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From the Resene/Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards Competition

This year's Resene Colour Home Awards winner started small by painting vases before going all out with eye–catching murals.

Soothing pools of colour that uplift and bring a sense of joy were the impetus for the home of this year's Resene Colour Home Awards winner.

The murals were painted by Jasmin Vallance in three rooms of her Point England home in Auckland. The seed to decorate was planted after she dabbled in the effects of paint during lockdown last year.

A feature mural as a headboard in Resene Moccassin

Jasmin used Resene Moccasin for this circle on a background of Resene Alabaster, adding further interest with a gold sunburst mirror. Great idea: A painted arch or semi – circle is the feature wall for fashion forward homes.

While she was online seeking inspiration, the work of a woman painting and upcycling items with paint caught her eye. “I thought ‘I can do that',” Jasmin says. “So I started painting vases and furniture and my confidence grew from there.”

As her approach evolved, she applied her creativity to the hallway, spare room and office in her home, bringing in soulful, earthy neutrals with pink, green and black. Despite entering the Resene Colour Home Awards, she didn't expect to win and is still adjusting to the fact that her creations took the title and $5000 cash prize.

“I'm shocked,” she says. “There were other houses I was up against that were amazing, I didn't think I'd have a chance. I'm just a Joe Blogg, I don't have a design background.”

“I'm drawn to those non-uniform shapes. The hallway arch looks like a doorway that could lead somewhere else.”

An arch painted in Resene Black

A mural featuring curves highlights the study

The arch in Resene Black punctuates the rest of the wall in Resene Alabaster. For the mural Jasmin used Resene Moccasin (top and bottom), Resene Flax, and Resene Dust Storm.

Jasmin was at work, where she is employed in construction support, when she saw the email revealing her as the winner. “I was sitting at my desk and let out a squeal, then ran around the office yelling ‘I won! I won!' I hugged my dad, who I work for, and called my partner and Mum to let them know. I feel like I'm still fizzing from it now.”

The archway and circle, which are a part of her winning scheme, are comforting to the eye. “They're not boxy,” she says. “I'm drawn to those non-uniform shapes. The hallway arch looks like a doorway that could lead somewhere else.”

“I started seeing a few arches around and thought I'll have a go,” she says. “It took a bit of convincing to get my partner, Matt Palmer, to come on board. I was gung-ho, thinking, ‘Let's go for it and do a black arch because, being paint, we can just paint over it if need be'.”

An arch in Resene Black felt like a safe colour to use in the hallway, not being too bright or intense. “I wasn't hugely comfortable with colour at that stage. But as soon as I saw it, I thought I'd move to more colourful colours in other parts of the house.”

A green feature wall in Resene Flax

A soft pink circular mural in Resene Dust Storm

A pink entryway door in Resene Glamour Puss

Jasmin used Resene Flax as a feature wall in her living space. The circle in the spare bedroom is painted Resene Dust Storm. Guests are welcomed to Jasmin's home with the front door in Resene Glamour Puss.

This approach evolved to choosing the terracotta of Resene Moccasin in the spare bedroom, in a giant circle. “I like those earthy neutral colours and didn't want to go for a whole bright orange.”

“I like the terracotta look, but was very millennial by putting a poll on Instagram asking whether I should go for terracotta or blush. Terracotta was the answer.”

Knowing she and Matt wanted that room to be a nursery one day, such a gender neutral colour was key – she's already got her mind set on painting an organic rainbow.

A mirror was placed in the centre of the terracotta circle, reminding Jasmin of a sunrise. “The shape is plain and simple, but then the colour adds an extra layer of warmth to the room.”

A bedroom in Resene Rhino

The bedroom is painted in Resene Rhino. Great idea: Continue the arch theme in the bedroom with a curvaceous headboard.

In the study, Jasmin went with curves again, this time in different forms: “I was trying to paint triangular-like shapes with a fluid movement to them.” The theme here was to tie in with all of the colours in the house by using Resene Moccasin, Resene Flax and Resene Dust Storm. “It was a nice way to make all of the colours cohesive and pull it all together. I enjoyed bookending them with Resene Moccasin at the top and bottom. This also has a slight sunrise vibe.”

“Overall, we wanted a fun, slightly different vibe,” she says. “The murals were so simple to paint and I knew I could easily achieve them by myself. They just bring a bit of joy to our home.”

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Text by Catherine Steel. Photography by Kate Battersby. 2020/21
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