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Full metal

From the Resene decorating blog

You can give your rooms a prize-winning finish with gold, silver, or bronze.

A sophisticated metallic-driven interior

The timeless, alluring tones of navy blue pair with shimmering gold to bring a sense sophistication into a metallic-driven interior with Resene Wallpaper Collection 523928.

The warmth and feel-good vitality that people are capturing in their homes continues to grow. It's all part of the way people are spending more time working and relaxing at home. As a result, we're exploring ways to make our spaces more of a sanctuary.

Of course, a favourite paint colour will always provide us with a much-needed connection to our homes. But there's more – the decorative effect that certain paint products provide can mean we can have a layer that does more than provide colour.

Metallic paint effects are one example. There's something captivating about a wall with the radiating sheen. It is not too overwhelming, but with a sense of life and movement in the way it bounces off the light, paints with a metallic effect can bring a whole new dimension to an interior. Light, warmth and comfort are all key elements to a nurturing environment.

The consistent appeal of metallics in interiors comes down to how they bring light and warmth into a room, resulting in more appealing to the eye.

To harness this in your interior, use Resene FX Metallic. It's a waterborne metallic effect paint that can be used indoors or out. Available in its a unique range of colours, its collection of luminous hues will lift any setting with shimmering depth and elegant tones.

Choose from silver to bright colours, and there's also some come in the kids range too such as the racy red of Resene Glitterbug and the hot pink of Resene Bedazzle. Embrace a luxe and decadent setting with gold hues, using Resene Gold Dust, Resene Gold or the pinky tones of Resene Goldmine or Resene Rose Gold.

Silver lovers will fall for Resene Silver Aluminium, Resene Allusive or Resene Infinity. For a touch of bronze, go for Resene Magma or Resene Bullion.

These metallic colours can be applied by DIYers but there is a process to follow. Firstly, the wall needs to be primed. Then a base colour needs to be applied in two coats. The recommended basecoat is listed under the colour chip on the colour chart or staff at your local Resene ColorShop can assist. The base colour will depend on the metallic colour you use on top. Each colour has a recommended base colour. Finally, apply two coats of your chosen metallic. In high contact areas, apply a final layer of Resene Aquaclear gloss to protect the metallic finish. (If you are using it outside, use Resene Clearcoat UVS).

A handpainted metallic kitchen splashback

It took a painstaking 27 hours to complete this hand-painted splashback, with 23 of those hours spent on the detailing, which is comprised of a custom Resene Masala and Resene Black blend with Resene Gold Dust metallic paint. The background of the splashback is Resene Masala and the stencil design is a custom blend of Resene Masala and Resene Merino. Project and photo by Elissa Eastwood.

Of course, if none of these takes your fancy, you can take any standard Resene paint colour and coat a layer of translucent Resene FX Pearl Shimmer over the top for a metallic finish. Resene FX Pearl Shimmer enhances a space with a subtle pearlescent glaze, creating a wall that gives a soft shimmer and radiance in the light. Choose your chosen colour, then apply one or two coats of Resene FX Pearl Shimmer, depending on how much shimmer you want.

Resene Colour Consultant Anna Smith says when rolling on the metallic paint, look out for the fleck's direction in the paint. "It can move in one direction, and the gradient can be visible. One metallic fleck may be facing one way while another faces another way, resulting in a patchy look – some parts may look like more metallic than others. To avoid this, ensure you lay off, which means rolling it gently all in one direction.

A dark blue lounge with a painted metallic swirl

Touches of metallic add glamour to textured spaces

Blue lounge: Dark blue is a classic ‘cocooning’ colour, and looks great in any season, depending on what you put with it. These walls are painted in Resene Tangaroa, a rich marine blue, with swirls in metallic Resene Copper Fire. The floor is finished in Resene Colorwood Greywash. Project by Megan Harrison-Turner, image by Bryce Carleton.  Textured surface: Touches of metallic add glamour to textured spaces. Background in Resene Resitex Coarse in Resene Sugar Loaf with vases in (from front to back) Resene Rose Gold over a base of Resene Kalgoorie Sands, Resene Gold Dust over a base of Resene Apache and Resene Proton over a base of Resene Copyrite. Project by Laura Lynn Johnston, image by Bryce Carleton.

Unless of course, you want to make this patchiness a real feature. In which case, brush it in different directions using a criss cross style movement. Try out your technique on a sample panel first to make sure you are happy with the finish before applying it to your walls. You can then use your sample panel as a reference to make sure the wall finish is looking right.

When you’re deciding to use where to use metallics, you can coat your walls in them or have one feature wall in a bedroom or living room. "A lot of people use metallic paints for small details too, such as balustrade detailing."

Other smaller areas that are ideal for metallic finishes include inset walls, cabinet interiors or the underside of each step on a stairwell. A decorated ladder in a child's room and a set of drawers are fun ways to incorporate metallics too, bringing a playful element to their spaces.

Resene colour consultant Brenda Ngatai says metallic paints can easily be used on metal furniture, metal seats or metal balustrades, on indoor steps, and vertical iron sheets that decorate gardens.

If you want to bring in metallic gold and combine it with another colour, divide your walls horizontally. Place a colour such as the blue of Resene Mariner on the top, with Resene Gold on the bottom. For added texture hang Resene Anaglypta Wallpaper first, then paint over it in your chosen Resene colours.

Metallics are, of course, a great way to liven up a dark room, lacking in natural light. Shimmering metallic paint will transform a dreary interior lacking in personality to a space full of lustre and drama. Apply your Resene FX Metallic paint colour to vases, lighting pendants, mirror frames or drinks trays.

Turn your splashback into a decorative piece with Resene FX Metallic painted onto the back of glass in your favourite colour. The layer of glass of the splashback will protect the finish and make it easy to wipe away any food when cooking. Bring your picture or mirror frames to life too, or a noticeboard on your wall.

Or apply a silver metallic paint to the ceiling for a surprise touch of sophistication and glam on an area that is often overlooked.

If you have panel features in your interior, apply your metallic paint here. Small doses of luxe gold will work their magic to evoke a level of richness and warmth.

Bring a romantic glow with a rose gold metallic teamed with chalky greys and pops of red. Or bring in gold or silver by way of stencils onto a white wall, resulting in shimmery, chic effect.

Once your metallic is on your interior, step back and watch it respond to the different levels of light, natural or artificial, shifting in each state, keeping your interior feeling alive and interesting with its warm metallic glow.

Luxurious golds, burnished bronze and sumptuous silvers allow you to think outside the square with your walls or décor. So trip the light fantastic with paints that have a metal finish to them, all radiate and make an impact on your interior and bring it to life.

Resene Rose Gold

March 31, 2021

Visit your local Resene ColorShop to view large swatches of the Resene FX Metallic colours to help you choose your favourite and get expert advice and all the products and accessories you need to create metallic features at your place.

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