained with Resene Waterborne Woodsman Crowshead. The propertys potential was obvious to the couple from the start. On an elevated corner site facing the sunny north-west the unit had its own drive and was visually separated from its neighbour. The garden was one big sloping lawn with no access from the living area to the outdoors so the rst change was to replace 7272 Resene Waterborne Woodsman Crowshead f eature g ard en a window with sliding doors to access the garden. Creating a successful garden isnt just about the pretty bits. First John and Sandra tackled the drainage issues inherent on a site that sits near the bottom of a slope. They also split the main part of the garden into more usable levels one for the deck another for the garden that surrounds the deck and another for the family-friendly rectangular lawn where truck-loads of soil and a retaining wall were needed. At the rear of the home theres also a quiet slim courtyard that catches the morning sun and an area for a small raised potager garden. The property was always meant to be a stepping stone to a larger one so the couple were conscious of not over-capitalising. The deck is made of stained pine Resene Woodsman Decking Stain Crowshead rather than a more expensive hardwood the pavers are from a previous job and John designed and made the smart-looking privacy screen from pine then painted it d i d y ou k now that dark-coloured boundary fences not only provide a neutral backdrop for planting but also give the garden an illusion of extra space Use a Resene CoolColour version of your paint or stain to reduce heat build-up. Left Sandra and John have created a private oasis in suburbia that has everything they need a seating area a dining table a spa and lush gardens. Its enclosed in fences stained with Resene Waterborne Woodsman Crowshead with a capping in Resene Spanish White. The large pivoting umbrella can be swung to cover the table or the spa. Below A curved garden bed by the driveway is lled with purple- owered turf lilies canna Bengal Tiger orange owers canna Merle Cole red gardenia lomandra grasses and a cycad. 7373 in Resene Lumbersider tinted to Resene Spanish White. Even a few of the plants were rescued from other gardens the large cycads by the deck were being removed from a nearby section. One of the kentia palms was the same as long as we were prepared to dig it out we could have it says Sandra. Obviously being homeowners who can not only visualise and design a space but also make most of the features within it is a huge cost saving. John built pretty much everything while Sandra designed the unique water feature by pairing a pot with some copper pipe. During construction and planting there were the inevitable problems some of the services and drains werent where they were meant to be and the property Right One of the rst pieces of remodelling was adding a sliding door from the house onto the deck where a screen painted in Resene Spanish White provides privacy and wind protection. Below left Sandra has even turned the area outside the back door into an enchanting area with an Acapulco chair from Mamasita to catch the morning sun and a pallet table that has been given a washed effect using diluted Resene Spanish White. Below right Sandra created the unique water feature with a rusted-looking pot and a copper spout. It nestles into a garden of canna lilies dwarf date palms kentia palms bangalow palms clipped pittosporum balls and mondo grass. 74 75 turn th e p ag e f or alternati v e look s f or th i s courty ard ... Resene Spanish White Get the fence look with Resene Waterborne Woodsman CoolColour Crowshead seen with Canna Bengal Tiger lilies. Designer Sandra Batley Flourish Garden Concepts Chairs Flutter Design Get the deck look with Resene Woodsman Decking Stain tinted to Resene Crowshead seen with Peruvian lily alstroemeria Inca Desert. Get the look with Resene Lumbersider tinted to Resene Spanish White seen with a tractor seat plant ligularia reniformis. Resene Waterborne Woodsman Shadow Match Resene Waterborne Woodsman Crowshead Resene Sidecar Resene Spanish White Resene Starstruck f eature g ard en has an unexpected microclimate that brings some heavy frosts in winter. Not a good combination with the gardens subtropical plants. Sandras advice Scope out your site thoroughly before you build or plant. And know your site in all weathers. Sandras planting scheme stemmed from her love of subtropical plants and was initially based around a colour theme of lime black and yellow. She has slowly introduced other colours. As a designer theres a temptation to keep changing the garden. We would love an outdoor replace and an outdoor sofa. The spa pool lid needs