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Gorgeous green rooms that will convince you that it is time to redecorate

From the Resene decorating blog

There’s something about a green interior that allows a wave of calmness to wash over you. Perhaps it’s the power of nature, its tones calling us to reset and renew.

Food for the soul, green is the perfect antidote to the stress that can easily take centre stage in our lives. When things outside our homes dictate the way we live, at least we know we can control one thing – how our homes look and feel. Even by applying a simple coat of paint onto a favourite chair or by updating your bedroom walls in a new colour, we can sit back and enjoy a change for the better. So let’s slow down and take charge of the design of our homes. Start small if you have to. Soothing, fresh viridescent hues are trending again. Whatever it is about green, it works and it is your friend.

A cosy green reading nook

Earthy interior colours - moodboard

Reading nook: Bring to life an empty bedroom corner by creating a cosy nook. Let the earthy olive of Resene Waiouru set the tone on the walls, complemented by the lighter green of Resene Bubble N Squeak. Drawers in Resene Napa and the plant pots in Resene Sunbaked (large) and Resene Double Ash (small) add layered interest. Project by Annick Larkin, image by Bryce Carleton.  Moodboard: Let the luscious olive of Resene New Leaf steer your interior, adding earthy accents to it. The A4-sized drawdown paint swatches in this mood board (from top to bottom) are in Resene New Leaf, Resene Grey Seal, Resene Napa, Resene Route 66, Resene Grey Area and Resene Sambuca and the background is Resene Quarter Spanish White. Project by Gem Adams, image by Wendy Fenwick.

From pale seafoam to rich emerald, there’ll be a green out there that you love. To help you figure out what green is for you, look first at woodland tones, such as mossy Resene Palm Green, the olive of Resene Saratoga or the soft, calming green of Resene Peace. All currently popular, these will bring your home up to date with a stimulating, nurturing setting.

Layering your tones is one way of bringing your greens into the moment even further. Try painting your walls in the light green of Resene Pewter and a cabinet or bookshelf in Resene Yucca. Just stick with either yellow-based or blue-based greens – don’t mix the two otherwise you’ll lose the continuity. You could even extend further and paint two coffee tables in one green each, but from in complementary green tones. Layering these tones will bring so much interest to a room yet won’t overpower it as you’ll have a visual sense of consistency and order. For a cosy, cocoon-like room, layer Resene Dingley with Resene Highland and Resene Gravel. For a space with a lighter, airier feel, Blend Resene Ottoman with Resene Gothic.

Green is one of the easiest colours to use in your interior as its tricky to go wrong, says interior designer Rachel O’Connell of Style My Abode. “Opt for soft sage, smoky greens, deep olive or jewel tones to create a stunning, modern scheme.” Tie in lighter or darker tones on your skirting boards, side tables, cabinetry and staircase rails for a greater feeling of depth.

A tranquil gentle green lounge

A vibrant and dramatic green wall

Lounge: Evoke the tranquility of the early dawn with the gentle green of Resene Peace, seen on the back wall of this living space. Paired perfectly with the grounding Resene Suits and neutral Resene Grey Chateau, the burgundy cushion and rug make a lively punch of red and the zest of Resene Untamed (on the shelf) brings in some further energy to the space. Project by Gem Adams, image by Wendy Fenwick.  Desk: Dramatic in all its organic glory, Resene Mother Nature on the walls in this home office embodies both vibrancy and depth. It’s the ideal setting upon which to layer additional tones, as seen on the desk in Resene Noir and more gentle greens on pots and vases in Resene Rivergum, Resene Nourish and Resene Peace. Project by Vanessa Nouwens, image by Melanie Jenkins.

Let the era of your home guide your colour choice too, Rachel says. “For more contemporary schemes choose greens like Resene Inside Back, Resene Atlas or Resene Emerge,” she says. “Heritage homes easily suit timeless colours such as Resene Smoky Green or Resene Thor or Resene Quarter Lemon Grass – these colours tend to work so well with a high-ceiling stud and upcycled woods.”

A good tip for experimenting with these hues is by choosing two tones of green you love – one dark and one light – and instead of one feature wall, wrap the darker colour on two adjoining walls, painting the remaining walls in the lighter shade, Rachel says.

“Also, a television room is a great space to play with deeper greens like Resene Atlas or Resene Gable Green,” she says. “Paint all of the walls in the same colour to create a cosy comforting room all-year round.”

A painted green headboard

A calming green lounge

Bedroom: Get creative and paint your own headboard, using your favourite greens. This has been done here with sections of overlapping greens and greys with soft Resene Peace, Resene Helix and the grey of Resene Silver Chalice. Project by Vanessa Nouwens, image by Melanie Jenkins.  Lounge: Break up a wall visually, it’s the perfect way to feature more than one of your favourite greens. This living room walls shows off Resene Pewter at the top and Resene Karaka on the lower section. Lightening up the room is Resene White Pointer on the floor. Combined with earthy accents, such as a round bowl in Resene Just Dance and, this scheme harmonises in its array of colours. Project by Vanessa Nouwens, image by Bryce Carleton.

When artist Greer Clayton painted the main bedroom at her family bach, she chose the soft, serenity of Resene Secrets. “My family loves it – feels calm but very fresh!” she says. “It’s teamed with a lowboy cabinet painted in Resene Chicago, so we are bringing in the green and muddy grey/browns that are so typical in nature. My son Rafferty’s bedroom is painted the gutsy Resene Raptor green, which he loves. Teamed with Resene Alabaster, it really contrasts the dark to light.”

As we move into summer the pop art palette of the Resene Nourish, Resene Beryl Green, Resene Double Lemon Grass and Resene Wedgewood appeals to Laura Heynike, director of Pocketspace Interiors. “These are all great in bedrooms, hallways and lounges,” she says. “If the room you’re updating has an outdoor view, paint its walls green to allow the flow outdoors seamless. You can take your fan deck outside and see which tone is the best base colour for you. Then work up or down with your tint depth.”

For some zesty fun Laura suggests painting Resene Away We Go onto a piece of furniture to get that pop-art look really popping against Resene Wedgewood or Resene Azure.

“When working with greens, most of the time you can play with blue, orange and blush tones,” Laura says. “You can also move to either beige or white, so never fear, green is your staple when creating a gorgeous sanctuary.”

Resene Grey Seal

Resene Peace

Resene Helix

Resene Grey Area

Resene Nourish

Resene Bubble N Squeak

Resene New Leaf

Resene Untamed

Resene Sunbaked

Resene Just Dance

Resene Route 66

Resene Suits

Resene Noir

Resene Away We Go

Resene Mother Nature

October 26, 2020

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