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12 the Resene magazine cool ideas for kids colour in the garden kitchens go super bright plus rrp7.95 springsummer 201516 issue 23 TOTAL COLOUR AWARD WINNERS laid-back good looks discover timbers dreamy bold or choose your style F low in g w ith in spiration . . . Resene Smashing Resene Freefall Resene Scrumptious Resene Gypsy Queen Let your inspiration ow... Resene Dali Resene Turbo Resene Frozen Resene Adrenalin Colours as close as printing process allows Resene Kakapo Resene Blaze Resene Optimist Resene Sunkissed Resene Fascinator Resene Memphis Belle Transform your home with The Range fashion colours collection a fresh selection of the latest on trend designer paint colours and complementary colour ideas. Resene has everything you need for your decorating projects including helpful and friendly advice. So come in and see your local Resene ColorShop or reseller today and enjoy the Resene difference. Resene Skydiver Resene Bright Lights Resene Irresistible TEXTURE for a warmer quieter more personalised space. The use of texture brings a powerful and subtle dimension to any room. Use textured wallpaper to dene the ambience of your residential space. Select smooth and shiny to bring a lighter cooler more modern impression to your interior or soft raised textures to absorb light and bring a sense of added warmth. For more inspiration and a list of stockists visit our website j oin us on lin e Resene Sweet Spot Resene Java www.facebook.comhabitatbyresene www.pinterest.comhabitatbyresene www.instagram.comhabitatbyresene Resene Seashell editorial w elcomeIts a problem I dont mind having but for this issue of habitat it seemed worse than usual. There were just too many wonderful images of creative paint and colour use to t into the pages of the magazine. Normally we might focus on just one kitchen for example but this time I just couldnt decide between the stunning yellow one or the sizzling hot red one. So you got both see page 58. Likewise with the bathrooms I couldnt choose between the three glam examples page 60 that came across my desk. And dont even get me started on the garden images that use gorgeous amounts of Resene paint page 63 or the many clever ideas weve spotted lately for kids page 32. I think its a sign of the times as more and more homeowners are splashing out with adventurous colour. Its a good thing we have another way of bringing hundreds of examples of beautifully painted homes to you each week via our email newsletter and on our website Were also on Facebook Pinterest and Instagram. The beauty of using digital platforms is that you can just keep posting inspiring images and examples. Its a seemingly endless resource of rich content. So if youre not getting your weekly newsletter jump online and sign up. And nally a bit of a boast... and a boost. Habitat recently won the Best Owned Media category at the Magazine Publishers Association Awards an achievement were very proud of. Happy reading Sharon Newey editor The beauty of nature has long inspired home design and never more so than now. Theres a growing trend to bring more of the great outdoors into our living spaces. These days with busy lives and smaller sections its common for most of us to spend 90 of our time inside so perhaps its no surprise were bringing nature indoors to enjoy it where we spend the most time. This used to mean adding a few pot plants here and there. These days bringing nature indoors means everything from ooring to walls to cabinetry and of course paint colours. For some nature conjures up images of the bold blooms of spring and summer which can easily be achieved with touches of your favourite bold Resene paint colours like those in The Range fashion colours fandeck. For others nature means a connection to timber and other raw and earthy nishes. Just as the bark of a tree protects the timber beneath you need to make sure the timbers and other materials used in your home are well protected. Whether that be a clear nish on interior timber or concrete or a stained nish on your exterior timber plan the protection when you choose the materials so that the look you love keeps looking that way as long as possible. Then you can also relax safe in the knowledge that when the time comes to refresh or rejuvenate a new coat or two of clear stain or paint will be all thats needed. Much simpler than having to completely replace the original materials Happy decorating th e R esen e team Resene Reservoir 3 feature house 40 Editor Sharon Newey email Advertising Manager Trudy Dickinson Phone 0222 388 892 email Design Alice Huang Samantha Smith Distribution Manager Esther Berg Publisher John Baker Published by Tangible Media PO Box 77027 Mt Albert Auckland 1350 New Zealand Phone 649 360 5700 Facsimile 649 360 5702 All issues of habitat are available in digital format from for a small fee per issue. Ask us anytime online Need help with a painting project or perhaps youve got a burning paint or colour question and are unsure who to ask Ask our Resene experts and they can help you with free advice and information direct to your inbox. Try out the Resene Ask a Technical Expert service www.resene.comtechnicalexpert. Try out the Resene Ask a Colour Expert service www.resene.comcolourexpert. For gorgeous home projects every week go to credits Published for In Australia Resene Paints Aust Ltd PO Box 924 Beenleigh Qld 4207 Website Email Phone 1800 738 383 Some products or services may not be offered in your area or country. Please check with your local Resene ColorShop or reseller for availability. Most Resene products can be ordered in on request though lead times and minimum order quantities may apply. To update your mailing address email with Update Habitat magazine details in the subject line. Please include your Resene ColorShop or Resene DIY Cardholder number. Or call 0800 RESENE 737 363 NZ or 1800 738 383 AUST. Colours are as close as the printing process allows. Always try a Resene testpot or view a physical colour sample before making your nal choice. Printed on environmentally responsible paper sourced from sustainable managed PEFC certied bre and compliant with the requirements of environmental management system standard ISO14001 using environmentally neutral offset web inks. habitat is a bi-annual publication. The contents of habitat are copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of Resene. Opinions expressed in habitat are not necessarily those of Resene or the publisher. No responsibility is accepted for the authors suggestions or conclusions or for any errors or omissions. Copyright 20152016 Resene Paints Ltd. ISSN 1176-8010 In New Zealand Resene Paints Ltd PO Box 38242 Wellington Mail Centre Lower Hutt 5045 Website Email Phone 0800 RESENE 737 363 www.facebook.comresene www.facebook.comhabitatbyresene www.pinterest.comresene www.pinterest.comhabitatbyresene Resene Chenin Find us on PC iPadMac Android features 18 beyond normal Unusual touches for a seemingly simple home 34 enduring solutions Winners in the Resene Total Colour Awards 39 pastel power Have fun with fashion pastels this season 40 timber time Timbers natural beauty is gracing our interiors 46 coming home A renovation and relocation collide 58 make it sizzle Two super-colourful kitchens 60 bold and the beautiful Add a touch of luxe to your bathroom 63 step outside Take colour out into the garden 72 natures way A mountain garden uses stony tones contents 264 f eature h ouse every issue 7 testpots Inspirational settings using Resene colours 12 off the shelf New products and services for your home 28 colourful people Meet a photographer and a wall art creator 30 win with habitat 32 bright ideas Clever colour ways for kids 44 doing it The Menzshed movement helps out 68 build a pergola Create some summer shade 80 my favourite colours Kitchen designer Mal Corboys bold legacy styling Claudia Kozub picture Melanie Jenkins 58 34 Cover look Sizzling colour transforms this global-inuenced courtyard. The fence is painted in Resene CoolColour All Black the wall in Resene Double Trufe the tiles in Resene Bleached Grey concrete stain and the pallet table is in Resene Dauntless. The pots are in Resene Chenin Resene Java Resene Dali and Resene Ziggurat. 24 54 Resene All Black Resene Chenin Resene Dali Resene Java Resene Dauntless Resene Ziggurat Resene Double Trufe 5 18 Resene All Black Resene Double Trufe Resene Chenin Resene Bleached Grey dare to be bold A sizzling urban courtyard. testpots With a bit of Mexican sizzle and a dash of California cool this courtyard is the place to be on those lazy summer days. Black is a go-to colour for garden fences often as a shadowy backdrop to perimeter planting. In this case its up front and on show in Resene CoolColour All Black the ultimate colour partner for sizzling turquoise blues and clean greens like Resene Dauntless for the upcycled pallet table and Resene Ziggurat Resene Java and Resene Dali for the pots. Throw in some mustard yellow accents in the low Resene Chenin pot and cushions for pops of citrusy warmth. The house wall on the right is Resene Double Trufe and the concrete pavers have been stained in Resene Bleached Grey from the Resene Concrete Stain range. Just add a cocktail and youre ready to relax. Resene Dali Resene Java Resene Dauntless Resene Ziggurat 7 BUILDING EXCELLENCEMASTERBUILD.ORG.NZ 0800 269 119 Only a Registered Master Builder can offer the Master Build Guarantee giving homeowners peace of mind for 10 years. Our range of products offers flexibility of cover as well as the option to transfer to a new homeowner should you wish to sell your property. Whether building a new home or renovating ask your builder for a Master Build Guarantee RMBHABAUG15 day dreaming Add whimsy with soft shades. Dreamy shades of muted pastel give this room a look thats perfect for spring and summer. Unashamedly feminine with its pink accents these could be easily changed out to give the space a broader gender appeal. The walls are in Resene Rakaia a smoky grey and are teamed with Resene Alabaster trims and a timber oor blonded with Resene Colorwood Rock Salt. The shelving unit is kissed with the rose petal pink of Resene Sweet Spot alongside the paler Resene Seashell. The short grey vase on the top shelf is in Resene Tapa with the pale urn on the bottom shelf in Resene Rolling Fog. Add a side table in Resene Reservoir as a cool contrast a sweet spot to spend summer. testpots Resene Rakaia Resene Tapa Resene Sweet Spot Resene Colorwood Rock Salt Resene Rolling Fog Resene Reservoir Resene Seashell Resene Alabaster 9 country kitchen Team timber with pale blues for classic appeal. Give a country kitchen a contemporary twist with a chunky kitchen unit painted in Resene Inside Back set against a Resene Half Duck Egg Blue wall. Timber is a mainstay of this style seen here with simple pine shelves in Resene Colorwood Ironbark along with wooden chopping boards and canister lids. Bringing the whole scheme to life are glimmers of copper and pops of hot pink in the Resene Scrumptious herb pot and Resene Sassy fruit bowl. Cooler counterpoints are provided in the Resene Quarter Concrete pot and the Resene New Denim Blue splashback strip on the wall. styling Claudia Kozub pictures Melanie Jenkins Resene Colorwood Ironbark Resene Inside Back Resene Half Duck Egg Blue Resene Quarter Concrete Resene Sassy Resene Scrumptious Resene New Denim Blue testpots 10 more set- dow n space Extend your benchtop space by adding a country-style sideboard to the kitchen. This one is painted in Resene Inside Back to create a tonal scheme with the Resene New Denim Blue splashback and the Resene Half Duck Egg Blue wall. colour block sh elves For a new twist on the colour blocking trend two shelves and a door in the wall unit have been picked out in Resene Sweet Spot the rest of the unit is in Resene Seashell. upcycle a pallet Upcycle a pallet to make a low mobile outdoor coffee table. Weve painted this one in Resene Dauntless then attached some castors on the bottom and its ready to roll. Dare to be bold Large Concrete Pavers 25.98 each from Mitre 10. Genevieve Levy Cushion 249 from Madder Rouge. Seneca JMA Beach Towel 92.50 and Monkey Sunglasses 159 from Allium Interiors. Gladys Pitcher in Seagreen 39.95 Gladys Tumbler in Seagreen 8.95 Bogart Tumber in Blue 7.95 Jett Bowl Canary 5.95 Jett Bowl Mini Jade 3.95 Salt Plains Side Plate in Reactive Blue 9.95 Carison Cushion in Dijon 34.95 all from Freedom. Plants from Kings Plant Barn. Day dreaming Joe Armchair in Stone 1900 and Joe Ottoman in Pepper Pink 900 from St Clements. Cowhide Rug 895 and Clovis Glass Vase 79.90 from Indie Home Collective. Blom Mint Fluted Vase 39.90 Small Vase 85.50 set of three St Albans Mohair Travel Rug 249 and ET Lamp Shade 349 all from Allium Interiors. Pink Velvet Cushion 145 from Madder Rouge. Charade Vessel 19.99 from Freedom. Kreafunk Ahead Head Phones 249 and Jas Pink Vase 17 from Allium Interiors. Country kitchen Indian Marble Stand 79 Bubble Tumblers 17.90 each Brass Broste Kyler Candle Plate 93.90 Apertif Chopping Boards 75 small and 85 large Indian Brass Lassi Cup 69 all from Indie Home Collective. Entertain Placemat 5.95 Host Acacia Pinch Pot 4.95 Host Acacia Serving Bowl 19.95 Dane Canisters 14.95-24.95 Host Serving Bowls 5.95 small and 12.95 large Bogart Tumblers in Fuchsia 5.95 each all from Freedom. Clay Pourer 49 from Madder Rouge. Stockists Allium Interiors 09 534 4242. Freedom Indie Home Collective 09 524 6971. Kings Plant Barn 0800 752 687. Madder Rouge 09 522 1062. Mitre 10 St Clements 09 336 1304. Resene Seashell ROCKCOTE Marrakesh is a ne grained lime plaster that can be used for both interior and exterior including areas of high humidity such as bathrooms and wet areas. ROCKCOTE Marrakesh creates a seamless surface where the smooth curve of one element ows into another evoking a sense of ease and continuity not seen with standard nishes. ROCKCOTE Marrakesh can also be nished to a traditional at lime plaster or for a contemporary look or can be used to achieve a traditional glass face marble plaster coloured to achieve a range of natural colours and attractive patina effects. Traditional Tadelakt plaster 0800 50 70 40 Resene Inside Back of f th e sh elf New products and ideas for the home. off the shelf a pendant for your thoughts Searching for the perfect mood lighting Switch your focus to the latest lighting trends with Freedoms pendant collection. Featuring frosted glass copper frames matte nishes and mix and match suspension pendants and globes theres an option to brighten every