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Paint colour trends to see you into 2017 and beyond

It’s time to make a colour connection.

Colour trends and Resene The Range fashion colours fandeck 2017

What will the most fashionable homes be sporting in the next couple of seasons? While it may seem like only yesterday we were celebrating the New Year, colour experts are already predicting our palettes for 2017 and 2018. The new The Range 2018 fashion colours fandeck from Resene includes the latest on trend paint colours for a quick fashion update for your home.


Not so many years ago, there were just a handful of paint colours to choose from. We were used to seeing life in just a few shades of colour, each quite distinctive.

As tinting technology has developed we have been blessed with a growing rainbow of choice. Our eyes have learnt to appreciate subtle nuances that we would once have simply glossed over. What once was off-white may now be beige, greige, cream or chalk. Colours are deeper and complex, layered with subtle undertones. Dusky tones develop as multiple colourways and weathered undertones merge. As our knowledge of colour grows, so too does our confidence to use and experiment with the subtleties and power of colour.

Look to the blended tones of: Resene Balance, Resene Outpost, Resene Quarter Truffle, Resene Fifty Shades and Resene Fugitive.

Resene Balance Resene Outpost Resene Quarter Truffle Resene Fifty Shades Resene Fugitive


Our experience of colour becomes more than just the visual. As an all-encompassing sensory experience, we ask that colour become the messenger of broader concepts – texture, gloss, matte. We want to touch and feel our interiors, to have them warm our souls and envelope all of our senses.

Texture and the colours of nature go hand in glove. Warm browns carry echoes of roughened tree bark, loamy soil, porous lava rock, a creviced cliff face. Burnished metallics and subtle glittering effects add mystery and depth.

Browns are becoming earthier and richer, and bronzed hues are emerging: Resene Road Trip, Resene On Track and Resene Rumour Has It.

Use anaglypta wallpaper to enliven the walls with texture.

Resene Road Trip Resene On Track Resene Rumour Has It


Forget recycling, think rescuing and upcycling.

Look at your old treasures through a new lens and see the endless possibilities. Today’s interiors are not about perfection. They're about seeking the handmade, seeing the beauty in uniqueness and that 'flaws' can be memorable, beautiful and the ultimate definition of character.

Take a walk down memory lane and feel the countless memories wrapped up in a single piece of furniture or accessory, the stories of times gone by. We can bring the memories with us, reinvented for today and tomorrow.

Washed blues and dusky nudes are nostalgic and easy to live with: Resene Dawn Chorus, Resene Dusted Blue and Resene Whirlwind.

Resene Dawn Chorus Resene Dusted Blue Resene Whirlwind


The concept of ownership is changing – we don’t have to own everything we use. We can borrow, share, donate and barter. Freed from the constraints of owning everything, there is a sense of a weight being lifted and a greater freedom of choice. We learn to be resourceful and we learn to share. Reinventing the way we see possessions and space is a key underlying theme where anything can become multi-purpose and multi-use if the will is there.

As we change and evolve as we age so too can the things we own take on a new look and a new purpose. Just as our families, grow, then spread as children leave the nest, so too can the things we own have journeys of their own as they change hands.

It’s a human connection, a sense of community wrapped in a hazy warmth of nostalgia. Look to Resene Good As Gold, Resene Organic and Resene Half Evolution.

Resene Good As Gold Resene Organic Resene Half Evolution


Time to escape… indoors. Nature has always had a strong influence on choices, and never more so than now. With many addicted to technology and more time spent indoors, the great outdoors is coming in… in our surfaces, finishes, colours and accessorising.

Clear finishes and natural wood stains protect against modern life and allow the natural beauty to be seen. Teamed with greens, blues and pops of colour that would be at home in a flower garden, nature provides a beautiful palette to choose from.

We are also taking our indoor spaces outdoors with ‘outdoor rooms’ with all the luxury of the interior but protected from the harshness of Mother Nature; enjoying the great outdoors without being exposed.

Even the younger generations who have grown up with technology are welcoming the outside in.

The new colour collection has an abundance of greens from sharp and clean to muddied and botanic: Resene Fresh, Resene Good Life, Resene Left Field and Resene Vitality.

