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1st prize primary school mural 2014

Mural Masterpieces - Puni Primary SchoolPuni Primary School is the first prize winner Primary School in the Resene Mural Masterpieces competition 2014

Waiuku Road, Pukekohe.

Renee Onehi, Kelly Callender, Susan Marshal, Cavell Rogstad-Heke, Abbey Swain, Mele Tuifua, Fetuli Afu, Saitua Tai, Hailee Vazey, Sione Tupou, Holly Cochrane and Sophia Larsen.

Accessible to public:

Mural theme:
The school journey: from the source of the Waikato to REACH for the stars. Series of 10 murals: Room 1 – the spring; Room 2 – the flow of water; Room 3 – the power of the water when it can become deep and broad; Room 4 – where water takes flight or descends; Room 5 – the mouth or gateway of the river and onto the next part of the journey; Room 6 – series of pegs – stuck in to assist in climbing a steep ascent; Room 7 – main road, motorway, expressway; Room 8 – the peak of the maunga; Room 9 – Aotearoa’s highest maunga and where the earth meets the sky; Room 10 – the world of light-knowledge.

Background to mural creation:
The mural was created to understand more about the area and the journey students take as learners.


Puni Primary School Room mural

Puni Primary School Room 2 mural

Puni Primary School Room 5 mural

Puni Primary School Room 4 mural

Puni Primary School Room 3 mural

Puni Primary School Room 8 mural

Puni Primary School Room 7 mural

Puni Primary School Room 10 mural

Puni Primary School Room 9 mural


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