decorators abode. For more interior inspiration head to coasting with colour The mother-daughter duo who comprise Inscribe Design have been busy with their laser cutter creating unique pieces for homes using timber veneers and Resene paints. Their range includes clocks coasters lights bunting wall ags and more. They use a variety of Resene colours to decorate some of their pieces while others are nished in Resene Aquaclear. See the range at Resene Blaze most trusted again Resene was proud to be named Most Trusted Paint for the fourth year running in the Readers Digest Most Trusted Brands survey results. And for the rst time Resene made the top 10 most trusted brands Thanks for your ongoing feedback that helps Resene to continually improve. And remember Resene always welcomes your feedback simply email the Resene team at or ll out the feedback form on the Resene website. customise your walls Wall art group BMD may be best known for its rebellious colourful outdoor work but theres another expression to their particular brand of creativity bespoke wall art for inside homes and ofces using Resene paints. BMD uses walls as a vehicle to push both fun and decorative work as well as more provocative and meaningful conceptual work with the over arching goal of adding value to spaces and engaging in public discourse. See Resene Carefree 12 of f th e sh elf Resene Kandinsky designers showcased Its amazing what some people do with Resene paint. From paint effects artists to furniture makers mural creators and lighting designers weve discovered quite a few during the years. Now to showcase their talents we have added a new section to our popular website. As well as proling creative people the new section also gives a voice to guest bloggers. So hop online to www.habitatbyresene.comblog-people and see what people are creating and what others are saying. bright spot Theres nothing quite like a shot of uoro to really make something stand out and attract attention. While Resene has always had some very bright colours theyve never really ventured into the uoro category until now. Now you can recreate the high-vis highlighter pen look on walls and art with Resene FX Fluoro paint. Available in ve colours blue green yellow orange and pink its ideal for use for after-dark events and in combination with blacklight for a striking uoro effect. The new uoros are available from Resene ColorShops and selected resellers. dine in style Scandinavian-designed with a Cape Cod feel the new Vintage Outdoor Round Dining Table from Artwood is available in two sizes. This look suits any style of home and garden from coastal to city casual or country. For stockists contact Johnston Imports on 0800 ARTWOOD or visit www. retro vibe Artist Andy McCready works in a pop surrealist style creating portraits with a retro vibe often onto vintage wallpaper and always using Resene paints. View more of her work at Resene Melting Moment Resene Coffee Break Resene Easy Rider a league of its own Athenas new Soul shower offers a modern take on the traditional pivoting door shower enclosure delivering a contemporary style that sets it apart. Displaying the latest in pivoting door design with a semi-frameless feel Soul features chrome pivot covers and a double-sided chrome handle giving a strong architectural feel. Its a feature not commonly seen on showers in this category. One of the most exciting aspects of the new shower is the ultra-modern square look shower tray. Visit your local Chesters branch or visit 13 of f th e sh elf charting the changes Resene has been busy tweaking some of the Resene colour charts The Karen Walker colour collection has had an update replacing four existing colours with four new colours Resene Quarter Heathered Grey Resene Quarter Robin Egg Blue Resene Shadowy Blue and Resene Weathered Orange. Just for kids To make choosing a complete childrens room colour scheme easier theres a new colour joining the Resene KidzColour chart. Resene Cotton Wool is perfect for trims joinery and ceilings. You can order a new copy of these charts free online www.resene.comordercharts or pick up a copy at your local Resene ColorShop or reseller. Resene Half Robin Egg Blue Resene Oscarstay in bed all day A new range of colourful bedlinen from Kip Co is now available from Collected either in store or online. Mix and match plains and tie-dyed styles for an eclectic style worthy of any bedroom. Just beware you may want to stay there all day. See button it The devil is in the detail and the detail in this heavenly Tondela sofa from Danske Mobler includes the quirky yellow buttons with matching scatter cushion. The wood accent at the base and legs adds warmth to this very modern and stylish design which also comes with the other scatter cushions shown. See trestle time Say hello to summer with this sparkling white NZ- made trestle table nished in Resene Lustacryl paint. Crafted in pine by long-standing Auckland family business Black Sand its just one of the many painted options they make including toy boxes kids furniture and coat racks. Theyre part of the offerings of great locally made products available through The Market. The Market curates and sells everything from art to accessories and furniture. See utter into summer Get into the mood for spring and summer with the new Paradise wallpaper range from Resene ColorShops NZ coming soon. Alive with colour and whimsical patterns let this range utter onto your walls this season. This design is called Keliena code 98420. View the extensive wallpaper library at your Resene ColorShop. Resene Dauntless Contact for more information 0508 FORENO STAINLESS STEEL TAPWARE Purity Pulldown Sink Mixer RRP479 of f th e sh elf style revised The clever people at Revised Edition are big fans of retro and vintage furniture styles and love creating eye-catching and unique pieces for your home giving them a modern twist with bold colours and intricate patterns. They design and hand paint all of the furniture no two pieces are the same. These Geometric Patterned Drawers are painted in Resene Sakura pale pink Resene Glorious mid pink Resene Midnight Express ink blue and Resene Casper bluegrey. For more see Resene Casper a lamp with that Mitre10 has relaunched its core homeware brand Nouveau with a refreshed look and expanded range. Nouveau goes beyond the foundational nuts and bolts of renovation allowing DIY lovers to add smart style to their projects. The Nouveau range includes stylish household items and tools as well as industrial- style pendant lights bathroom products kitchens outdoor furniture storage and furnishings. For inspiration visit the Mitre 10 YouTube page. 0800 844 448 of f th e sh elf Resene on your windows Theres no need to stop at your walls if you love Resene colour. Now you can have window blinds as well in 12 of Resenes top-selling colours. In a collaboration between Four Families and Resene the new collection of roller and vertical blinds uses a subtly textured fabric available in an extra-wide 300cm width to suit large windows. Called Resene Origin the fabric has the same colour on the front and the back. In addition the Resene ColourWise Guide is available on selected Four Families fabrics to help you choose the perfect combination of blinds and Resene paint colours. Resene Origin blinds are available from selected curtain specialists. Visit to nd your nearest stockist. shower- saving paint Weather and paint have a love-hate relationship. Theres Resene Hot Weather Additive for hot conditions and Resene Wintergrade products to improve paint performance in very cold conditions but a solution for wet conditions has been more elusive until now. Added to exterior waterborne coatings new Resene Umbrella Additive gives rapid protection from light showers even before the coating has dried. Water is able to evaporate from the coating so that it dries but light showers simply roll off. Available from Resene ColorShops and selected resellers. Find out more about new Resene Umbrella Additive at www.resene.comumbrellaadditive. Resene Such Fun 0800 ARTWOOD OUTDOOR GARDEN ALL-WEATHER COLLECTION Founded in Sweden in 1969 inspired by the Cape Cod region. Strong colour and unusual features take this seemingly simple home beyond the usual. f eature h ouse Resene Elephant Resene Kombi Resene Half Ecru White normal beyond 18 T heres a hint that this seemingly simple home is a bit different right at the road side. The eye- catching fence has laser-cut palings in the shape of surfboards or is it waka paddles or maybe sh Designed by Nat Curnow it was made by homeowners Brandon and Anna Barclay. We blew up the rst jigsaw within three hours laughs Brandon. The couple havent let time or budget stand in the way of creating a magical jewel-like home for themselves and twins Charlie and Ari. Its lled with found treasures upcycled pieces bold colour and thought-out features that lift this home beyond the ordinary. Aside from the fence theres a rich yellow entrance hall in Resene Galliano a deck shaped like airplane wings an intriguing kitchen bench made out of timber slivers and a cavity slider that reveals its edgy teal self when you pull it out. For this creative couple she is Sparrow Co jewellery he has an antiques background choosing a more unique approach comes naturally. As Anna says Once someone shows you something thats different its hard to go back to normal. In a small beach-side town south of Whangarei Brandon and Anna have done much of the work on the house themselves. They trawled through online listings for ttings and supplies pored over Resene colour charts worked alongside the Left Anna was nervous of Brandons suggestion to use Resene Elephant in their bedroom but now loves it. She added the herringbone patterned wall to transition from the dark wall to a light Resene Half Ecru White one at the back. The ceiling is Resene Alabaster. Above Resene Kombi is a warm green backdrop to the kitchen. The other walls are Resene Half Ecru White. Resene Alabaster Resene Broom 19 f eature h ouse top tip U se R esen e C on crete W ax a n atural look in g an d easy to apply clear f in ish to k eep con crete f loors an d oth er surf aces look in g g ood. Resene Cut Glass tradepeople and did all the painting themselves. Buying second-hand products and furniture online has been time-consuming but the couple reason that its better to spend money on quality second-hand gear than pieces that are new but of lower quality. They were keen on a colourful house from the start and one with a retro mid-century vibe. Having come from a previous house painted entirely in Resene Black White we found it hard choosing colours especially when the walls are all sealer-white and you rst put colour on them. The one colour that did come easily was Resene Kombi. Its a lovely warm green that works well with the black and timber cabinets in the kitchen. While the deep blue of Resene Elephant was a natural for the feature wall in the living room partly because it disguises the black wood burner in front when Brandon suggested it for the master bedroom Anna wasnt so sure. She now loves it. To balance the various bold colours other walls in the Barclay home are in Resene Half Ecru White with the non-plywood ceilings in Resene Alabaster. Anna put together mood boards for the house an exercise she found extremely helpful. A photograph of Above Resene Elephant is a deep green-edged blue used as a feature wall in the living room and joined by a cavity sliding door in Resene Marathon. Other walls are in Resene Half Ecru White. The dining chairs were reupholstered in multi-colours by Anna. Right A bright yellow hall in Resene Galliano is a hint of the colour to come. Opposite Eight-year-old Ari wanted black walls in his room but compromised on Resene Pure Pewter from the Resene Metallics and Special Effects range. The ceiling is Resene Alabaster. Resene Galliano Resene Marathon20 Resene Pure Pewter Resene Alabaster 21 O n ce someon e sh ow s you someth in g th ats dif f eren t its h ard to g o back to n ormal. Resene Irresistible Resene Pure Pewter Get the look with Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen tinted to Resene Elephant a great retro shade with an elegant twist. Get the exterior look with Resene Black tinted into a Resene CoolColour base such as Resene Lumbersider low sheen waterborne paint to reect more of the suns heat. Builder Shayne Stuart g et th e bedroom look w ith R esen e T utti F rutti Resene Black Resene Elephant a striped drinking straw became the key element of the mood board for daughter Charlies room interpreted in Resene Tutti Frutti and Resene Half Ecru White horizontal stripes. Even the chickens get a multi- coloured home nished in leftover paint. Keen on embracing some eco principles the house is built in an L-shape facing north-west for good sun access and the polished concrete oors act as a heat sink. The childrens bedrooms have double doors to welcome the sun from the north-facing gallery hall. On the couples current to-do list is to nish the garage they bought and relocated for 300. Its to serve primarily as a design studio for Anna. They want to erect a shade system for the deck and you can be sure it wont be normal and nish the landscaping. Budding golfer Ari already has a customised putting green in a corner of the back garden Its another touch of bright colour in this colourful family home. words Sharon Newey pictures Marc Herbulot Above Anna with twins Charlie and Ari. Below Inspired by a milkshake straw Anna painted stripes onto daughter Charlies walls using Resene Half Ecru White and Resene Tutti Frutti from the Resene KidzColour range. Get the metallic look with Resene Pure Pewter from the Resene Metallics and Special Effects range. f en ce desig n ed by N at C urn ow Lights Lighting Plus from the Candice range matched to Resene colours turn th e pag e f or altern ative look s f or th is livin g room. . . Resene Half Ecru White f eature h ouse 23 Resene Double White Pointer did you k n ow . . . that Resene Colorwood Whitewash gives a rich whitewash effect but if you are after a lighter look use Resene Colorwood Rock Salt for a blonded effect Or check out the Resene Colorwood stains chart for an array of rich colours for your interior timber projects. 