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Sweet as rooms

From the Resene decorating blog

When it comes to bedrooms, the choices are wide and fruitful, the only trouble is pinning down what look your child likes.

A pretty terracotta child's bedroom

This bedroom is perfectly pretty in yellow and blush, with elements of terracotta for depth and character. The wall is in Resene Sorbet, the floor is in Resene Triple Blanc, the bedside table is in Resene Soulful with details in Resene Just Dance, the headboard is in Resene Just Dance, the hook rack is in Resene Blanc with flowers in Resene Just Dance, the lamp is in Resene Sante Fe, the stool is in Resene Moccasin, the vase with flowers is in Resene Just Dance and painted books are in Resene Sorbet, Resene Soulful, Resene Just Dance and Resene Sante Fe. Cushions and throw from Adairs, rug from Kmart. Project by Melle Van Sambeek, image by Bryce Carleton.

Bedrooms don’t have to follow a fluffy pink-princess theme or a spaceman’s dream galaxy. Remember, edgy styles and gender neutral elements have their place too. Playful, whimsical or edgy, the themes for children’s bedrooms are endless.

Ultimately, the bedroom that works well will cater to your child’s tastes and dreams, while still looking like it’s a room that belongs in your home.

Shapes such as stripes, spots and stars are easy to achieve, and are a useful way of bringing in multiple colours onto a white or coloured wall. Simply use masking tape to map out your chosen image, and paint inside the shape, removing the tape when its dry.

Young friends mean a lot to children, so let your child choose a selection of favourite photos to print out. Buy a series of frames in varying sizes and paint them each in a different hue – or all in the same colour. Insert the photos and she’ll have her own personal gallery wall.

Children love having their names appearing on their wall – it provides a sense of ownership of their space and helps the young ones remember how to spell their names. Cardboard or wooden letters are easy to find, once you have some let your child decide what colours they’d like to paint theirs in. They might also want to paint their own patterns on each letter. When dry, hang each letter on the bedroom wall to spell out their name.

If the room is home to a window seat, build cubbyholes underneath and paint boxes to fit underneath. Label them to suit. Older children could help with this and decide what they want to store where.

Look carefully at your existing furniture – it may seem a bit lacklustre and fail to add anything strongly to the interior. So why not add a coat of paint to give it a new lease of life? It can transform a mundane piece of furniture into a showstopper, bringing a pop of beautiful colour into a plain space.

Try and find some bedlinen that really enhances the wall and décor colours too. Stripes, spots, plain or patterned, it won’t matter – simply keep them in the same colourways and you can always mix and match to suit. Anchor the scheme with a soft rug that feels lovely underfoot.

If you’re conscious of how fast children mature, and don’t want to be repainting a new colour on her walls every few years, opt for a versatile colour that will cater to their younger years and into teenagehood.

Create a special space for doing homework by painting a desk and chair in a beautiful colour that either pops out boldly against the surrounding walls, or blends in subtly.

A sophisticated blush and grey child's bedroom

Gentle, sophisticated blush and grey receive a textured effect in this older child’s bedroom. The main wall is in Resene Loblolly, the main wall texture is in Resene FX Paint Effects Medium coloured with Resene Half Gull Grey, the return wall is in Resene Sakura, the return wall texture is in Resene FX Paint Effects Medium coloured with Resene Quarter Blanc, the floor is in Resene Mercury, the skirting boards are in Resene Snow Drift and the desk is in Resene Snow Drift. Chair from Freedom Furniture, lamp from Good Thing, clothing rack and hangers from I’ll Hang it Here, Gidon Bing Sculpture from Good Form, rug from Grounded Homeware, artwork by Brenda Clews, mirror from Warehouse, curtain from Resene. Project by Melle Van Sambeek, image by Bryce Carleton.

Add a statement headboard in a beautiful fabric – try a floral, fauna or a fun, playful print – you can even use the same fabric on lampshades on a bedside table or desk.