changing But both she and John are now very happy with the garden particularly the outdoor living area. We get such a lot of use out of it now. Its so sunny and it ows really well. Which is just as well because as the Auckland property market has soared the couples stepping stone home may become more permanent. And having worked on both the inside of the house and the garden for every weekend during the past two years they surely deserve to sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labour for a while. words Sharon Newey pictures Sally Tagg cy cad p alm Resene New Denim Blue d i d y ou k now ... that there are a range of Resene Concrete Stain colours to enliven your outdoor spaces See the Resene Decks Paths Driveways and Recreational Areas chart for colour options available from your Resene ColorShop or reseller or order online from www.resene.comordercharts. 76 Above With the house on the right this layout is at a 45-degree angle which extends the feeling of space. The deck is nished in Resene Woodsman Decking Stain tinted to Resene Natural while the fence slats are in Resene Waterborne Woodsman Skywater. The concrete is in Resene Concrete Stain Deep Grey. Other products featured include an Ivory suite from Top Secret. bef ore alternati v e soluti on - p ut a sk ew on i t Resene Double Trojan illustration Malcolm White Resene Waterborne Woodsman Natural Resene Concrete Stain Deep Grey Resene Waterborne Woodsman Skywater Eldorado Stone Rustic Ledge Alexandra Hard as Rocks 0800 353 672 Metrosiderus Vibrance Resene Half Athens Grey EF5000 outdoor replace Escea www.escea.comnz 0800 173 000 Concrete table Flowing Stone 021 054 8827 Canna Tropicanna Black Palmers 0800 725 6377 Ben Hoyle of Blue Gecko suggests this alternative scheme When it comes to outdoor spaces we instinctively focus on the wider view. With courtyards the focus is inherently more inward with a desire to screen out the wider world to create privacy. Here the deck is triangular and set 45 degrees to the house on the left. Finished in Resene Waterborne Woodsman Natural it joins to a oating seat which frames the dining table. The space is slightly sunken beside stone planters to reduce shading from the house and give better screening from neighbours. The courtyard feels more generous by angling the layout elongating the lines and providing more variable depth gardens for planting. A variety of materials give texture with horizontal slats clad over sections of the existing fence nished in Resene Waterborne Woodsman Skywater and concrete in Resene Concrete Stain Deep Grey. The replace provides a focal point and along with a large corner lounger covers all bases for raucous entertaining or quiet relaxation. phone 021 678 689 web 77 a sunk en courty ard i s ang led f or i nterest Resene Evolution d i d y ou k now ... that Resene Woodsman Decking Stain is now available in a atter nish perfect for timber decks The stain is available in a range of colours including the newest addition Resene Bleached Riverstone and as Resene CoolColour variants. View the Resene Woodcare stand at your local Resene ColorShop. Above A sheltering outdoor room is created with walls in Resene Quarter Alabaster a deck in Resene Woodsman Decking Stain tinted to Resene Iroko a built-in seat in concrete protected with Resene Concrete Wax a bar top in Resene Evolution and accents of yellow. 78 bef ore alternati v e soluti on - an all- w eath er room Resene Pebble Grey illustration Malcolm White Resene Quarter Alabaster Resene Teddy Resene All Black Resene Wimbledon Mother-in-laws tongue Sanseveria trisciata Palmers 0800 725 6377 Wild iris Dietis grandiora Palmers 0800 725 6377 Arizona Wire Bar Stool Cintesi 07 577 6138 Charleston and Coco Woven Cushions Paper Plane 07 575 7505 Hexagonal Wall Planter Cheeky Rascal 79 th i s up - to- d ate sch em e g i v es a sense of enclosure Nichola Vague of Zones Landscaping suggests this alternative scheme This outdoor space is developed as an extension of the indoor living area. Louvres create an all-weather outdoor room that features a breakfast bar built-in seating and a re table. A vertical screen gives enclosure to the space while a cone-shaped hanging planter wall planter and built-in planters add interest and texture. Inspiration for the colour palette has been drawn from current geometric trends featuring black grey white and yellow. The walls and louvres are painted Resene Quarter Alabaster to freshen and lighten the space while black and yellow are added to create depth. Wide steps connect to the lower garden area which features a stepping stone path. A pleached hedge helps to tidy the view from the property and creates privacy. Planting is kept simple and