24 altern ative solution - j ew el ton es bef ore Above A feature wall in complex Resene Timekeeper anchors a scheme with Resene Double White Pointer walls and Resene Half White Pointer ceilings. The oor is nished in Resene Colorwood Whitewash. Other products featured include an Eastside replace from Living Flame and various accessories from Designworx. Resene Timekeeper illustration Malcolm White Jade Glass Vase Designworx 09 445 1098 Ankita Side Table with Glass Birds Designworx 09 445 1098 Wood2 3D Muretto tiles Tile Warehouse Rockefeller chairs Designworx 09 445 1098 In Capitol fabric from the Empire collection Warwick Fabrics 09 477 3080 Jefferson Settee Kovacs 03 384 2999 Resene Half White Pointer Resene Bingo Resene Skydiver Resene Triple Merino Amanda Neill of Designworx suggests this scheme This room design combines a mid-century avour with classic elegance. It plays on the moody tone of Resene Timekeeper to create depth and ambience and contrasts that with Resene Double White Pointer for the other walls to keep lightness in the space. The ceiling is painted Resene Half White Pointer to lift it and make the room feel larger. The feature chairs combine jewel-like tones of blues greens and limey yellows while the silver and black accents keep the scheme grounded. A black cowhide rug sits on Resene Colorwood Whitewash oorboards and helps to anchor a cohesive seating area around the replace. A variety of accessories echo these colours while the metallic touches add glamour and interest. phone 09 445 1098 web mid- cen tury meets classic eleg an ce 25 Resene Ecru White top tip If you have a number of different surfaces to paint or nish you may need technical help. Talk to the staff at your Resene ColorShop or go to www.resene.comtechnicalexpert. 26 altern ative solution - sof tly does it bef ore Above Wall panels in green-tinged Resene Ecru White are outlined by charcoal Resene Grey Friars trims and soothing Resene Soulmate walls. The plywood ceiling is nished in Resene Colorwood Whitewash. Other products featured include a Taj coffee table and art works from Indie Home Collective Rex sofa from St Clements and Isaac brass chandelier from Schoolhouse Electric Supply Co. illustration Malcolm White Double Abrams Sconce Schoolhouse Electric Supply Co Pampa Horse Series art works by Victoria Aquirre Indie Home Collective 09 524 6971 Organic Lines Design 2 Rug Nodi Rugs 027 911 0700 Resene Oscar Resene Intrepid Resene Grey Friars Resene Soulmate Austin Entertainment Unit Tim Webber Design 021 187 9835 Retro Round Chair Indie Home Collective 09 524 6971 Resene Colorwood Whitewash Jess White and Lizzi Hines of Room by Room suggest this alternative scheme Our design is a polished version of country chic a fusion of natural timbers and contemporary colours and nishes. This style allows the owner to cost-effectively change out smaller pieces to refresh the space. Its Gone with the Wind meets 50 Shades of Grey merging a subtle feminine colour scheme with strong masculine aspects. The wall panels in Resene Ecru White and outlined in Resene Grey Friars and barn door become unexpected features. The dusky Resene Soulmate contrasts perfectly with the Resene Grey Friars. There is a bias towards using locally produced furniture and a blend of textures from the ne weave of the sofa to the chunky patterns of the rug and bold black and white stripes of the coffee table all pulled together with a Resene Colorwood Whitewash plywood ceiling. web www.roombyroom.cocontact ch un k y coun try ch ic is g iven a f emin in e tw ist 27 A fter years of silently documenting leading- edge architecture and interiors photographer Patrick Reynolds has developed a voice. Quite a bolshy one. Hes known as our original architectural photographer arriving on the scene at a time when strong growth in local architectural practices coincided with the emergence of a robust magazine and book industry. Now hes also known as an outspoken advocate for well-designed cities and a member of Urban Auckland a society which monitors and comments on the quality of urban and architectural design in Auckland. Says Patrick As humans we see value in being close to each other. Cities succeed when they are compact not sprawling where there are diverse communities where you can age in place and not have to take to the motorways to get everywhere. His people-centric ideas for our built environment also inuence his photographic style. Im doing less of the heroic monumental style of architectural photography and have become more interested in the social aspects. Literally I have more people in my shots. He says he is sensitive to colour and a lover of raw materials texture and dark shades although I do a good line in purple clothes. He spends some of his working day in the cave a brooding studio cum living space at the back of the villa he shares with partner Maria and their three grown children. As the son of two architects and with a passion for photography its no surprise Patrick ended up doing what he does. I grew up in a house full of Italian and Photographer Patrick Reynolds nds his voice after years of capturing architecture on lm. German architecture magazines. I couldnt read them so I looked at the pictures. Photographing the built environment was a natural thing to do a way of interacting with it and marking the changes. I was lucky to be able to specialise architecture was a language I could speak. With his views on not letting our cities sprawl he gives a talk called Seductive Congestion its no surprise that Patrick is a fan of the small living movement. Weve built these vast houses to cater for what we think is a good lifestyle with jet skis big TVs and 10 bathrooms but small and perfectly formed can be so much better. For now he continues to agitate and to photograph. Hes also working on a follow-up book to Big House Small House published 2012 with writer John Walsh due for release next year. And for someone with a lifes work and passion for architectural photography he has this fairly down-to- earth viewpoint The camera is fairly poor at translating spatial volume to its two dimensions not much good at describing a buildings programme and no use at all at giving the temperature smell sound or feel of being there. In truth photography is a beguiling but deceptive road to architecture. from apertures to advocacy Above Patrick and a recent favourite shot of his of a design by Herbst Architects. portrait Jesse Carson A s h uman s w e see value in bein g close to each oth er. C ities succeed w h en th ey are compact Resene Half Villa White Resene Matchmaker Resene Frozen 28 colourf ul people W hile many turn to wool and cotton for their woven wall hangings designer Kym Church decided upon a different approach using wood glue and Resene paint to sculpt her dreamy wall designs. Each piece is created using delicate slats of blonde plywood pinned together by wooden rods. Some of the plywood is left bare some is painted in Resene colour while other pieces are textured with cleanly-laid glue dots. The nished art work elegantly hangs by a soft white leather cord. Kym creates the wall hangings at her home in Auckland where she runs her online business Customers can order the wall hangings in many shapes and sizes and can choose their colour palette from a range of seasonal Resene paint colours. The shop also sells beautiful art prints designed by Kym using skills from her past life as a graphic designer. It was while on maternity leave that she happened upon the business idea. Itching to be creative between baby duties she dabbled in DIY art for her home. Praise poured in from friends and family and left her with a lightbulb moment why not sell them online While she calls her design style minimalist the process behind the wall hangings is anything but. The plywood is cut by her husband then Kym creates the Above Kym with one of her designs using Resene Burnham Resene Wax Flower and Resene Surrender. Top More of Kyms designs using Resene Silver Chalice Resene Concrete and Resene Cornower for the shtail wall hanging Resene Galliano and Resene Cavern Pink in the circular design and Resene All Black and Resene White for the arrow.For more creative people like Kym and Patrick check out www.habitatbyresene.comblogs-people. dream weaver Kym creates wall hangings with a difference. design masks up paints then meticulously adds the individual glue dots. Her colour staples are a wide selection of Resene grey tones particularly Resene Concrete and Resene Silver Chalice as they are a fantastic partner to either monochrome or colour pops. Colour choices come down to a combination of what she personally likes and what is trending in magazines or online. When a client loves the work I have made for them its always a kick. I love that my ideas are well received it only fuels me to keep working on new designs. words Leigh Stockton Resene Galliano Resene Cavern Pink Resene All Black Resene White Resene Silver Chalice Resene Wax Flower Resene Concrete Resene Cornower Resene Burnham Resene Surrender 29 feature house 30 competition s winwith habitat Enter online at or for postal entries put the name of the item youd like to win on the back of an envelope. Remember to include your name email address street address and a daytime phone number. Then post to Win with habitat competition Tangible Media PO Box 77027 Mt Albert Auckland 1350 Conditions of entry Competition is open to NZ residents only unless stated. All employees and their immediate families of Resene Paints Limited Tangible Media and their advertising agencies are ineligible to enter. Prizes may not be exchanged or redeemed for cash. Competition closes 5pm 31 March 2016. Resene Fascinator Resene Transmission Resene Teddy Resene Flourish the perfect sleep Want to get a great nights sleep As well as choosing the perfect bed using a Sleepyhead Light Weight Washable Wool Duvet and Sleepyhead Tencel Mattress and Pillow Protectors from Beds R Us will help send you off to dream-land. We have one Sleepyhead sleep solution pack from Beds R Us worth up to 499 to give away. Please state your bed size on the entry. invigorate yourself This striking new Aio showerhead design from Methven combines with Aurajet technology to deliver a full-bodied spray with maximum body contact and all-over warmth. It is Methvens most advanced most invigorating shower experience yet. The Aio collection is designed and engineered in New Zealand and is covered by a lifetime warranty. For more information on Aio and the range of colours available visit We have one Aio Aurajet showerhead in Chrome worth 239 to give away. personalise your walls Want something a bit different for your walls Creating your own wallpaper with Resene WallPrint has never been easier. Simply upload your high-quality photo or choose from a gallery of images then have it printed onto wallpaper. Each strip is numbered so simply paste the wall hang the paper and enjoy your one-of-a-kind wall feature. See or view a sample in the Habitat wallpaper book at Resene ColorShops. We have one Resene WallPrint voucher worth 250 to give away NZAust. cushion comfort Geometrics stripes plaids and plains the new Richmond collection from Warwick Fabrics gives a contemporary look with a classic wool blend fabric. With attention grabbing colours of Citrus Reef Flame and Fuchsia as well as strong neutrals of Earth Porcelain and Armour this very versatile palette has something for everyone. We have a set of four Warwick cushions from the Richmond range worth 380 to give away. Prize does not include the chair cushions are not identical to those in the image. Resene Cararra SHOWROOMS AUCKLAND 983 Mt Eden Road Three Kings. Ph 09 625 3900 13a Link Drive Wairau Park. Ph 09 443 3045 501 Ti Rakau Drive Botany Town Centre. Ph 09 274 1998 HAMILTON 15 Maui Street Te Rapa. Ph 07 847 0398 TAUPO 29 Totara Street Totara Point. Ph 07 378 3156 HASTINGS 810 Heretaunga Street West. Ph 06 876 1010 PALMERSTON NORTH 699 Main Street. Ph 06 358 6800 LOWER HUTT Harvey Norman Centre 28 Rutherford Street Ph 04 568 5001 NATIONWIDE STOCKISTS PROUDLY NZ OWNED OPERATED SINCE 1958 Set the scene Were bringing a new twist to modern indoor and outdoor style at affordable prices. New collections now in-store. 14 BRANCHES NATIONWIDE 0800 700 601 CREATE YOUR DREAM BATHROOM... ...visit your local Chesters branch today Cassini Bath on display at selected Chesters branches Resene Dreamer brig h t ideas for the kids 1. Ship shape Paint a chalkboard with Resene Blackboard Paint in the shape of a fat-bottomed pirate ship. The wall is Resene Dreamer the ags are in Resene Dali Resene Get Reddy Resene Surfs Up and Resene Black White. The chair legs are in Resene Get Reddy and the seat is nished in Resene Aquaclear. Props Art cushion and rug from Tea Pea book stylists own. Styled by Leigh Stockton. 2. Blackboard cities Make these easy blackboard buildings using off-cuts of framing timber shaped to resemble buildings then painted in Resene Blackboard Paint. The toy trolley in the background is made out of a crate with castors added then painted with Resene Alabaster stripes and spots in Resene Hi Jinx Resene Pretty In Pink Resene Blackout Resene Spotlight and Resene Bellbottom Blue. Styled by Gem Adams. 3. Keeping the chaos away As a mum to three young children and a busy work schedule Annick Larkins life is often hectic. In a bid to combat the chaos she put her skills as a stylist to good use and came up with some great ideas for keeping her life and those of her kids well-organised. This backpack station keeps each childs school basics in one colour-coded place. Annick used Resene Scrumptious Resene Niagara and Resene Honey Flower to personalise each section in her childrens favourite colours. Having a dedicated space where the kids can easily hang up their backpacks and jackets denitely helps keep the house tidy says Annick and as part of their evening routine bags get packed and put here for a quick and organised get away in the morning. To encourage her children to keep their bedrooms tidy and their books off the oor Annick repurposed Ikea spice racks as bookshelves painted them in Resene Renew and tucked them into the dead space behind the bedroom doors. Check out these cool ideas for the smaller family members. pictures Bryce Charlton Melanie Jenkins Emma MacDonald Resene Hi Jinx Resene Renew Resene Scrumptious Resene Pretty In Pink Resene Blackout Resene Spotlight Resene Surfs Up Resene Niagara Resene Honey Flower Resene Alabaster Resene Black White Resene Get Reddy Resene Dali Resene Bellbottom Blue 1 3 2 top tip P ick up a copy of th e R esen e K idz C olour ran g e f rom your local R esen e C olorS h op f or a collection of f un colours f rom pastels to brig h ts an d metallics. g reat use of dead space 33 T his years winners in the Resene Total Colour Awards are testament to the power of enduring colour selections. The awards have a number of categories here are highlights of the winners from the residential categories. The Residential Interior award left went to Lisa Day and Scott Donnell of Donnell Day Architecture for a small Paparoa house where a simple colour palette of blues and neutrals like Resene Blue Bayoux at left were used to link to the environment of sand sea sky and stone and also allow the spaces to ow together. The judges commented that the scheme understands the changing of light the effect of natural light and reection on colour. A colour scheme that remains a calm backdrop to busy life. The Colour Maestro runner-up for this category was given to Mark Wilson of Masonry Design Solutions for his Albany showhome below. The family of colours used variants of Resene Inside Back are enduring solutions Timeless colours enrich this years colour award winners. 