Resene Fresh Resene Good Life Resene Left Field Resene Vitality

Green is not the only colour of nature. Think of the splendour of sunsets and sunrises, the bright blooms of a spring garden. Uplifting colours that fill us with hope: Resene Turkish Delight, Resene Ruby Tuesday and Resene Celebrate.

Resene Turkish Delight Resene Ruby Tuesday Resene Half Grey Chateau


Neutrals are dusky and earthy too, with grey and beige co-mingling and blackened white, such as Resene Black White, popular as a backdrop. If you love the feel of grey but need a touch more colour, look to the dusted tones of grey blended with blue for a timeless look that can be easily accessorised to suit each season. Look for Resene Half Dusted Blue.

Resene Black White Resene Half Dusted Blue

Our love of greyed browns has been put to one side as truer greys emerge, from silvery shades to slatey charcoals: Resene Half Grey Chateau and Resene Steam Roller.

Resene Half Grey Chateau Resene Steam Roller


Want more intensity? Pops of colour remain strong - boldly coloured front doors, blocks of colour co-ordinated into a single wall or as random blocks as accents. Art meets design, and both meet colour.

Whether it’s a feature wall, ceiling or area in a single striking colour, a colourblocked effect or a freehand painted design, bold saturated colour is becoming the artwork, taking centre stage on walls, floors, ceilings and furniture. The colour doesn’t stop where the wall starts or finishes – the colour sets the space. Whether it’s bold table legs, a vertical stripe of colour from ceiling to floor or a block of colour peeking out of a cupboard, pops of colour are becoming more creatively placed.

Who said life had to be serious all the time? How did most of us go from loving colour as children to living in a world of whites and neutrals as adults? Don’t worry about the neighbours or what other might say; indulge your inner creative streak and paint that optimistic colour.

Look to Resene Energise, Resene Happy, Resene Hashtag, Resene Drop Dead Gorgeous and Resene Zinzan.

Resene Energise Resene Happy Resene Hashtag Resene Drop Dead Gorgeous Resene Zinzan


The world continues to shrink. Not only are people nomadic, ideas also flow freely across borders and space. Exposure to new cultures encourages mixing and matching of colours in unexpected combinations. Colours that would once have never been seen together are now happy partners; it’s colour clash with a purpose.

When you break the old colour rules, there is no going back: Resene Discover, Resene Aloha, Resene Freelance, Resene ASAP and Resene Passport.

Resene Discover Resene Aloha Resene Freelance Resene ASAP Resene Passport

Tailor… it’s all about you

Yet with this choice sometimes comes a fear of getting it wrong and the temptation to repeat other colour schemes as a safe option. We look to others to see their choices to help narrow down our own. Every project is different – the light, the space, the combination of materials.

Use the choices of others as inspiration for your own, not a rulebook: it’s your project, so choose your colours because they work for you.

The latest fashion colours don’t mean you have to completely reinvent your entire home every year or two. Think of them as fresh inspiration that add to your options. Just as you might add a new jacket or shoes in the latest colours to complement your wardrobe, so too can you add a touch of new fashion colour as a feature to freshen up your home.

For the first time, the new fandeck includes two fandeck pages of the most popular colours from the Resene Whites & Neutrals collection, including classics like Resene Spanish White and today’s top-ranked whites like Resene Black White and Resene Alabaster, to help you complement the new colours.

Resene Resene Spanish White Resene Black White Resene Alabaster

Enjoy your colour journey and take your time to choose colours you love.

Happy decorating!

