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Mangonui School wins 3rd equal prize for a Primary School mural 2014

Mural Masterpieces - Mangonui SchoolMangonui School is a winner in the Resene Mural Masterpieces competition 2014

19 Colonel Mould Drive, Mangonui.

Kim Subritzky (art teacher) and year 3, 4, 5 and 6 students at Mangonui School.

Accessible to public:

Mural theme:
Our environment.

Background to mural creation:
Location: This project was designed to create a ‘sculpture’ to represent the importance of the local environment and to make the ugly tank area look more appealing.

The project includes a curved wall, which represented the curves of the environment (hills, waves, shells). It also conveniently covers the ugly water tanks behind. The mural was completed onto 16 panels of plywood which have then been attached to the frame to create the desired curve.

The 16 panels include six contemporary tukutuku panels, which tell their own story about the environment. Some of the shape imagery within these is taken from traditional tukutuku (diamond-patiki (fish), zigzag-aramoana (love), staircase – progression/improvement) and some have been added to create a modern tukutuku of their own. Colour also plays a big part in the storytelling.

The first is from the legend of Mangonui, which tells the story of Chief Moehuri who came from Hawaiki with his warriors to New Zealand. They were too tired to bring their canoe into shore so, in time, were guided in by a magnificent shark named Mangonui and his shiver of sharks. This beautiful land was named Mangonui. The tukutuku panel includes Rangikapiti pa to the left, Mangonui harbour, Hihi to the right and Mangonui and his shiver of sharks leading the canoe in. The bottom has an aramoana design overlapping the land and sea, which shows the connection of the two.

Contemporary tukutuku panels

The second represents Taipa and the connection of the rain, hills, forest and estuary leading to the sea. The third is Rangikapiti pa. Rain flowing down to the sea and Mangonui harbour in the background with rocks/staircase and an abundance of fish. The fourth is the view from our school of rolling hills and agricultural land, the importance of good air and rain to sustain food and a healthy harbour and forest. The fifth is a coastal tree with forest and coastal birds. The last Tukutuku panel is of the sky, clean air, rain, the sun’s warmth, the stars and the moon.

The image panels between the tukutuku panels reinforce their story. The combination of images and tukutuku tell the story of what is important in the local environment. Layering shapes, colours and images shows that the environment weaves, connects and works with us.

Contemporary tukutuku panels

Contemporary tukutuku panels

Contemporary tukutuku panels


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