34 R esen e T otal C olour A w ards Resene Blue Bayoux Resene Inside Back Resene Taupe Grey Resene Wasabi Resene Grey Olive Resene Double Gravel Resene Quarter Bianca an d th e w in n er is . The overall winner receiving the Nightingale Award and winner of the Landscape category was Isthmus Group for the Myers Park Playspace in Auckland above. The colour selection was carefully considered to provide a playful escape Resene Grenadier orange Resene Lima green and Resene Broom yellow. Colour was a key element used to instil an uplifting and cheerful mood. The colours are bright and quirky evoking overgrown backyard garden plots. The judges commented that the design was completely transformative of an inner-city area. Its Alice in Wonderland meets Dr Seuss. unexpected for a showhome are well detailed and give a sophisticated feel. It has warmth and personality without being overpowering. The Neutrals category was awarded to Sonia van de Haar of Lymesmith for a Cronulla house above for a highly sophisticated and well crafted use of an achromatic spectrum including Resene Taupe Grey pictured. The judges commented that the scheme was peaceful yet dramatic with a clear rhythm that provided continuity and ow. The Residential Exterior award went to FKG Group Design and Developments for the Quest Apartments in Toowoomba below. Unusually bold and sophisticated for an apartment block colour is used to emphasise the vertical elements of the building. The judges commented on the timelessness of the colours chosen Resene Double Gravel Resene Grey Olive and Resene Wasabi. The colour strengthens the architecture giving an underlying depth. A completely artful delivery of colour. inner-city area. Its Alice in Wonderland meets Resene Broom Resene Lima Resene Grenadier top tip If youre stuck on colour ideas make use of the Resene colour expert service. You can have an in-store consultancy an at-home visit or ask for colour advice for free at www.resene.comcolourexpert. 35 beddin g promotionbeddin g promotion sleep tip g et f itted to th e perf ect pillow at an y B eds R U s store sleep shades of Your bedroom is your sanctuary. A place to retreat to unwind and be yourself. Use a deep velvety carpet or rug on the oor to soften sound and welcome your feet in the morning. Layering different textures and fabrics from your bed right down to your oor will give your bedroom a luxurious and comfortable feel. To get a good nights sleep there needs to be a fractional temperature difference between our heads and our bodies cooler head and warmer body. Duvet covers come in a variety of materials choose a duvet that ts with the season and warmth levels of your bedroom. As we head into summer this may be tricky to maintain. Swap out heavier covers for something lighter and choose cotton sheets which breathe better. Use cotton PJs too and add a fan to keep the air circulating. Keep hydrated by having a glass of water before bedtime. See for more information. colour tips Colour can affect your pulse rate and your ability to get the perfect nights sleep Choose calming peaceful paint colours. Greens and blues are classic colours for bedrooms as they remind us of the ocean and nature. Pastels are also gentle on the eye and the soul and dark greys muddied browns and inky blues will create a cocooning safe-feeling atmosphere. How about painting your ceiling dark blue to remind you of the night sky Its generally best to avoid hot or excitable colours like red or orange that can keep you awake. If you have your heart set on a colour like this in your room use it for accessories or paint the bedhead wall only so that you see the colour when you enter the room but not when youre in bed. turn th e pag e f or more decor advice. . . T he key to your bedroom will be the right bed its the focus of the room and so integral to your quest for the perfect sleep. Everyone is different so nding a bed thats right for you is a process. Beds R Us believe that they can nd you the perfect bed to give you the type of sleep youve only dreamed of. Try out the Sleepyhead Sleep Selector at or visit any of their stores nationwide and speak to a Beds R Us sleep specialist. Youll be amazed at the variety of styles and technologies available to give you a customised solution. Beyond the bed other factors may help or hinder your perfect nights sleep. Create a sanctuary for yourself with some simple changes and additions. Your pillow is just as important as your mattress. The right pillow will help support your head and neck to make you comfortable. The pillow and mattress should work in harmony so always try your pillow in the store lying on a mattress. Consider the pillow ll and your sleeping position to choose one thats right for you. Street light and bright lights light from television screens mobiles and tablets can make you feel more alert. About 20 percent of light will penetrate your eyelids when your eyes are shut so keep your bedroom as dark as possible with light-blocking curtains. It may seem like a treat to have a television in the bedroom but they can be the enemy of nodding off. Filling the bedroom with the right scents at the right time will help relax you. Lavender is a classic sleep aid with research suggesting that the scent of lavender eases anxiety and insomnia. Keep your bedroom free of clutter piles of unwashed clothes toys papers and other to-dos can keep you awake at night. Create a calming environment by hanging paintings and pictures of loved ones. Sleepyhead Sanctuary For the ultimate comfort support and luxury you cant go past the glamorous Sleepyhead Sanctuary range at Beds R Us. Featuring the latest in sleep technology and innovation youll wake revived and refreshed and ready for the day. Made in New Zealand with quality you can trust and backed by a 10 year warranty. WWW.BEDSRUS.CO.NZ NEW ZEALANDS LARGEST BEDDING GROUP INDEPENDENT f eature h ouse Buy the best pillows and duvets for a perfect nights sleep Beds R Us stock a wide range of Sleepyhead pillows and duvets to help you nish off your bed. Mottled Rabbit Cushion Luxury Linen 09 307 6242 Resene Alabaster Resene Fog Resene Alabaster Resene All Black Resene Transmission The Scandi look is hot right now and is the perfect calming look for a bedroom. Did you know that you can customise your Beds R Us base with a range of Warwick fabrics and include some drawers for extra storage g et th e look Buy the best pillows andBuy the best pillows and k eep brig h t h ot colours f or accen ts on ly Resene Alabaster k eep brig h t h ot k eep brig h t h ot k eep brig h t h ot Beds R Us have helped you choose your perfect bed. Now its time to turn your room into a dreamy sanctuary. use crates as bedside tables laven der is a classic aid to g ood sleep Use a faux brick wallpaper this is from the Elements range at Resene ColorShops. Resene Blaze Come and see a Beds R Us sleep specialist at any of our stores. S oft pastel colours have been swirling around our homes for a few years now interpreted as icy gelato tones think ice-cream and lolly colours. But this season pastels are growing up. Theyve moved from those watery looks to a more muddied dusky style. Its a more grown-up sophisticated palette. And were using a variety of them in one room not just a touch here and there. The trick to using more than one pastel is to use colours with the same saturation or tint levels. So either all dusky pastels together like this dining room or all light and bright pastels together. With this new approach to pastel schemes soft neutrals have a strong role to play sitting happily alongside colours we would more traditionally classify as pastel. So while youre cruising the colour charts at your Resene ColorShop dont forget to also check the Whites Neutrals range. Keep these new pastels from looking too gluggy by teaming them with crisp white trims like Resene Alabaster. Or include a sharp-coloured accent like copper or the Resene Hot Toddy coat rack in this dining room. Youll nd plenty of these fashion pastels in the Resene colour collections. Go ahead experiment and have some fun. Above A sophisticated palette of dusky pastels for this dining room includes a back wall in Resene Tana another wall in Resene Half Perfect Taupe a oor in Resene Soulmate and trims in Resene Alabaster. The plant pot on the shelf is in Resene High Tea with a chair in Resene Tussock. To add depth and contrast the coat rack is painted in Resene Hot Toddy. Right Blue and green pastels have always been popular for baches. Here a relatively new colour Resene Duck Egg Blue is used for the wall with trims and sideboard drawers in Resene Merino a oor in Resene Barometer and a ladder in Resene Xanadu. styling Gem Adams pictures Melanie Jenkins Resene Tana Resene Half Perfect Taupe Resene Soulmate Resene Tussock Resene Hot Toddy Resene Alabaster Resene Duck Egg Blue Resene Merino Resene Barometer colour tren ds The new fashion pastels are perfect for summer. pastel power and a ladder in Resene Xanadu. Resene Xanadu Resene High Tea 39 Gone is the austere minimalism of recent times as more designers opt for timber. 40 A s an interior material timber has always had a place. Trends may come and go but timber has a certain feel thats irreplaceable. It has always featured in older character homes but has become a rising star in contemporary interiors too adding richness and personality to our homes. And protected and enriched with Resene products it will continue to look great for years to come. As architect Dave Strachan of SGA says of timber As a natural material it has personality every piece of timber is different. The various timbers reect their inherent qualities. Nothing can match timber for its innite variety of natural markings and grains. Timber brings colour texture life even a smell. Timbers such as lawson cypress yellow cedar have a distinctive smell which almost gets richer over time says Dave. The resurgence of timber in interiors goes hand in glove with the return of an appreciation for craft production over industrial manufacturing. If the budget allows Dave likes to design complete interior t-outs using timber for kitchens storage solutions including shelving and drawers beds and so on. We detail a lot of that furniture. It means as the architect we have a good idea of whats going inside the building rather than getting an independent interior designer to come in. Nicolas Stevens of Stevens Lawson Architects also loves timber because it creates an atmosphere of warmth giving a crafted elegant look and a certain sensuality. The advantage of timber he says is it can be used in so many different ways. We often use it on the oor on ceiling linings and walls. We almost always use it in kitchens and on various cabinetry throughout the house. Timber ts with the eco-trend towards all things natural and sustainable says architect William Giesen of Atelier Workshop. A lot less energy goes into the fabrication of timber linings rather than typical plasterboard. With timber linings you dont need to plaster which is great environmentally. Sound absorption he says is another great quality. As well as bringing a level of craft to an interior when using timber inside you dont end up with hard surfaces everywhere. It makes a room much softer. Left Designer Peta Davy of Yellowfox used a variety of timbers in her own home including a recycled tawa headboard and hallway wall nished in Resene Aquaclear. The walls are in Resene Black White. Top right The curvaceous wall of this house designed by Studio of Pacic Architecture was shaped in plywood then nished in Resene Colorwood Rock Salt. The ceiling is in Resene Quarter Tea. Right A customised orange stain called Resene Maungakawa Orange is an eye-catching colour anchor in this house designed by architect Davor Popadich of Patterson Associates. in terior tren ds Resene Red Pepper 4141 Resene Colorwood Rock Salt Above A stunning example of how different timbers can work together. This design by Strachan Group Architects uses ve different types western red cedar for the door joinery and window architraves hoop pine plywood for wall linings meranti plywood for the ceilings pine glulam beams and posts stained with Resene Colorwood Tamarind and keruing multi-ply and hoop pine plywood for the kitchen. Then its all protected with Resene Aquaclear. Above right A plywood kitchen nished with Resene Aquaclear is the centrepiece of a home designed by William Giesen of Atelier Workshop. Lately Stevens has been using spotted gum a hard Australian eucalypt for oors ceilings and cabinetry. Its a lovely nutty brown colour with a distinctive grain. He also uses cedar for ooring. Plywood versatility Previously the domain of building sites and dodgy fences plywood is big news. Made of thin layers of wood veneer bonded together with adjacent layers of wood grain rotated at right angles ply is incredibly versatile and inexpensive. It can also be made of many types of timber from standard pine through to maple birch and more. Plywood is a very elegant product says Liz. In a recent kitchen design she used ply as a substrate for an oak veneer using the exposed ply edge as a feature. And of course wood has good structural qualities says Giesen. It performs well giving exibility when used as structural bracing. We have done a number of projects where we have exclusively used wood as a wall lining. Studies also show that timber in buildings inuences peoples behaviour in a positive way giving health benets that mimic spending time outside in nature. Earlier this year Planet Ark an Australian environmental not-for-prot organisation released a report identifying wood as helping to improve a persons emotional state reducing stress improving air quality and having the ability to store carbon. Kitchen designer Liz Kerby of Lizzie Co uses timber frequently in combination with natural stone marble ceramics leather and paint. She says its the perfect complement to these other materials. She calls them comfort materials because they soften and enrich interiors helping to move away from sharp-edged kitchens with their deliberately jarring metallic brightness and industrial-style surfaces. Timber is hugely versatile when it comes to creating specic kitchen styles says Liz. It can be used in either a contemporary or traditional way and is a key element of the current vintage rustic look. Shes not afraid to use recycled timbers alongside more rened timbers for contrast and says that recycled timber has a grounded authentic appeal. Timbers dont have to be solid. In fact using timber veneers or man-made composite veneers are not only an eco-conscious choice but are also cost effective. Theres an extensive range of colours textures and grains available to go with any look. Says Liz They are a stylish alternative to solid wood with a lovely linear detailing you wouldnt get normally. Nicolas Stevens likes to use band-sawn timber which adds a rough texture and gives a lot of character. It tells a story. When it comes to selecting timbers its horses for courses. Hardwoods work best on oors because they endure trafc without being damaged or dented. Above Affordable attractive robust and low-maintenance pine plywood wall lining nished in Resene Aquaclear was used along with Futura plywood cabinetry in the bathrooms of a social housing project designed by Strachan Group Architects SGA and the Unitec School of Architecture for the Auckland-based VisionWest Community Trust. 