Hallway Pastel bedroom
Weathered tones and greys blend to create dusty, timeless colours that are easy to live with. This tongue and groove wall is in Resene Quarter Stack with side walls in Resene Stack. Add subtle detailing, such as this wall stencil in Resene Quarter Merino. The wooden floor is Resene Colorwood Whitewash, the shelf Resene Stack, the bench Resene Dusted Blue, the coat rack Resene Cascade and the stool in Resene Half Foggy Grey. Paint photo frames in a common colour palette - Resene Dusted Blue, Resene Nero, Resene Stack and Resene Permanent Green. The baskets are Resene Merino, the vase Resene Mountain Mist and the sideboard adds a pop of saturated colour with Resene Permanent Green. It’s easy to defer to sea and sand tones when decorating a beachy bedroom, but this range of dusky washed pastels creates a heavenly haven that would look sublime anywhere. It all begins with a Resene Rascal for the walls. It’s a delicious merging of blush, soft tan and peach, so answers the current desire for neutrals that have extra personality. It’s teamed up with a floor in Resene Unwind, a bedside table in Resene Mozart, an ottoman in Resene Inside Back and pots in Resene Inside Back and Resene Stetson. Add a floaty bed-net made from Resene Curtain Collection Pause voile in colour Naturalle, and some washed linen bedding. It’s a room that would be hard to leave each morning.
Blues Neutral living room
Creating a cocoon, a haven, a place of respite for us and our families, be enveloped by deep soothing tones and calming blues. We desire sincerity and security in a world sometime gone mad. We want to take control and restore order with reassuring navy and inky blue. The walls are in Resene Zinzan and Resene Escape with blonded floor in Resene Colorwood Rock Salt wood stain. The shelf unit is painted in Resene Soapstone, door Resene She’ll Be Right with a feature shelf in Resene Hope. The side table is Resene Zinzan, with vases in Resene Spark metallic, Resene Seachange, a pot in Resene Double Stack and bowls in Resene Escape and Resene Spark metallic Texture can be subtle and add extra dimension, especially to lighter colours and off whites. Use anaglypta wallpaper (this one is Resene Anaglypta 2011 (RD3360)) to enliven the walls with texture painted in Resene Albescent White with skirting in Resene Quarter Alabaster and floor in Resene Double Biscotti. The sideboard is Resene Desperado, the stools are Resene Rumour Has it (left) and Resene Entourage (right) and vases and bowls are in Resene Calibre, Resene On Track and Resene Ayers Rock. Add extra texture in accessories and a well-placed rug.
Colour co-ordinated painted triangle wall Scandi hanging chair
The humble triangle is being used in all sorts of inventive ways. This triangle wall is easier to achieve than it looks, although the trick is in the colour selection. We’ve taken 10 colours (Resene Castaway, Resene Nauti, Resene Cruising, Resene Mozart, Resene Half Raven, Resene Essence, Resene Melodic, Resene Whirlwind, Resene Reflection, Resene Steam Roller), and started with the darker ones in the bottom left-hand corner, then gradually lightened the scheme as it heads to the top right-hand corner. Pop in an unexpected colour (the dusky gold) in three spots, and there you have it. A stunning feature wall all for the cost of some Resene testpots and masking tape... and time. The sideboard drawers are in Resene Bianca and the cork tile floor is in Resene Blast Grey 1. It’s long been a technique for stylists – layering up the shelves, placing a knobbly rug on the floor, introducing fringed cushions, and using texture in general to create an interesting scheme. Resene Resitex and Resene Sandtex have been used to texture the wall of this garden courtyard, then painted it in an ombre of Resene Sambuca, Resene Papier Mache and Resene Martini. The hanging egg chair is stained in Resene Waterborne Woodsman Bleached Riverstone with Resene Alabaster  stripes, the deer heads and stool are in Resene Woodsman Whitewash with legs in Resene Alabaster. The tray is in Resene Spark metallic and the pot has been textured then ombred in Resene Alabaster and Resene Gravel. The bench seat is in Resene Waterborne Woodsman Limed Gum and the pergola is Resene Rice Cake.
Colourful outdoor dining area Outdoor shower
Add sizzle to your outdoor dining with saturated fiery shades of orange, ochre and yellow. Ultimately adaptable, these types of colours can be used in a myriad of styles from a mid-west desert feel to this contemporary Pacifica look. Resene Rumour Has It is used on the wall, the stools are in Resene Aloha, Resene Malarkey and Resene Celebrate, the table is in Resene Sambuca, and the bamboo side fence in Resene Pearl Lusta. The random length ‘deck mat’ is stained in Resene Woodsman Banjul. Add some basketry accessories (painted in Resene Ruby Tuesday and Resene Celebrate), some fruit and palm leaves, then sit back and enjoy. Set into a private courtyard painted in Resene Delta, this wall is painted in hard-wearing Resene Lumbersider low-sheen paint, tinted to various colours: Resene All Black, Resene Quarter Delta, Resene Quarter Truffle and Resene Double Alabaster. Softened with potted palms, and with shells underfoot, it’s both practical and beautiful. The pots are painted in Resene Passport, Resene Hideaway and Resene Karaka and the duckboard is stained in Resene Woodsman Iroko.
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