is used to create interest privacy and cohesiveness. phone 0800 30 10 20 web Resene Bright Lights Resene All Black Resene Total Colour Lifetime Achievement award recipient Sylvia Sandford simply loves working with colour. a lifetime of colour Tell us about your current ventures. My work has always encompassed a wide range of activities and my days are exciting inspirational and varied. It is a life of design and decorating and of thoroughly good experiences. In a recent week I visited clients on Waiheke Island in Taumarunui and Napier then went back to my home near Miranda south of Auckland to host a corporate function and mark papers for my Open Polytechnic students. What changes have you seen in our approach to colour as homeowners during the years It has become so much easier to understand colour as our everyday lives are so visually connected to it. Generally homeowners remain cautious admiring the use of colour others have made but settling for a neutral palette that creates a no-nonsense background for themselves. I feel there is more knowledge of colour but as homes are bought and sold or as they become smaller colour choices are driven by market demand and the desire to play it safe. How would you describe your personal style When I was much younger I started collecting furniture. Each piece had a story to tell so it has travelled with me until this day. The collection has been the backbone to my personal style. My living environments have been very different but always designed to delight the eye and exalt the spirit. That furniture has played a signicant part in determining style. Both inside and out I plan for comfort and welcome. My eclectic possessions are a personal expression that are woven into a scheme to suit whatever the role is. I like individuality based on the principles of good design. What is your favourite decorating colour or colours and why I have no favourite colour as I strongly believe in any colour becoming a favourite if it is used well. As textile designer Manuel Canovas said There are no ugly colours just poor combinations. I think black and white are absolute and supreme in their effect. My restful bedroom is painted in Resene All Black. I do love the challenge of white. White is a chameleon changing with texture pattern light reection and luminosity. It is the perfect decorating canvas as a background or as a starting point. There is an architectural purity with white where it can dene form accentuate detail clarify space or enliven light. It was the perfect choice for both inside and out when I renovated an old kauri church in Miranda where the shifting hues of white captured the simple and nave beauty of the structure. Is there a colour you would never use in your own home Any colour thats harsh and painful to my eyes meets this criteria. Colour is so personal. Any harsh colour can be veiled with grey to make it more pleasant. This clever trick takes an equal quantity of black and white mixed together and dropped into the offending colour. Immediately this new tone will have a friendliness that could be embraced. What are your three favourite colours from Resenes latest The Range fashion colours collection and why The palette is wonderful I could nd a place for them all. So I have chosen a triadic scheme with similar intensity to paint a series of wall stripes of varying widths in a childs sunny playroom Resene Skydiver Resene Bright Lights and Resene Smitten. Go to www.habitatbyresene.comblogs-people sylvia-sandford to discover Sylvias fail-safe rules for using colour in interiors. Resene Skydiver Resene Smitten Resene Half Bianca 80 m y f av ouri te colours F low i ng w i th i nsp i rati on... W h i te black or som eth i ng i n betw een We have all the whites and neutrals you need. Choose from the best of the best of the Resene colour range with The Range Whites Neutrals colour collection. Its full of the latest designer paint colours and complementary colour suggestions with up to six strength variations of the most popular colours to help you bring out the best in your home. For a quick and easy tone on tone colour scheme - simply choose your favourite Resene white or neutral and vary the strength and sheen level. A v ai lable as a f and eck or i nd i v i d ual p alettes at y our local Resene C olorS h op or reseller. Colours as close as printing process allows. Resene Vista White Resene Double Haystack Resene Black White Resene Wheateld Resene Double Biscotti Resene Double Alabaster Resene Stonehenge Resene Masala Resene Lemon Grass Resene Hillary Resene Friar Grey Bohemian Travels ColleCTion Warwick Parnell 09 309 1114 Wellington Design Library 04 384 1801 Mainland Design Centre 03 379 1561