42 43 At Atelier Cecile Bonnifait and William Giesen frequently use plywood in interiors because it requires relatively little processing and glues. One of their designs uses two different types of plywood poplar and gaboon in all of the furniture and screens. Dave Strachan is a fan of plywood because its light strong and it uses timber very wisely the manufacturing process uses more of the log than solid timber products. He uses plywood on wall linings and ceilings nished with waterborne clear polyurethane nishes from Resene to protect and harden it. He often relies on his Resene rep to help choose the correct nish for the application and timber species he is using. Plus we also use the online specication system. We also use ply for cabinetry. Its preferable to MDF which is heavy and doesnt like moisture. protectin g your timber While natural timber looks great it needs to be protected to keep it looking its best. These days there are many natural looking nishes available from Resene which bear the brunt of the wear and tear as well as making the surface easier to clean especially in areas where moss mould and dust are likely. Or you can use a wood stain to enhance the timber colour. It is much easier to apply more stain or clear nish than it is to replace timber. Resene Qristal polyurethanes impart a yellow tone to timber so are suited to timbers with a yellow orange or red undertone like cedar rimu eucalyptus and jarrah. If you want a waxed look but without the hassle of waxing use two or three coats of Resene Qristal Poly-Flat. Resene Qristal ClearFloor is a tough waterborne urethane formulated especially for oors. It comes in two grades 1K for low to medium wear areas or 2K for high wear areas. Available in a satin nish Resene Qristal ClearFloor can be applied by homeowners or tradespeople. Resene Aquaclear doesnt accentuate the natural undertone of timber to the same degree as Resene Qristal products so is more suited to white or pale timbers such as pine macrocarpa and oak as well as composite boards like MDF and particle and strand board. Resene Colorwood stains come in a range of natural and brighter colours for interior use. For exterior staining use the Resene Woodsman range. Resene Colorwood Whitewash is a great way to get the popular whitewashed effect and can be used on oors walls ceilings furniture and cabinetry. Resene Danska Teak Oil will accentuate the grain in most hardwoods for a traditional wood oil nish. Resene Timber and Furniture Gel is a non-drip easy to apply waterborne gel designed for use on a wide variety of new and weathered exterior timber surfaces including furniture. It is available in four colours Resene Sheer Black Resene Kwila Resene Jarrah Tree and Resene Silvered Grey. See your Resene ColorShop or reseller for samples and colours. Resene Kwila Resene Jarrah Tree Resene Silvered Grey Resene Sheer Black in terior tren ds words Vicki Holder pictures Patrick Reynolds Jackie Meiring Simon Devitt Paul McCredie Tessa Chrisp Above Liz Kerby of Lizzie K Co used cabinets in the nely grained Wild Pecan from Laminexs Designed Timber Veneers range contrasting with a more rustic cedar beneath the island bench. The kitchen was made by Neo Design and the timbers are protected with Resene Aquaclear. J ohn Bush believes he has the best job in the world as the ofcial 20-hour-a-week manager of Henley Mens Shed in Masterton. The shed is a community initiative which began in Australia in the mid-1990s when it became apparent that many men retiring in their 60s had no idea what to do next. They suddenly felt isolated without a purpose and some developed depression. Lets face it they felt that their skills were no longer required or appreciated. When cases of suicide began occurring it was clear that a support network was needed. This rural initiative has been a true lifesaver and its taken off world-wide he says. Known variously as Menzsheds or Mens Sheds depending on a local groups preference the movement now has a presence in countries such as the United Kingdom Finland and notably given recent economic turmoil in Ireland and Greece. New Zealand has nearly 80 member sheds in the national association located in towns and cities from Kerikeri in the North to Tapanui in the South. Each one adapts to the particular needs of its local community says John. We dont have too many rules but theres a simple constitution that member organisations must adhere to and it includes basic safety guidelines. Henleys branch in the Wairarapa has established itself as the heart of the Menzshed movement in New Zealand. They refer to us as The Mother Ship John jokes. While local sheds operate largely as voluntary bodies and charities Johns Masterton chapter has a purpose-built venue and is run like a business. Having said that we arent here to compete with other local establishments. Henley Mens Shed is mainly open during the day although others also operate on evenings and weekends. For us this approach enables self-employed people to get together with kids and teach them some useful skills John says. man to man The Mens Sheds movement is a win-win for all ages. Harley Reynolds is 11 years old and attends Greytown School. He spent his 2015 winter school holidays at a Mens Shed holiday programme at the Henley headquarters. My nan told me about it he says. I hadnt had much to do with tools before so it was very interesting. I think I might become a builder. One of Harleys favourite activities was constructing wooden crosses in honour of the 100th anniversary of the New Zealand Forces Gallipoli landing. Then we got to paint them with Resene paint he says. The youngsters grandmother Gay Taylor is a true convert to the concept of Mens Sheds. Harley doesnt have many strong male role-models in his life and these men have taught him such a lot. Another successful collaboration came about when children at nearby Lakeview School were asked for ideas for making their school more attractive. They decided to decorate it with brightly coloured animal and alphabet shapes John says. For one period a week over two terms the students cut sanded primed and painted their masterpieces. Resene supplied paint in a multitude of colours and before long there were purple cows orange pigs green letters... Henley Mens Shed also helped the kids build wheelbarrow planters which can be wheeled inside at the end of each day. For his part John Bush can see Mens Sheds building in momentum. We are happy to repair things but we dont have a clock so you take us as you get us. There are no deadlines here We really enjoy our projects with school children and we also run mens health groups a writers group and help out the SPCA local playcentres and other community organisations. At the end of the day we are all doing something very positive and our blokes just love it See words Louise Richardson picture Pete Nikolaison Above Henley Mens Shed manager John Bush with local school children and their Resene-painted wheelbarrow planter. Resene Unwind Resene Adrenalin Resene Quarter Black White W e are h appy to repair th in g s but w e don t h ave a clock so you tak e us as you g et us. 44 doin g it Carpet Zen3 Colour Sorrento 42 Underlay 11mm Invincible Our resilient Zen3 collection is made from Triexta the latest generation of synthetic fibre. Its naturally stain and fade resistant and so soft underfoot you can feel the difference. Harrisons helped us turn our house into a home Invincible Our resilient Zen3 collection is made from Triexta the latest generation of synthetic fibre. Its naturally stain and fade resistant and so soft underfoot you can feel the difference. 0800 421 002 Harrisons service was fantastic we cant rave enough about it See the full story on our website. Wed love to help you transform your home too The whole process was made easy because they could see the carpet in their home andthey could see the carpet in their home and get expert advice on matching with their paint colours. Anthony and Jemma chose Harrisons becauseAnthony and Jemma chose Harrisons because their local consultant could come to them at atheir local consultant could come to them at a time that suited their busy schedule. Book an in-home consultation now Visit to see the LATEST SPECIALS. Earn Fly Buys points and ask about Finance options GE Q Card. Resene Black WhiteResene Black White Carpet matched to the main wall colourCarpet matched to the main wall colour Resene Black White. Bold accent colours used on the feature walls in the bedrooms for the WOW factor. 46 home coming M oving countries is enough of a disruption for a family with school-age kids but when Gareth and Jolie Hodsons wish-list for a new home prioritised location before the condition of the house they also ended up with a major renovation project on their hands. As the family of four planned their move back to New Zealand from Australia they went house-hunting on Aucklands North Shore where friends and family lived. They managed to nd and buy a house before their relocation date. It had a big sunny section and was close to the beach shops and schools. As a bonus and fairly rare for the area it was a character-lled transitional villa but one that hadnt been updated for decades. The couple was well-prepared for the renovation process having rebuilt a home in Sydney just 18 months before. The epitome of efciency they had the A major renovation on top of a relocation kept this family on its toes. f eature h ouse Opposite The outdoor replace is painted in Resene Eighth Tapa and protected with a louvred roof. The weatherboards are Resene Half Tapa and the trims in Resene Quarter Sea Fog. Left Emmas Resene Escape walls attract a lot of comment. She was determined to have blue for her bedroom. The whimsical bird light tting was bought back by mum Jolie as hand luggage from Australia. Below The light and airy main living room is a much-used space and nished in Resene Sea Fog on walls with a Resene Half Sea Fog ceiling and Resene Quarter Sea Fog trims. The couple had to double-check that the over-sized sofa brought with them from Sydney would t in the room. top tip Use Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen on walls in busy areas of your home its easier to wipe down to remove any marks than standard acrylic paint. Resene Half Tapa Resene Eighth Tapa Resene Quarter Sea Fog Resene Escape Resene Half Sea Fog Resene Sea Fog 47 f eature h ouse Inspiring Tiles Expert Advice Exclusive to Tile Space the Firenze Collection from Italy starts at 115 per m2 Albany Botany Ellerslie Henderson Parnell Wairau Valley Whangaparaoa Hamilton Tauranga Wellington Dealers NZ wide Above The couples interior designer door-knocked to nd out the name of an exterior colour that had caught their eye Resene Half Tapa for the weatherboards teamed with Resene Quarter Sea Fog trims. Opposite clockwise from top Warm and inviting Resene Sandspit Brown is used for the walls in the second living room. The marble splashback is a centre-piece of the Resene Quarter Sea Fog kitchen. Jolie was determined to have the extra-wide 1500mm Smeg cooker. Emma and Sam playing in the garden. Sams very on-trend colour choice of French grey for his bedroom is interpreted in Resene Quarter Stack. Resene Half Tapa Resene Eighth Tapa Resene Sandspit Brown Resene Quarter Sea Fog Resene Quarter Stack Resene Fuscous Grey architects plans in hand and builder lined up within a few short months of landing on home soil. Says Jolie We had a clear idea of what we wanted especially in regard to the main living area at the back of the house. We had a similar space in Sydney with an open-plan area opening to the outdoors and it worked extremely well. Our architect Greg Jones of Jones Architects had also just completed a similar house in Grey Lynn so we were able to easily visualise how this one might be. When it came to colour the couple wanted a reasonably neutral palette but not to use the same colour throughout the house. They let children Sam 11 and Emma 10 choose their own colours Resene Escape for her and Resene Quarter Stack for him. Says Gareth Emmas room gets a lot of comments from her friends. Its a great colour and it will last her as she gets older too. While the large open-plan living room is kept light and airy with Resene Sea Fog a more traditional second living room has been given a cosy feel with Resene Sandspit Brown. All of the ceilings are in Resene Half Sea Fog with trims in Resene Quarter Sea Fog. Says Jolie Were very happy with all of the colours. They work well along with feature pieces like the marble splashback in the kitchen and the David Trubridge lights which were an early choice. The colours were chosen with help from Lorraine ORourke from Trinity Design. She even went door- knocking when she spotted an exterior colour the couple liked. It turned out to be Resene Half Tapa which is now used on the Hodsons weatherboards joined by a garage door in Resene Fuscous Grey and trims in Resene Quarter Sea Fog. Resene Sea Fog top tip U sin g a sch eme based on varian ts of th e same colour lik e R esen e S ea F og g ives a calm f eel an d a coh esive look . 