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Beautiful in blush

From the Resene decorating blog

There is something so irresistibly cosy and comforting about the blush colours that are taking centre stage in interiors right now. While pink has always existed as an option for our homes, these nostalgic, in-between versions have more neutral, earthy tones mixed in.

Using dusky blush colours in a child's bedroom

Avoid the sugary sweet pinks and celebrate dusky blush as seen here in this shared children’s bedroom. Blushes pair beautifully with both muted and rich greens, and magical murals add a whimsical touch. The left back wall is Resene Pewter, the right back wall is in Resene Otter, the dinosaur mural is in Resene Gecko, the butterflies are in Resene Pewter, Resene Serene, Resene Half Washed Green, Resene Paris White and Resene Double Sea Fog, the floor is in Resene Double Sea Fog and the door is in Resene Middle Earth. Artwork by Ruth McGill, rug by Ferm Living, bedside cabinet from Mr and Mrs Ward painted in Resene Rivergum, dinosaur from Republic Home, toys from Citta. Project by Greer Clayton and photography by Bryce Carleton.

The result is relaxed, romantic and playful – a look that will guarantee to lift your mood. These blush shades are optimistic hues – their glowing, warm tones and soft finishes evoke positivity, wellbeing and fresh new energy to any interior.

The beauty of these pretty hues is that you can adopt rose, cinnamon, red or smoky tones, depending on your liking. Versatile, uplifting and enveloping, such powdery shades speak of timeless luxury.

For a heritage type of blush, look to the muted colour of Resene Coral Tree, the lighter dusky Resene Paper Doll or the red-toned neutral of Resene Soothe. These complement the creamy taupe of Resene Antidote, the lilac-toned blue of Resene Deep Koamaru and the rich greens of Resene Crusoe.

To ensure your scheme isn't too feminine, look out for dirty blushes. Pair these with dark timber furniture or floorboards, or chocolates such as the robust raisin of Resene Toorak or the rich brown of Resene Caffeine. The brown undertones of Resene Cashmere give it a gentle presence and softness, and it pairs beautifully with the dusky blue of Resene Nepal.

If the earthy, terracotta end of the blush spectrum is your preference, use the richer tones of Resene Sunbaked, matched with warm whites such as Resene Spanish White or apricots like Resene Soulful.

Resene colour consultant Jackie Nicholls says living with beautiful blush colours around you can enhance your sense of calm and well-being. "Dusky pinks and sunset shades are warm and inviting, especially the gentle, dulled down colours that can look surprisingly good in a living area or a retreat-style lounge."

This palette of pretty hues may be new to you, and if you want to simply dip your toes in at first, it's easy. "If painting walls is a step too far, consider a piece of furniture or a front door," Jackie says. "Try Resene Shilo or Resene Blanched Pink from the Karen Walker Paints collection; both are full of character with interesting undertones."

Using blush colours in an outdoor space

Outdoor spaces can be well-considered and creative with colour just like a home’s interior. Here, blush tones in varying shades evoke a peaceful, nurturing setting. The wall is in Resene Triple Merino, the floor is in Resene Tiri, the ombre screen is in (from top to bottom) Resene Merino, Resene Ebb, Resene Soothe, Resene Paper Doll and Resene Coral Tree, plant pots are in (from large to small) Resene Ebb, Resene Alabaster, Resene Coral Tree and Resene Paper Doll and the pendant lampshade is in Resene Alabaster. Sofa and coffee table from Outside Spice, cushion from Collect Living, mirror from The Society Inc. Project by Kate Alexander, image by Bryce Carleton.

"For those drawn to deeper tones, such as Resene Just Dance or Resene Dawn Chorus, then just a feature wall or a corner of a room will be enough. These colours are warm and will transform a room on the cold side of a house with little sunshine. They can sit quite happily beside cooler whites like Resene Alabaster or Resene Black White helping to bring life and warmth to the whole space."

Such a gentle colour can make its subtle mark in a home in hidden spaces beautifully. Add it to the inside wall of a white bookshelf or cabinet for depth and interest. Don't overlook your ceiling, which is often not thought of when it comes to colour. A gentle, pale blush ceiling paired with warm white walls will enhance the sense of comfort in your bedroom, allowing it to provide a relaxed, protective sanctuary.

"Think 'coconut ice' colours like Resene Soothe and Resene Cest La Vie teamed up with a vintage white for trims such as Resene Quarter Albescent White from the Karen Walker Paints collection," Jackie says. It can resonate beautifully within a kitchen of warm white walls in Resene Pearl Lusta, with a few chairs or stools or background of a shelf in pale coral of Resene Tuft Bush or Resene Wax Flower paired with rose gold decor. "Add a darker accent colour such as Resene Eighth Bokara Grey on a chair or table to give a contemporary vibe."

