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Turn your wall into a light switch with Resene SmartTouch

Resene SmartTouch

Have you ever fumbled in the dark trying to find the light switch? Or tried to reach an awkwardly placed light switch and found yourself wishing that it wasn’t so hard to reach?

Resene SmartTouch is here to make turning lights on and off so much easier. Rather than stumbling around in the dark trying to find the light switch or twisting yourself into a contortionist trying to reach an awkward switch, your wall can become the switch with Resene SmartTouch. Simply tap the wall finished in Resene SmartTouch to switch the lights on and off. Easy!

Watch the video to see how Resene SmartTouch works

Light switches are globally understood. We aren’t saying they should go away. But if you have ever fumbled for one in the dark or behind a piece of furniture or simply wanted a good-looking example of smart technology in your home - then Resene SmartTouch is for you.

Resene SmartTouch is ideal for areas such as hallways, open plan living areas, bedrooms and garages. It can cover large parts of the wall to enable tall and short, young and old, mobile and mobility impaired occupants and guests to turn the lights on and off, even if they can’t easily reach a normal light switch.

The finished system can be as invisible or visible as you like. Use Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen in your favourite colour or a Resene wallpaper (non-metallic) for a seamless finish that looks just like normal. Or use a contrasting colour to highlight the Resene SmartTouch tapping area.

All that is required to install Resene SmartTouch is:

  1. Coat – your chosen area with Resene SmartTouch conductive coating
  2. Connect – your electrician installs the electronic controller and checks the system is working
  3. Colour – finish with Resene paint or wallpaper.

Complete these steps and you’re ready to start tapping your walls to turn your lights on and off.

Best of all, once the paint system is complete, the wall looks just like a normal wall. If desired the switch plate can be placed in a more inconspicuous area as it will only be needed as a backup.

Key parts of the Resene SmartTouch system


Active Area (this is the area you can tap on to turn the lights on and off)

Resene SmartTouch conductive coating


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Turn your wall into a light switch with Resene SmartTouch. Resene SmartTouch conductive coating is designed to turn an area up to two square metres into an invisible switch using technology adapted from touch screens...

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