49 SALLEE.CO.NZCOLOURTOOL Obsessive. Even slightly compulsive. When it comes to helping our clients find the perfect colour carpet we prefer to think of ourselves as being particularly particular. Because were not just talking about any old perfect colour but that one exact hue of perfection thats going to turn that interior into that interior. Thats why weve created our online Colour Tool designed to help you in your search for the perfect unique colour. Just upload an image as a starting point or mix your own in the colour mixer. Our full bespoke colour matching service means you find us any colour in the world and well dye the finest Pure New Zealand Wool to match. From there we rely on 40 years of carpet making heritage and craft the yarn into some of the finest carpet available anywhere in the world. For more information about our bespoke colour offering or to view our extensive range of over 60 pre-selected colours Phone 0800 SALLEE 0800 725 533 email or visit our website. Resene Sandspit Brown Get the look with Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen tinted to Resene Escape. Architect Greg Jones Jones Architects Get the exterior look with Resene Lumbersider tinted to Resene Half Tapa weatherboards and Resene Quarter Sea Fog trims. Builder Craig Pym United House Resene Half Tapa Resene Escape Interior designer Lorraine ORourke Trinity Design oak f loorin g B O C asa Tiles European Ceramics Resene Sandspit Brown Resene Sea Fog Below Gareth and Jolie feel that the colours including the Resene Sea Fog walls work well with feature pieces like the David Trubridge lights. f eature h ouse turn th e pag e f or altern ative look s to th is main bedroom. . . Resene Fuscous Grey In turn strangers now knock on the Hodsons door asking about the colour and in a humorous twist one of those was a Resene staff member. Lorraine was involved early in the project helping to plan not only the colours but designing all of the built-in joinery the kitchen and bathrooms various accessories and ttings and any new furniture needed. Jolie and Gareth were the perfect clients making decisions quickly and not back-tracking on those. You have to be fairly decisive on a project this size. If you start shifting things around it can have major implications says Jolie. The family rented elsewhere while the renovation work was done and havent long been back in. They are very happy with the result and say they wouldnt change a thing. Next on their do-to list is the garden. While larger landscaping items like the pool and a covered outdoor room are in place the planting is yet to come. For now the children and golden retriever Bailey are enjoying plenty of space to play. words Sharon Newey pictures Mark Heaslip 51 Resene Quarter Ecru White top tip Use colour on your ceiling for a fashion-forward look. In bedrooms its great for creating a warm cocooning effect. 52 altern ative solution - dare to g o dark bef ore Above A rich scheme of Resene Regatta and Resene Fuscous Grey makes for a dramatic cocooning room. The trims are painted in Resene Quarter Ecru White and other products featured include a Recycled Elm Console and Iron Mesh Hanging Lamp from CC Interiors an Industria Web Side Table from SM Interiors and an Eternity Bedspread Set from Baksana. Resene Fuscous Grey illustration Malcolm White Capri Rug Artisan Flooring 09 302 2499 Recycled Pine Desk with Gunmetal Sides CC Interiors 09 589 1950 Wall Lamp with Pewter Finish CC Interiors 09 589 1950 Dancing with Dragons artwork by Jodi Anne Newnham Mid Century Swag Chateau Side Table Trenzseater 09 303 4151 Resene Momentum Resene Regatta Resene Resolution Blue Hayley-Ann Brown of Lou Brown Design suggests this alternative scheme Bedrooms are one of my favourite spaces to design being able to create drool- worthy sanctuaries. Here Ive created a cosy and elegant space characterised by dark moody tones layers of texture and pops of warm earthy browns. The wall behind the bed has been roughly plastered to add texture and then painted with Resene Regatta in a at nish for a sense of depth. The opposite wall also in Resene Regatta has a standard smooth nish it draws you into the space and sets the tone. Other walls are Resene Fuscous Grey a lovely warm grey. The lighter Resene Ecru White shutters add balance to the otherwise dark room and picking out the villa trims in this colour is a nod to the homes history. Finishing touches include a chair to relax in a super stylish art work and an oversized rug to anchor the bed. The moral of the story Dare to go dark and use lots of gorgeous textures phone 021 814 329 web cosy up to th is dark an d eleg an t room Resene Desperado 53 Resene Emerge top tip Use Resene Enamacryl for painting furniture. It gives a tough hardwearing surface and a lovely glossy nish that adds more character to bold colours such as these. Or for a chalk-style paint nish use Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen or Resene SpaceCote Flat. 54 altern ative solution - vin tag e f un bef ore Above This playful scheme uses Resene Barometer on the walls Resene Emerge on the window architraves and shutters and a ceiling in Resene Quarter Cararra. An upcycled dresser is painted in Resene Bright Lights Resene Smooch and Resene Dauntless. Other products include a Glass Cloche Pendant from Mr Ralph and an antique silver leaf mirror from European Antiques. Resene Barometer illustration Malcolm White Domani Aurora Duvet Farmers Giraffe with Books Cushion The Design Store 09 625 7559 Aura Chevron Throw in Bright Yellow The Design Store 09 625 7559 Y Stool used as a bedside table Tim Webber Design 021 187 9835 Ninna Cushion Country Road Resene Bright Lights Resene Quarter Cararra Resene Smooch Resene Dauntless Sandra Carroll of Colour Design Group suggests this alternative scheme Using the duvet cover in this scheme as my inspiration I wanted to create a room with a hint of vintage style. The moodiness of the colours in the bedlinen is played up by using Resene Barometer for the walls while bright colour pops of yellow pink and teal are used as accents and to paint a custom-coloured second-hand dresser in Resene Bright Lights Resene Smooch and Resene Dauntless. These colours also appear in other accents such as the chaise lounge fabric cushions and stool. The calming sea-foam grey of Resene Emerge is used for the shutters and trims while Resene Quarter Cararra is a clear off-white that holds it all together on the ceiling. The whole scheme is anchored with a carpet with its colour also drawn from those in the duvet cover. phone 027 485 4286 email retro colours evok e an edg y vin tag e style 55 R O C K C OT E Extend your choice and depth of colours like never before with CoolPlastTM Resene Cool Colour technology. Now you can select dark colours for your new ROCKCOTE PSL external plaster faade systems with confidence. Innovative Protection 0800 50 70 40 Resene Smooch Take your Resene ColorShop Card or Resene DIY Card along to any Resene ColorShop or participating reseller to benet from these great savings discoun ts of f Resene premium paints stains primers and sealers wallpaper a wide range of decorating accessories Resene Curtain Collection curtains and fabrics NZ only And of course a f ree subscription to habitat magazine. plus enjoy special bulk discounts NZ only when you spend more than 750. For colour lovers get the price of your 55ml-80ml testpot or A4 drawdown testpatch back when you purchase paint or stain of the same colour. Simply bring back the receipt with the empty or part-full testpot or the A4 drawdowntestpatch when you purchase 1 litre or more of Resene premium paint or stain tinted to the same colour. th eres more Theres even a great range of discounts and offers from other stores and manufacturers see right so you can enjoy benets with your Resene ColorShop or DIY Card when you are out and about shopping. If you dont have a card apply at your local Resene ColorShop or participating reseller or apply free online at www.resene.comdiycard. the ultimate decorating card Resene Dutch White the ultimate special of f ers enjoy special bulk discounts NZ only BATHROOM KITCHEN COLLECTION RENOVATING YOUR BATHROOM OR KITCHEN BUILDING A NEW HOME NEED INSPIRATION FOR YOUR DREAM BATHROOM 220 pages of bathroom and kitchen products and inspiration Products available through all leading bathrooms showrooms nationwide WELLINGTON SHOWROOM 63 Kenepuru Dr Porirua T 04 568 9898 AUCKLAND SHOWROOM Inside Evoque Interior Inspiration 23 Davis Cr Newmarket T 09 526 0136 REQUEST A FREE COPY OF OUR LATEST CATALOGUE TODAY Freephone 0800 001478 Email Art for Arts Sake Get 15 off the recommended retail price on any purchase includes custom framing. 0800 10 10 15 Offer excludes sale or already discounted items Art for Arts Sake loyalty cards and gift vouchers. Two great magazines Subscribe to either NZ Fishing World or Dish magazines at this great rate. Get 4 issues 6 months of NZ Fishing World for the exclusive rate of 29.70. Or 3 issues6 months of Dish magazine for 22. To subscribe go to or Hirepool Renovating your home is made easy with Hirepool. Whether your job is big or small Hirepool has a solution to make the job easier. And now it is even better value with a 15 discount for Resene ColorShop or DIY cardholders. Visit your local Hirepool branch 58 nationwide. Hirepool hire the experience. Tile Warehouse All tiles a special deal for cardholders. 0800 289 845 Excludes adhesives and grout. Conditions apply. Carpet Court No interest or payments payment holiday Carpet Court offers no interest and no payments for six months on purchases of carpet. 0800 787 777 Credit and contract conditions apply excludes close outs and seconds available at participating stores check availability with other promotions. Trends magazine Subscribe to the Trends Home Series and pay less than everybody else. Exclusive to Resene cardholders and habitat readers Trends offers you a 12-month subscription for only 55. In the next year you will receive the following 4 x New Home Trends 2 x Renovation Trends 2 x Kitchen Bathroom Trends To subscribe go to www.trendsideas.comgoresenespecial Offers are valid in New Zealand to Resene ColorShop Cardholders or Resene DIY Cardholders only until 31 March 2016 and are not available in conjunction with any other offer discount or promotion. All companies reserve the right to amend or update their offers. See or your Resene ColorShop for offers. 1 5 of f 1 5 of f 1 5 of f 2 5 of f These colourful kitchens y in the face of the more common all-white approach. Resene Roadster Resene Half Black White Red hot When Rochelle Jackson of Kitchen Elements had a brief from clients that after a hard days work they wanted to come back to something thats cheery and bright she didnt hold back. The result is a red hot Resene Roadster kitchen. In what was once a dark u-shaped room the rich red reects natural light. Base cabinets in Resene Half Black White provide a crisp contrast. Says Rochelle Colour has such an impact on your mood. If you nd a colour that youre naturally drawn to such as a favourite dress bowl or pot and its a colour that makes you feel good you know that youre onto a winner. By sticking with one bold colour her client Lynda Jelbert can accessorise with other punchy colours a red toaster here yellow tulips there a bowl of bright green apples. And to add texture the Kitchen Elements team designed elegant patterned laser-cut panels to run along the back wall and sides of the prepping station. While Rochelle helped choose the gutsy red for this kitchen renovation she suggests you stick with a colour that you absolutely love. make it sizzle top tip If you want to achieve the true intensity of Resene colours like these make sure your cabinetmaker is using Resene ArmourCat. Its especially formulated for kitchen cabinets and will give you the exact Resene colour you want. pictures Capture Chris Parker 58 k itch en s k itch en colour tren ds Call it a retro revival but citrus shades have come back to the kitchen. And having returned from the interior design wilderness theyre packing a truly powerful punch. Says Bay of Plenty designer Tracy Murphy Green orange and yellow look particularly good with the high- gloss nishes that many homeowners are currently opting for she says. The secret is to use your favourite colour as a back-painted splashback or a panel under the breakfast bar keeping everything else very classic in black or white for example. This way in a few years you can change the look quite dramatically without going to the expense of installing a whole new kitchen Some of the colours Tracy has seen used recently include Resene Juicy a lively sun-kissed orange and Resene Wasabi a complex lime green. Shes also had clients wanting hot pink and sky blue kitchens. In Wellington Rochelle Jackson of Kitchen Elements has noticed slightly different kitchen colour trends. People here can be more conservative when it comes to choosing colour and during a recession they tend to want something classic and timeless. Now that were out of the downturn many are being bolder. Just lately Ive done a couple of kitchens in navy blue. Another trend Rochelle has noticed is the use of subtle rened pastels. So much of it depends on the environment though. If your house is sunny you can get away with brights. If its not sunny youll need warmer more natural shades. Hello yellow A decision to paint the walls of this classic Lockwood home gave designer Tracy Murphy the perfect neutral backdrop for a bold black and yellow scheme for her own kitchen. Yellow may be an on-trend accent colour but few would think to include it with such condence in their kitchen. Tracy thoroughly researched the right white for the walls and ceilings as it had to work with the existing cream-coloured window joinery. The solution was Resene Half Merino. Most of the kitchen cabinets are nished in Resene Black the glossy nish of which reects light and maximises the feeling of space. French doors replaced a single xed window in the lounge which gave enough room to have a large kitchen island with a generous 980mm overhang at one end for casual dining. Resene Spotlight was then used on the island cabinets and on wall-mounted cabinets beside the kitchen window. Says Tracy I love the yellow. It brightens up the whole space and makes the room so inviting. Perhaps its no