b'the Resene magazine WIN! 52 PRIZES inside08Finally, you can go to bed at night con dent theres one car company that winter08 rrp $7.95wont rip the value out of your new carthe magazine coloured by Reseneby the morning. Thats Our Price Promise.Have you ever woken up in the morning to see the car youve just bought advertised in the paper for several thousand dollars less than you paid for it?winter Its enough to put you off breakfast. More importantly, it means youve just lost money.08Run-out campaigns, sales and deals offered by car companies actually cause your car to devalue. And when theyre desperate to move stock, you can lose thousands. To make your morning coffee a much more satisfying experience, we completely re-engineered our sales model to introduce a totally new, better and fairer way. Its called Our Price Promise. We set the price of a new Honda at the best value for money we can deliver on and hold it as long as we can, and we dont budge on this price.the feel-good issueIts working. Since we introduced Our Price Promise in 2000 there has been a signi cant improvement in the affordability and resale values of every new Honda weve sold. It means when you choose to sell your Honda it will beall you need to get in the mood worth more, and we can all enjoy a good nights sleep. four new ways to love your living roomTond out more about the positive effect Our Price Promise is having onheated discussion: tips for keeping warm delicious designer havensthe car market, call us on 0800 255 666, go to www.honda.co.nz or visit a ower powerHonda agent and ask for a brochure. at home with Jackie ClarkeGraeme Seymour. Managing Director Honda New Zealand'