Colour blocking in a home office space

Bathroom painted in blue and blush colours

Office: Colour blocking in any shape you desire allows you to tie in two colours into one space. Blush tones resonate beautifully when paired with a dark, moody colour. The upper wall is in Resene Cashmere, the lower wall (curved paint effect) is in Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen tinted to Resene Nocturnal over two coats of Resene FX Magnetic Magic, the DIY curved desk is in Resene Nocturnal, the shelves, coat rack and pendant lamp are in Resene Nocturnal, the pencil cup and desk file are in Resene Cashmere, the rubbish bin is in Resene Sepia, the painted books are in Resene Zeus and Resene Double Cod Grey, the decorative vases and bowls are in Resene Sepia, Resene Rebel, Resene Zeus, Resene Double Cod Grey, Resene Swiss Coffee and Resene Triple Rice Cake. Chair from Mood Store, rug from Freedom Furniture, coat rack, pencil cup, desk file, black wire letter holder and faux string-of-pearls plant from Kmart. Project by Laura Lynn Johnston, image by Wendy Fenwick.  Bathroom: Warming, soothing walls in blush tones create a peaceful bathroom sanctuary. The wall here is in Resene Cashmere, the floor is in Resene Lynch, the stencilled tiles are in Resene Solitaire, Resene Half Solitaire, Resene Gull Grey, Resene Double Stack, Resene Sour Dough and Resene Longitude, the rug is in Resene Eighth Joss, the lamp shade is in Resene Rhino and the nesting tables are in Resene Avalanche. Bath from Plumbing World. Resene Palazzo Towels from Briscoes. Project by Megan Harrison-Turner, image by Bryce Carleton.

For those who love blush hues but are naturally drawn to the pale, subtle versions, bring in the pale pink Resene Ebb or the brown-edge pink of Resene Dust Storm. The mushroom pink of Resene Spring Wood or the pink biscuit of Resene Wafer also resonate beautifully. You can always add movement and shadow to your space with a textured wall using your chosen blush and Resene FX Paint Effects Medium.

Another way of getting creative with texture is by applying a weathered effect. If you have an unused freestanding vintage wardrobe at home, apply Karen Walker Chalk Colour paint in blush, then a layer of Karen Walker Chalk Colour wax for a weathered look – try Resene Blanched Pink with Resene Ecru White.

Blush tones can create the ultimate spa bathroom at home too. Combine two tones of varying shades for interest, add the finishing touches of waffle towels, wooden peg rails and beautiful candles to complete your space.

When it comes to perfect partners, blush is versatile. It resonates with greens, reds or pale grey, for instance. If you're feeling swept up in colour, try a two-toned wall – pale dusky pink Resene Gelato with the dark green of Resene Clover. Or find the perfect match with the light green of Resene Pewter paired with the beige pink of Resene Otter. Add accents of light grey green with Resene Half Washed Green or Resene Paris White, or darker hues of Resene Gecko with the pinky beige of Resene Serene. Or for a beautiful contrast bring in the hazy pale blue of Resene Smokescreen onto your woodwork beside blush walls.

Those living room walls in a soft, earthy blush opt for curtains in a darker tone, especially if your couches are in a light fabric. Bring in punches of colour such as terracotta or soft linens with pink undertones for a beautifully married look that vies for attention. If you have timber elements, they will easily bring texture and warmth to your scheme.

Don't be scared to bring in mirror frames and pendants, rugs and couch fabrics that feature patterns to give your blush surfaces a lift. It might feel like a lot of texture, but if they all adhere to your original blush theme, they will work harmoniously.

An ombre effect will allow you to bring in more than one shade of blush – ideal if you can't decide on one you love. Blend the colours perfectly with this on-trend look, paint the wall in two tones, try the dust coral pink of Resene Cashmere and the mushroom pink of Resene Spring Wood. Divide the wall with a line, so you know where they meet. Apply a dry brush to blend the two paints across this line and watch your ombre effect take shape.

Remember, on top of a layer of beautiful paint, the little things make all the difference. Let it be a beautiful matching fabric in cushions, soft bathroom towels or scented candles. Gold accents will elevate your blush scheme and can be featured by either pendant or table lighting, brass-framed tables, cabinets and mirrors.

Ultimately, when you consider blush in your home, think dusky, velvet settings where warm earthiness makes its way in.

Resene Soulful

Resene Just Dance

Resene Sunbaked

Resene Eighth Bokara Grey

January 26, 2021

For more ideas and inspiration for decorating your home, visit your Resene ColorShop or check out more pink decorating project ideas from other home decorators.

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