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Hope in a can

The Lions Club of New Zealand initiated the Kan Tabs programme to raise awareness and funds for Kidney Kids.

Recognising that there were many more Kan Tabs collection points available than were currently being targeted, they approached Resene to ask for assistance with supplying blank collection cans that could be used at around 4000 locations across New Zealand. Resene in turn approached its can supplier, NCI who wholeheartedly pledged their support to the programme. As a result of the collaboration, 4000 printed 4 litre cans and lids have been supplied to the Lions Club for distribution across New Zealand as collection points for 'Kan Tabs'.

Request a Kan Tabs for Kidney Kids

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Once the can tabs are collected, they are recycled and the funds raised are sent to the Kidney Kids Support Group of New Zealand

Resene and Kidney Kids

Founded in 1990, Kidney Kids is a not-for-profit parent driven organisation that assists parents of children who have kidney disorders. Kidney Kids provides regular newsletters, information and resources regarding kidney disorders, and organises annual camps for children who may not be able to attend ordinary school camps because of their medical needs. Most importantly Kidney Kids offers support for families through regular meetings, social activities and education evenings where parents can meet with a specialist to talk about their child’s condition.

By putting your 'Kan Tabs' in these specially marked cans, you are helping to make a huge difference in the life of a child. The little things that might make a Kidney Kid’s bad day just a little better can happen because you have taken the time to save a ‘Kan Tab’.

There are about 3,600 tabs to a kilogram. Once collected they are recycled and the funds raised are sent to the Kidney Kids Support Group of New Zealand to support and assist all the children with kidney disease and who need dialysis. The simple Kan Tab is still a symbol of hope for these children. It is estimated that one tab is worth one second of hope and support for a child who is waiting for a better chance of life through dialysis or a kidney transplant.

Every time you open a can, tear off the tab and place it in your pocket then into a ‘Kan Tabs’ can when you see one… somewhere a sick child will thank you

Once you have collected a large quantity of kan tabs please take them to your local Lions Club... and then we'd all love it if you start collecting more all over again. The more kan tabs collected, the more money is raised for Kidney Kids.

If you have kan tabs to donate you can contact a Lions Club area coordinator for donation...

If you are collecting kan tabs at home or with friends and family, please collect them into a spare container, like an ice-cream container, and pass them onto a Lions Club (no kan tabs can needed). This order form is only for business/community organisation use.

Fields marked in green are mandatory. To send this form, all fields marked in green must be filled in. Thank you!
Business or Community Group Name:
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Your order:

How many Kan Tab cans do you wish to order? Optional: A3 and A4 posters can also be ordered with your Kan Tabs can/s.


Cans and flyers are supplied to businesses and community groups only. For private use, just use a clean container and pass on to your local Lions Club. Remember once the can is full you need to empty it out and supply the kan tabs to the Lions Club then reuse the original kan tabs can to collect more. Don't return the kan tabs can itself to the Lions.

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