surprise that this kitchen actually began life with bright green accents before the change to yellow part of the beauty of being a kitchen designer. Tracy works for Vekart in Rotorua. And if yellow isnt vibrant enough Tracy used LED lighting under the breakfast bar on the toe-kicks and to up-light the ceiling above the tall units to add extra dimension for entertaining at night. Resene Spotlight Resene Half Merino Resene Black 59 bath rooms Theres nothing like a touch of luxe to bring a bathroom to life. Adding the sparkle When the owners of this classic Auckland villa purchased their home they knew that a bathroom renovation would be one of the rst things on the agenda. But the space was limiting. Without major architectural changes designer Susan Templer of Templer Interiors had to work within the parameters of the odd shape of this split bathroom. Keeping with a traditional style Susan added a contemporary twist with a clean fresh colour palette of Resene Half Robin Egg Blue and Resene Quarter Black White panelling. The custom designed vanity in the same soft colour as the walls is a perfect complement to the bright white panelling and xtures. The modern trough sink is wide enough for two and the very traditional taps marry the two styles with maximum practicality. To the side of the vanity recessed cabinets disappear visually but contain loads of storage space. The shower area was challenging as it narrows and angles back. The glass enclosed walk-in shower makes the best use of a small space with a rainhead and hand shower next to a practical bench. To the side of the bench a large recessed alcove has space enough for all your shower needs without the clutter. Resene Half Robin Egg Blue and thebold beautiful did you k n ow that the Resene Kitchen Bathroom range combines anti-bacterial silver protection and MoulDefender to minimise unwanted nasties in kitchens bathrooms and laundries Resene Quarter Black White 60 All class Mark and Claire Bramwell may have a modestly sized bungalow but that didnt stop them dedicating a chunk of it to a generous bathroom and adding glamorous touches that makes it much more than a utilitarian space. Says Claire Because the bathroom is bigger with a bit of elegance it feels more like a dressing room than just a bathroom. While the lower portion of the walls are tiled Resene Stonehenge adds a warm rich feel to the upper part. The generous wall-hung vanity has an oval top-mounted basin and theres plenty of room for a Queen Anne style chair in one corner a basket of shells and wall art. The oors were left as the original timber restored by Mark himself and nished in Resene Qristal ClearFloor. The couple also did much of the painting themselves. The colour was chosen to blend with the rest of the house and work with the oors to give a casual yet sophisticated look. Theatrical approach Set designs for theatres are so often temporary affairs. Not so for this spectacular art work designed and painted in Resene paints by Tony Geddes for a production of Cabaret at the old Court Theatre in Christchurch. Created to look like a 19th century mural it now graces the bathroom of his and wife Tonis old 1875 cottage in Lyttleton. And with that as a visual starting point theres little chance that the rest of the room will be anywhere near normal. The mural is laid straight onto the original tongue-and-groove panelling which has been protected with Resene Aquaclear. A clawfoot bath with a rusty exterior is joined by an antique brass tap a dress-makers dummy an old outdoor chair and a chest of drawers. The Geddes arent averse to a bit of roughing it but when their grandson Ihorangi joined their household nine years ago it was time to de-commission the outside loo and make a bathroom inside. High ceilings add to the drama while the timber oors are simply covered with oriental rugs. Its still a work in progress says Toni with the next job to paint the outside of the bath in Resene Black. I think its time the rust should go. Resene Stonehenge 61 Whether youre building renovating or just want your tap fixed get a Master Plumber to help. Weve been supporting our members to deliver excellence for over 100 years providing quality assurance every step of the way. From the smallest job to major commercial projects a Master Plumber provides efficient professional service backed by the residential Master Plumbers Guarantee. Always use a Master Plumber outside Turn your thoughts to the outdoors and the way paint can transform your garden. I ts well-documented that we love our outdoor spaces they are places to relax in entertain play or enjoy a spot of gardening. These days our decorating imaginations dont stop at the door to the garden. Weve become adept at considering how accessories furniture ornaments and colour can be used to enhance gardens and courtyards. Often we will choose muddied greyed-off paint colours for our outdoor spaces. These non-glaring tones are a good choice for our strong sunlight are a great backdrop to plants and they blend beautifully with other natural elements that are often used in the garden. Boundary fences painted in an almost-black paint or stain will recede and therefore visually expand the size of your garden no matter how small it is. The exterior walls of your home also become an important colour element in your garden schemes step Top left This handsome double door is nished in pale grey Resene Titania and joined by hurricane lamps upcycled posts and chunky chains to act as downpipes. The board and batten cladding is painted in Resene Bokara Grey and the house is by Customkit. Left The hero of John and Carolines Lockes property was always the garden. Their house designed by their son Tom Locke was always meant to be a recessive backdrop except for the door. Inspired by the work of 1950s architect Le Corbusier Tom used Resene Pearl Lusta an off-white colour which has taken on a pale blue tone in this dusk shot Resene De Janeiro mauve Resene Paris Daisy yellow which looks green here with the night lighting and Resene Jordy Blue. Resene Paris Daisy Resene Jordy Blue Resene De Janeiro Resene Titania Resene Bokara Grey Resene Pearl Lusta 63 A BRAND NEW BOOK TO GIVE YOUR BATHROOM A BRAND NEW LOOK Use The Mico Bathroom Book 2016 to create the bathroom you have always wanted. Isnt it time you enjoyed the worlds best products and latest design ideas to make the most important room in your home the most enjoyable. THE BATHROOM BOOK 2016 Pick up your copy of The Bathroom Book 2016 in-store or visit our website 0800 844 448 0800 844 448 Pick up your copy of The Mico Bathroom Book 2016 in-store or visit our website EVERYTHING INCLUDING THE KITCHEN SINK THE BATHROOM BOOK 2016 Light sink mixer by Paffoni featured on pg 50 particularly around any outdoor living area so treat them as you would the interior walls of your house and choose furniture and accessories that work in with the colour of the cladding. Keep it looking good Exposed to the elements the surfaces of our garden and outdoor living areas are subject to wear and tear even when were not actively using them. Resene has a range of products to help keep decks paths and our house exteriors looking good for longer. If your deck and outdoor furniture is looking a bit drab use Resene Furniture and Decking Oil to revive it. This oil enhances and restores the timber colour and protects against water fungi and UV light. Or use one of the many colours from the Resene Woodsman stains range to rejuvenate your timber Resene Bounty Resene Hazard Resene Pickled Bluewood Above Who said a fence had to be straight This quirky design is made from reclaimed building timber for the Christchurch garden of Robyn Kilty. It perfectly frames an old rusty iron gate and is stained in Resene Pickled Bluewood. Left A corner of Robyns veranda is furnished with an old wicker side table painted in Resene Hazard the same colour as her front door. The weatherboards are in Resene Bounty. Resene Pitch Black Resene Double Cod Grey Outdoor replaces have gone from luxury to necessity as they provide a visual focus to an outdoor living area as well as warmth that extends the use of these outdoor rooms far beyond the summer months. Right A European aesthetic is enhanced with symmetrically placed candle lanterns and clipped buxus in galvanised buckets in this scheme designed by Bridget Foley. The house was designed by Bevin Slessor Architects who specied Resene Woodsman Pitch Black for the weatherboards. The concrete rendered face of the replace was left raw. Left If you dont have space for a full-on replace a repit or brazier could be the answer. This striking area is backdropped by the house in Resene Double Cod Grey with white lime chip brightening the ground. 66 Puravida byPuravida byPuravida Hansgrohe featured on pg 61 0800 844 448 Pick up your copy of The Mico Bathroom Book 2016 in-store or visit our website FRESH IDEAS TO REFRESH YOUR BATHROOM THE BATHROOM BOOK 2016 Resene Double White Pointer Resene Double Foundry 0800 844 448 Pick up your copy of The Mico Bathroom Book 2016 in-store or visit our website INSPIRATIONAL TRENDS DESIGNS ON TAP THE BATHROOM BOOK 2016 Challice basin Challice basin Challice Stance basin mixer by Kohler featured on pg 81 37 Below A concrete hearth and chunky timber mantelpiece anchor this large custom-built replace in a house designed by Clarkson Architects. The weatherboards and chimney are in Resene Double White Pointer and the rest of the area was created by interior designer Kate Shanahan. Bottom Resene Double Foundry is a striking focal point for this compact courtyard designed by Sandra Batley of Flourish Garden Concepts. did you k n ow that a wash can do wonders for your outdoor areas to help them keep looking good For a quick wash use Resene Paint Prep and Housewash. Or for a slower-acting longer-term clean spray on Resene Deep Clean and leave it to clean your driveways and paths. surfaces. Or a colour from the Resene Concrete Stain range to give your concrete surfaces a new look. If youre worried about slippery paths or decks use Resene Non-Skid Deck Path paint. It can be tinted to a range of colours and the nish has a comfortable grit texture reducing the risk of accident no matter what the weather. If youve chosen a dark colour to use outside use Resene CoolColour paint. It reects more of the suns heat than normal paint protecting both the coating and the surface beneath. pictures Sally Tagg Juliet Nicolas Tim Whittaker Larnie Nicolson you w ill n eed Tools and equipment Electric drill extension lead with RCD protection post hole borer and auger bit builders level 2 1.8m step ladders belt sander skill saw compound sliding mitre saw electric router cordless drill safety goggles and ear muffs. Materials Four 100mm x 100mm dressed pine H4 treated posts 3m long two 250mm x 100mm dressed cedar beams 4.6m long eight 150mm x 50mm dressed cedar rafters each 3.6m long eleven 50mm x 50mm dressed cedar battens 4m long eight 90mm x 18mm dressed cedar facing boards 2.1m long eight 124mm x 18mm dressed cedar facing boards 2.1m long four stainless steel T brackets stainless steel bolts and washers stainless steel 75mm screws rapid set concrete sandpaper 4 litres of Resene Woodsman Cedar stain paint brush. build a pergola Step 1 Decide on the size and siting of the pergola. Ours is 3m x 4m. Dig holes with the posthole borer and set the pine posts 900mm into the ground. Check the levels and pour the concrete into the holes around the posts. Leave to set. Resene Half Secrets Resene Flourish Resene Half Kumutoto 1 1 a 68 step by step Step 2 Cut the top of the poles off level. Cut angles if desired onto the ends of the two beams with the skill saw and nish off with the belt sander. Using the router house the T brackets into the beams until ush. Cut angles if desired onto the ends of the rafters with the compound sliding saw and nish off with the belt sander. Step 3 Cut notches out of the rafters with the router to slot over the beams. Pre-stain the cedar with one coat this will make it easier later on. Step 4 Lift the beams into place drill and bolt them to the top of the posts. Step 5 Space the rafters evenly along the beam slot and screw each one into place. Space the battens evenly on top of the rafters. Screw in place. Step 6 You can simply stain the pine posts but weve chosen to cover them with cedar. Measure and cut the cedar facing boards to t. Nail in place and stain. Step 7 Apply a second coat of Resene Woodsman stain to the entire structure. All equipment and expertise from Hirepool. Visit or call 0800 15 15 15. builders Nick and John from Nick Devcich Construction Ltd pictures Mark Heaslip 2 4 5 7 3 6 2 a K eep an eye out on H irepools F acebook pag e lik e th em f or more tips an d special of f ers. For more ideas and inspiration visit GET T E LOO S onsider using informal matching bench seats to eep the mood light and relaxed or choose armchairs to create an intimate evening feel. et the stage for summer entertaining and easily move from day to night with added candles or wire lanterns for simple tabletop decoration. o add a touch of fun to your outdoor space cue the colourful accents. dd bold pic me ups with throw cushions in vibrant colours and modern prints li e tribal circles chevrons and eye popping pol a dots. ecorate your outdoor table with greenery from your garden and candles don t forget mos uito candles . Mitre 10 stoc s a selection of housewares everything from glassware to nap ins and vases. election may vary from store to store. O ire pits and outdoor fireplaces have come of age. hey provide warmth and ambience on a cool evening as well as a social setting for friends to congregate and tal the night away. Our extensive range has a heating solution to suit any style and outdoor area from simple gas fuelled heaters to wood fire pits small table top fires and chimineas. Be adventurous and en oy the outdoors year round in style. L andscaping a garden not only helps to create an area you will en oy but can reflect your style and turn your garden into an asset that complements your home. well designed house should lin the inside and out both physically and visually. onsider the texture colour and shape of timber and paving to reflect your chosen loo . ots and ornaments are a uic way to add focus and will suit any garden for the finishing touch. BRING ON T E SUMMER iwi summer wouldn t be complete without alfresco dining and the contemporary and on trend iena collection will ma e it better than ever. atural materials are a timeless and growing trend and the iena range is designed with this in mind. he range includes a concrete loo table that replicates the rugged style of natural concrete and pairs it with matching bench seats. f armchairs are more your style chec out the classic wic er loo option for a more casual outdoor entertaining alternative. Resene Half Duck Egg Blue Rugged earthy colours take the lead in this stunning mountainous garden. F or most of the year the owners of this Wakatipu holiday home occupy an Arts and Crafts style house in tropical Singapore. But for their ve-hectare section on the Crown Terrace near Queenstown they envisioned something completely different. Specically a contemporary house that snuggled into the contours of the site accommodated groups of up to 10 family and friends with ease and drank in the jaw-dropping views of Lake Hayes Lake Wakatipu Coronet Peak the Remarkables and everything in between. And they wanted the house and its garden to incorporate and reect the colours plants and materials of the glorious landscape around them. The brief was music to the ears of Queenstown architectural designer Simon Adnitt of Walker Group Architects and landscape designer Brooke Mitchell a director of Baxter Design Group. In the Wakatipu the landscape is the hero. You draw inspiration from it. You complement it. You cant possibly compete with it. Anyway properties on the highly visible Crown Terrace arent allowed to. The district plan requires homeowners to use dark recessive colours that retire into the landscape not light-reecting colours that intrude and impose upon it. Neither Simon nor Brooke wasted any time humming and hahing about their brand of paint. Both say Resene is enormously proactive and supportive in their respective elds and that the company understands the kind of products required by those who work with them. With the exception of the eye-popping red front door in Resene Del Toro and theres a reason for that the nishes on the house and hard landscaping are Above The front terrace opens up to the grandeur of the view and includes a pond that is fed by a stream a cleverly upcycled drainage ditch. 