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Top twenty colours - 2021

The Resene Top 20 colours features a range of popular Resene whites and neutrals, ideal for your projects inside and out accented by stronger and brighter hues to lift the colour scheme.

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Based on sales, the most popular Resene colours are...

Resene Black White
no. 1
Resene Black White

A calcite grey white, chalky and soft.

Resene Alabaster
no. 2
Resene Alabaster

A near white with a light blackened edge.

Resene Half Black White
no. 3
Resene Half Black White

A cool white with a mysterious shadowy edge to it.

Resene Double Alabaster
no. 4
Resene Sea Fog

A versatile white with a hint of grey, best used with muted rather than bright colours.

Resene Double Alabaster
no. 5
Resene Double Alabaster

A bisque white, delicately shaded towards grey.

Resene Quarter Black White
no. 6
Resene Quarter Black White

A white with a nebulous hint of grey hiding in its depths.

Resene Half Sea Fog
no. 7
Resene Half Sea Fog

A a barely there black edged white.

White Pointer
no. 8
Resene White Pointer

A diffused neutral - stark off-white with a hint of black.

Resene Black
no. 9
Resene Black

An ebonised lamp black.

Resene Rice Cake
no. 10
Resene Rice Cake

A sharp clean yellow white, tasty with strong colours.

Resene Quarter Tea
no. 11
Resene Quarter Tea

A muted softly complex beige.

Resene Merino
no. 12
Resene Merino

A light and versatile off-white with a green oxide undertone.

Resene Half Alabaster
no. 13
Resene Half Alabaster

A hint of blackened white, an understated backdrop.

Resene Half White Pointer
no. 14
Resene Half White Pointer

A shadow of grey, white and taupe, genteel and well mannered.

Resene Eighth Thorndon Cream
no. 15
Resene Double Black White

A shadow of moody greyed white, deliberate and dense.

Resene Half Rice Cake
no. 16
Resene Half Rice Cake

A clean starchy white with the tiniest touch of yellow in it.

Resene Half Tea
no. 17
Resene Half Tea

A lightened complex dirty neutral.

Resene Half Spanish White
no. 18
Resene Double Sea Fog

A classic greyed pavement white that gives off the look of barely wet concrete.

Resene Pitch Black
no. 19
Resene Pitch Black

A tar creosote black.

Resene All Black
no. 20
Resene All Black

A New Zealand iconic black, sporty and staunch.

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