Storage is always a necessity in children’s bedrooms, whether they be boxes that slide away under the bed or shelves on the wall or a window seat with drawers underneath. These can blend in beautiful too with a gorgeous hue.

Combine your paint with wallpaper too, A sunny yellow floral print looks gorgeous with yellow painted trims and pale pink bed linen.

Tie in multiple colours to her desk, table, chairs or stools – coat them in a favourite colour, leaving the bottom quarter of each leg free for another colour. Use Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss waterborne enamel for a finish that is easy to wipe clean. Or if you are keen on lots of colours, use Resene testpots.

Rattan or cane furniture is easy to paint and allows for brilliant storage in a bedroom. Apply one or two coats of your chosen Resene colour, ensuring it ties in with the overall paint scheme.

Yellow, white and green is a colour combination that can work for your child as they mature. Not too babyish or childlike, florals can manifest this colour palette on the wallpaper or curtains too, blending in with white or yellow trims.

Or try gentle cornflower blues or rich navy with pretty pops of pink as a contrast.

As kids lie in bed at night dreaming, give them a source of inspiration with a coloured ceiling. If you have a tall enough ladder, mimic the ceiling of a circus top ten, with stripes extending from the centre to the edge of the ceiling. Or apply a pattern your child will love, such as flowers or stars painted in Resene FX Nightlight glow-in-the-dark paint.

Paint the background wall of a bookshop in a bright fuchsia or grass green, tying it in with floor cushions and a bedspread in the room. The rest of the shelves can stay white. This background wall of the shelf can be easily be repainted in a different colour as the years pass.

Vintage plates are a fun, quirky way to bring in colour to a wall. You can easily find them in second-hand shops, and only need one or two coats in your chosen Resene colours – it’s up to you what pattern is applied. Choose one of these colours and find a fabric in the same hue. Paint some corkboard in the same Resene colour for a co-ordinated look. This is a chance to hang inspirational pictures, photos of friends and homework schedules for school.

Using earthy muted tones in your child's bedroom

Painting dots in your child's bedroom

Moodboard: Earthy, muted tones ensure a girl’s bedroom will stay with her elegantly as she matures. Background in Resene Double Sea Fog with A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from left to right) Resene Half Washed Green, Resene Gecko, Resene Serene, Resene Otter and Resene Half Chicago, butterflies in Resene Magma metallic paint (large) and Resene Half Washed Green (small), bowl in Resene Otter and dinosaurs in (clockwise from top) Resene Half Washed Green, Resene Permanent Green and Resene Pewter. Dinosaur from Republic Home. Project by Greer Clayton, image by Bryce Carleton.  Bedroom: Play around with pattern by hand – it doesn’t haven’t to look perfect, the slight imperfections simply add character. These walls are in Resene Wafer, the floor is in Resene Pearl Blush, the hand-painted dots are in Resene Double Alabaster, the bedside table is in Resene Big Bang, the toy box is in Resene Urbane with triangle design in Resene Big Bang, the cacti pot is in Resene Dust Storm, the large mason jar is in Resene Umber White, the small mason jar (with colouring pencils) in Resene Spring Wood. Headboard from Incy Interiors, cover, pillowcases, cushion and throw from Castle, sheepskin cushion from Adairs, rug from Kmart. Project by Annick Larkin, image by Bryce Carleton.

Wooden or cardboard birdhouses are a cute additional to a bedroom wall too and can be painted in any colourway preferred. Buy ornamental birds to attach as the finishing touch.

For those who are learning how to order their wardrobes, colour can help immensely. Categorise clothes by colouring the front of each drawer, i.e. blue for t-shirts, red for shorts. It will help them take control of getting dressed each day and enable colour to play a role in the order of the room as well as the overall aesthetic of a beautiful space, whatever the theme may be.

Resene Soulful

Resene Sorbet

Resene Just Dance

January 21, 2021

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