7272 Above The bright red Resene Del Toro front door is a pop of colour in an otherwise earthy colour scheme. Left Resene Wanaka was chosen for the retaining walls for its ability to complement the planting not because it honours a nearby town. f eature g arden subdued but warm. Most of the natural materials were locally sourced for example the lions share of the schist used for chimneys the outdoor replace and stone wall came from the bottom of the Crown Terrace the Lower Shotover furnished the stones and boulders in the rugged creek which is Brookes reincarnation of an old storm-water drain. Simons team matched the colour of the powder- coated aluminium parapets fascias guttering and window sills to Resene Gunmetal. For the lower part of the house they chose Resene Gravel a brownish grey that works with the tussock growing against it the cedar walls and stone. And that red door Resene Del Toro can hardly be called recessive. That side of the house isnt visible from the Wakatipu Basin so it isnt subject to council regulations enabling the design team and their Resene Del Toro 7373 Singaporean clients to inject a small but meaningful shot of colour. To the Chinese red symbolises good luck says Simon. Theres brilliance in the garden as well. The house nestles in a small natural basin towards the rear of the west-facing property. The owners asked Brooke to enclose it with landscaped plantings which gradually thin out towards the boundaries merging with existing rye grass wild broom scrub gorse matagouri and shelterbelt trees. They also asked him for some seasonal variation. So he wrapped the house with sculptural forms of lawn grasses retaining walls and the creek which terminates in a curved pond animated by low waterfalls. Firmly of the view that a large group of a single type of plant impresses far more than a large group of assorted varieties he assigned one to each part of the garden carex axes red tussocks and golden speargrass to replace the 380 snow tussocks consumed by the plague of rabbits that almost brought Brooke to his knees before the plants grew too old and tough to interest them. Conversely the indigenous ora which makes up about 60 percent of his plant list includes plants chosen precisely because they are mouth- watering to native birds. Above and right Both the colours of the house and the garden purposefully blend with the dramatic surroundings using craggy tones such as Resene Gravel and Resene Wanaka. Left Sweeping curved walls in Resene Wanaka mimic the shape and colours of the landscape beyond. Below Timber boardwalks and concrete paths intersect. did you k n ow that theres more to this house paint than meets the eye Because dark colours soak up heat and because summers on the Crown Terrace are scorchers it can get very hot inside. To mitigate that Resene CoolColour paint was used a formulation that allows dark shades to reect more of the suns heat. Surfaces remain cooler than they otherwise would helping to keep the home cooler. It also helps extend the life expectancy of the paint and whatever lies beneath it. Resene Breathless Resene Gravel 74 75 turn th e pag e f or altern ative look s f or th is g arden . . . Resene Del Toro Get the warm cedar look with Resene Waterborne Woodsman Heartwood. Landscape designer Brooke Mitchell Baxter Design Group Designer Simon Adnitt Walker Group Architects Get the front door look with Resene Lustacryl tinted to Resene Del Toro. Resene Wanaka Spring brings forth the pink froth of owering cherries late summer delivers apples and pears scarlet oaks and Jeffersred maples provide autumn reworks. Two icons of Central Otago planting add their colours to the picture hornbeam hedges are yellow in autumn amber in winter and lavender donates its purple owers. The gardens only candidate for paint was the terraced plaster retaining walls lled with red tussocks. Brooke settled on a slate blue-grey which beautifully complemented his plants the house and the tones of the wider landscape. He claims the fact that Resene Wanaka celebrates a local town had nothing to do with it. But he likes the coincidence. It was named by Resene with Wanaka in mind. pictures Claire Takacs words Prue Dasheld Resene Heartwood Resene Gunmetal f eature g arden sn ow tussock Resene Half Foggy Grey did you k n ow . . . that there are a wide variety of Resene Woodsman stain colours suitable for outdoor use Pick up a Resene Exterior Timber Stains colour chart from your local Resene ColorShop or reseller or order online from www.resene.comordercharts. 76 bef ore Above The house and garden elements have been given a contemporary smoky scheme in Resene Half Foggy Grey and Resene Waterborne Woodsman Tiri to blend into the landscape. altern ative solution - w ide open Resene Gunsmoke illustration Malcolm White Mondo grass Palmers 0800 725 627 Masport barbecue Mitre 10 Concrete agstone with concrete sleepers Paving Worx 07 572 1557 Nikau palm Michelia Yunnanesis hedge Palmers 0800 725 627 Resene Ayers Rock Resene Kakapo Resene Half Foggy Grey Resene Tiri 77 an ex pan sive terrace adds g en erosity to th is g arden Designer Michelle McDonnell suggests this scheme The strong horizontal lines of the house have been reected in the garden with a clipped hedge at the back a wooden pergola nished in Resene Waterborne Woodsman Tiri and a new stone wall in the foreground. The retaining walls and base of the house are nished in Resene Half Foggy Grey. The planting is a mixture of native and exotic. Nikaus soften the walls and give the garden a vertical element and visual cohesion. Mondo grass adds year-round greenery while the deciduous ornamental grape on the pergola gives seasonal variation with amazing autumn colours. It provides shade in summer but lets light through in the winter. Two outdoor rooms have been created under the pergola and by the replace. The pergola softens the lines of the house and frames the view from within. The replace links to the existing chimney and becomes a focal point of the outdoor space without impacting on the views. phone 021 717 596 email Resene Surrender did you k n ow . . . that there are a range of Resene Concrete Stain colours to enliven your outdoor spaces See the Resene Decks Paths Driveways and Recreational Areas chart for colour options available from your Resene ColorShop or reseller or order online from www.resene.comordercharts. 78 bef ore Above A shady dell-like space is complemented by a house in Resene Waterborne Woodsman Cedar stain with walls in Resene Surrender and joinery in Resene Half Tuna. altern ative solution - leaf y retreat Resene Scaramanga illustration Malcolm White Oioijointed wire rush Apodismia simillis Schist for paving inserts Dwarf green ax Palmers 0800 725 627 Corokia Geentys Ghost clipped hedge Living Walls Twining Valley Nurseries Trendz Outdoor Fireplace Trendz Outdoors 0508 252 784 Resene Rivergum Resene Waterborne Woodsman Cedar Resene Permanent Green Resene Half Tuna 79 a sun k en seatin g area in vites you in to th is g arden Charlotte Pedersen of Espaso Verde Design suggests this scheme The sunken courtyard has been designed to extend the outdoor living space and link the house and garden together while providing an inviting space to sit and relax or unwind with a glass of wine in front of the outdoor re with friends and family. A simple plant palette has been carefully selected to complement the style of architecture and the surrounding expanse of the natural landscape. Mass planting has been used for effect in large blocks using contrasting foliage shapes and forms. The blocks of the planting link in with the design of the house while the use and repetition of local schist stone links the landscape with the surrounding environment. phone 027 432 4949 web Multi-award-winning kitchen designer Mal Corboy is known for his love of colour. colour without caution What are your three favourite colours from Resenes latest The Range fashion colours collection and why Resene Scrumptious. Its a great name and the colour is very close to my business colour. I also like its vibrancy and sense of fun. Resene Chapta And Verse. This is a strong purple with good character and depth. It almost borders on the blackish moody side. Resene Alcatraz. I love the metallic eck through this colour and how it changes depending on the light or what angle its viewed from. See Mals work at Resene Scrumptious Resene Ditto Resene Chapta And Verse Resene Alcatraz You were voted best in the world recently at the SBID International Design Awards. What do you believe makes a great designer Passion and a love for design. You can teach anyone to design however to be great at it is something that cannot be taught. You either have it or you dont sounds clichd I know. I have met so many designers who are technically perfect but the end result leaves you cold theres just no life or it looks like a copy of someone elses work. Tell us a bit about your current ventures. I have a number of projects Im currently working on and all are exciting and different in their own ways. Im completing nine rooms for a home in Trinidad and Tobago which Im really enjoying. I have a new client in Melbourne whose design brief was whimsical and Ive just been engaged to design the kitchens and bathrooms for eight penthouse apartments in the St James Suites in Auckland. Im ecstatic to be involved with such an iconic building the vision for the building will be nothing like weve seen here before. How would you describe your personal style Well Im known around the traps for wearing loud shirts and shoes. For me the more colour the better. Wearing colourful shirts lifts my mood. In my own home while the larger pieces of furniture are more subdued I have pops of colour on the walls in accessories and art. What is your favourite decorating colour and why For my work I dont have a favourite colour. It comes down to meeting the design brief. Its also about using colour correctly. If the client wants bright colour its up to me to ensure that I use it well and that the room doesnt become tacky and cheap looking. The same can be said with using muted tones which can become boring if not used correctly. Is there a colour you would never use in your own home Personally no. In saying that I think certain neutral colours are overdone these days. My partner shes not so keen on yellow so that colour doesnt feature much. 80 my f avourite colours Resene Kakapo Resene Blaze Resene Optimist Resene Sunkissed Resene Fascinator Resene Memphis Belle Transform your home with The Range fashion colours collection a fresh selection of the latest on trend designer paint colours and complementary colour ideas. Resene has everything you need for your decorating projects including helpful and friendly advice. So come in and see your local Resene ColorShop or reseller today and enjoy the Resene difference. Resene Skydiver Resene Bright Lights Resene Irresistible F low in g w ith in spiration . . . W h ite black or someth in g in betw een We have all the whites and neutrals you need. Choose from the best of the best of the Resene colour range with The Range Whites Neutrals colour collection. Its full of the latest designer paint colours and complementary colour suggestions with up to six strength variations of the most popular colours to help you bring out the best in your home. For a quick and easy tone on tone colour scheme - simply choose your favourite Resene white or neutral and vary the strength and sheen level. A vailable as a f an deck or in dividual palettes at your local R esen e C olorS h op or reseller. Colours as close as printing process allows. Resene Vista White Resene Double Haystack Resene Black White Resene Wheateld Resene Double Biscotti Resene Double Alabaster Resene Stonehenge Resene Masala Resene Lemon Grass Resene Hillary Resene Friar Grey MARLEY STRATUS DESIGN SERIES Designer uPVC spouting and downpipe systems now available in four colours including Grey Friars and Ironsand New Zealands most popular roofing colours. For more information visit or phone 0800 MARLEY 0800 627 539 METALLIC COLOURS GREY FRIARS COPPERIRONSAND TITANIUM IRONSAND MARLEY STRATUS DESIGN SERIES Designer uPVC spouting and downpipe systems now available insystems now available in four colours including Grey Friars and Ironsand New Zealandsfour colours including Grey Friars and Ironsand New Zealands most popular roofing colours. EXPERIENCE COLOUR MADE INNZ 100 RECYCLABLE WILLNEVER RUST LOW MAINTENANCE 15YEAR GUARANTEE WHERE STYLE MEETS DURABILITY